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100 Year Lifestyle 2021 Challenge

Welcome to the Challenge!

2020 is behind us - and, hopefully, we are all the wiser for it! 2021 is offering the opportunity to create the life you desire - now. One of health and happiness for you and your family. The changes you make now will benefit you for the rest of your life - and for the rest of your children’s lives. Why wait?

Together with Dr. Eric Plasker and the 100 Year Lifestyle community, Moms Across America is participating in the 100 Year Lifestyle 2021 Challenge. We are challenging you - and ourselves - to commit to making the next 100 Days our healthiest ever - in every way. Whether you want to focus on physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial habits - or combine them all - we invite you to challenge yourself to make the changes you want to see in your life.

To help you along the way MAA will be posting daily content to our website including:

  • Daily challenges with information and inspiration!
  • Live weekly webinars with Dr. Plasker and a variety of experts! (scroll down to see the Webinar List)
  • An opportunity to download Dr. Plasker’s 100 Year Lifestyle 2nd Edition, for free!
  • Download a free eBook workbook for the 100 Day Challenge!

In addition to all this, we encourage you to invite family and friends to participate in the Challenge with you! Complete the exercises in the workbook. Utilize and focus on the resources that will make the biggest difference in your life. See your life change as you participate with intention.

At Moms Across America we believe that the best is yet to come, and we Challenge you to do the same!

Days 1-10

Days 11-20

Days 21 - 30

Days 31 - 40

Days 41 - 50

Days 51 - 60

Days 61 - 70

Days 71 - 80

Days 81 - 90

Days 91 - 100

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