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Mother's AngelsMany of our moms, including myself, have experienced the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. The grief is indescribable and can be isolating.

It is our intention to do whatever we can to prevent such loss for others.

We have composed a simple survey, asking women who have experienced such loss to answer 10 questions. We hope this process, which could make a huge difference for thousands or millions of other families, will be a small part of the mother’s healing.

When we make an effort to make a difference for others, we can create strength. When our experiences matter to others, they are not in vain, and we find meaning. When we express ourselves, we can begin to feel peace.

Thank you for taking this brief survey.

Please share it with other women.

Together we are stronger.

Thank you.

With Love,
Zen Honeycutt 
Mother to 3 boys, 1 angel
Moms Across America 

Did you have a miscarriage or stillbirth after receiving a COVID vaccine or any vaccine?

A miscarriage is before 24 weeks. A stillbirth is after 24 weeks. We respect medical privacy. If you are taking this survey, you are doing so willingly with the understanding that your name will never be connected to your personal information provided to us unless you later choose to speak more openly about it. Our intention is only to support mothers to have healthy babies. We believe they deserve access to as much honest information as possible to choose what is best for them.

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  • Kandice Dayberry
    answered 2022-02-13 20:58:29 -0500
    Q: Have you connected with any support groups to process this experience?
    A: No
  • Kandice Dayberry
    answered 2022-02-13 20:58:21 -0500
    Q: If your physician did not report the incident to VAERS or another reporting system, what possible reason did they give you for this loss?
    A: No one gave me any explanations for my daughters issues after the vaccine.
  • Kandice Dayberry
    answered 2022-02-13 20:57:51 -0500
    Q: Have you or your doctor reported the event to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System ( VAERS) or similar system in your country?
    A: No, my doctor and I did not report it.
  • Kandice Dayberry
    answered 2022-02-13 20:57:43 -0500
    Q: Did you experience any other adverse reactions?
    A: No
  • Kandice Dayberry
    answered 2022-02-13 20:57:34 -0500
    Q: How many weeks along were you?
    A: The 2 times I have miscarried was due to low thyroid issues. I was 8 weeks both times 😢😭 But I’m here to report our reaction to the H1N1 vaccine.
  • Kandice Dayberry
    answered 2022-02-13 20:56:00 -0500
    Q: Which one of the other vaccines did you receive? Please specify flue, DTAP, COVID, etc, and brand name if known.
    A: H1N1 Vaccine from 2009.
  • Kandice Dayberry
    answered 2022-02-13 20:55:31 -0500
    Q: Which vaccine did you receive?
    A: other
  • Kandice Dayberry
    answered 2022-02-13 20:55:23 -0500
    Q: Was it a stillbirth? 24 weeks along or later?
    A: No
  • Kandice Dayberry
    answered 2022-02-13 20:55:15 -0500
    Q: Was it a miscarriage? Before 24 weeks?
    A: No
  • Kandice Dayberry
    answered 2022-02-13 20:54:40 -0500
    Q: If your response was no, you did not receive a vaccine, what was the potential reason your OBGYN gave you for the loss?
    A: I had an adverse reaction with the H1N1 vaccine while pregnant in 2009. My daughter survived but had several issues during birth
    Now she is 12 and is autistic and wants to be trans and start going by Tom. I love her and truly support her decision but wish she didn’t want to change. I know the vaccine caused all of our issues. Three hours after getting it I went into preterm labor with my daughter. She was born with Pyloric Stenosis and several other issues. My midwife said it “couldn’t have possibly been related to the H1N1 vaccine” but I KNOW it was😭😭
  • Kandice Dayberry
    answered 2022-02-13 20:51:19 -0500
    Q: Did you have a miscarriage or stillbirth after receiving a COVID vaccine or any vaccine?
    A: No
  • Todd Honeycutt
    published this page in Action 2022-01-28 12:17:18 -0500

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