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Data on Toxins


A list by Moms Across America to support you in finding out more and staying healthy.

Studies, Papers, Reports, and Articles:


GMO Data Sheet

Gene Editing/RNAi

GMO Resources

Global GMO news sites 

Glyphosate Herbicides

80% of GMOs are Engineered to Withstand Glyphosate Herbicides- the most widely used herbicide in the world (not for long, we hope)

Link to 376 glyphosate studies.













The Impact of Pesticides

Other Environmental Harms

Heavy Metal(loid)s

Dangers of 5G

Video Links



  • Institute for Responsible Technology and GENETIC ROULETTE the movie. Downloadable for $2.99. Many other resources on this site. NON-GMO Shopping guides etc.
  • Robyn O’Brien’s Ted Talk, “ Patriotism on a Plate,” is 18 min free on YouTube and foundation to support kids with allergies.

Health Solutions

Benefits of Eating Organic


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  • diana hanning
    @dianahanning tweeted link to this page. 2018-11-03 14:14:08 -0400
    Studies, Reports, and Papers on GMOs, Glyphosate, and Chemical Farming
  • Lee Stevenson
    commented 2018-03-08 17:36:55 -0500
    What gets overlooked by researchers is the synergistic effects of glyphosate with other toxins that are being used along side glyphosate. They also spray pesticides on the same things they spray glyphosate on. I have seen no studies accessing what the effects of that are but you can see the dramatic rise in cancer that coincides with the increase in glyphosate usage so it is working synergistically with other toxins. There is no doubt in my mind and then add that to the toxic effects of vaccinations. Are there any studies showing the synergistic effects of glyphosate and the adjuvants in vaccination? BT Toxin also known as cry toxin has been shown to effects in the body that is the same way that food poisoning effects the body. What are the synergistic effects of those effects with the glyphosate? BPAs are found in everything what are the synergistic effects of glyphosate with those? We already have enough toxins to worry about why add glyphosate to the mix? Monsanto has a history of hiding the ill effects of their products. History should tell us they need to prove the safety of their products 100%. Why is our government leaving us get bit by the same snake over and over again? Why add a toxin to our already toxic environment. We should be working to reduce toxins. Babies are being born with cancer. That should be a red alarm to everyone. Glyphosate and BT Toxin has been found in the brains of those with mental illness yet they wonder why mental illness has taken such a dramatic rise, really???? Look at the rate of mental illness and it’s rise and compare it to the rise in the use of GMOs and glyphosate. It parallels so much so that it is too much to be brushed off as a coincidence.
  • Jon Erlandson
    commented 2017-11-01 19:04:24 -0400
    I’m surprised this site doesn’t include more clearly defined “educational” resources. I’ve seen discussions with Dr. Zach Bush and MAA on YouTube but haven’t easily found anything on site. It’s not just about GMO’s and Glyphosate but vaccines, food and other exposure that I’m just not readily seeing here. You need to set up a tab labeled “education” or “resources” or something that would lead someone immediately to something impressive.
  • Jeff Kirkpatrick
    commented 2017-01-14 21:02:15 -0500
    Added to my blog post: “Why Glyphosate should be Banned” (A working post)
  • Ruth
    followed this page 2016-08-16 14:59:41 -0400
  • C R
    commented 2016-04-26 09:12:50 -0400
    Great list! I also have a list of 35+ studies the dangers of on glyphosphate too. Feel free to share the list or copy the studies. I try to find links to whole studies where I can but some only have links to abstracts. Here are the studies:
  • Beth Dalton
    commented 2015-05-27 14:32:18 -0400
    Thank you for this list— Sharing it
  • Laurie Olson
    commented 2015-04-19 07:22:53 -0400
    Thanks for this great list of resources.
  • posted about this on Facebook 2015-01-12 17:37:04 -0500
    Studies, Reports and Papers

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