Wireless Radiation Harms Moms Across America

Wireless Radiation Harms

How to Reduce Electromagnetic Fields

What Can You Do to Prevent a 4/5G "Smart" Grids with "Small" Cell Wireless Telecommunications Facility 12 Feet Outside Your Bedroom?

The Onslaught of Dense 4/5G Deployment* is Happening NOW!

Current Call to Action to Stop 5G and Intensified Wireless Technology in Schools.

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In San Francisco and across the country...4/5G "Small" Cell Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (sWTFS) are being constructed and poles are being placed 12 - 30 feet outside of people's bedrooms. In some cases, the sWTFs are put on every street light post, so as close as 200 feet apart as well. We face thousands of these facilities in every city across the country.

We do NOT want our cities to look like this: the locations of 71 planned (has since been stopped) sWTFs in one neighborhood of Germantown Maryland:

The health implications of being subjected to constant microwave radiation, millions of times higher than has been shown to cause harm, is catastrophic for humans, bees, birds, animals, and plants. Children, the elderly, and autoimmune compromised are especially vulnerable.

Over 10,000 studies, dating back as far as 1906, show health implications from microwave radiation (MR), a form of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). According to www.wearethevidence.org, the following studies have been well known to regulators for decades:

  • In 1906 Merconi conducted a radio frequency (a form of EMF) study on an island where 90% of the bees died.
  • Birds, exposed to microwave radiation from 200 yards away, went from 3.2% of their population being unable to produce eggs to 40%. 
  • Frogs, exposed to microwave radiation from 140 yards away, went from a normal die-off rate within a certain time period of 40%, up to 90% after MR exposure.
  • 1999 National Toxicology Program (NTP) Study ( $25 million) on 2, 3G showed clear evidence of the causation of brain cancer and breakage of DNA at exposure levels permitted by the FCC.
  • Ramazzini study confirmed the results of the NTP study at levels of MR exposure 6000 times lower, levels equal to our street-level exposure from cell towers.
  • 59 million people currently have Electromagnetic Sensitivity, resulting in headaches, fatigue, chronic illness, inability to work or live in areas with Wifi or Smart Meters. EMS is an American Disability Act recognized disability.
  • Studies show that the plants below the cell towers develop thinner, weaker stalks making them more susceptible to fire. Fires have been started in CA towns from cell towers falling due to inclement weather and bird nest interference.
  • Fertility studies showed men who did not keep their cell phones in their pockets had 12% non-viable sperm. Those that did put their cell phone in their pockets had 47% non-viable sperm. Ten years ago 1 out of 10 men had viable sperm. Today, fertility clinics report 1 out of 100 men to have viable sperm.

What can you do?

1. Get hard wired!

2. Search online and on social media to see if a Stop 5G or Citizens for Safe Technology group has been formed in your city. This is a local matter. If there is, join and connect with your local neighbors to find out what you can do. If there is NOT one, start one! You may also start a (city name) Moms Coop or Unstoppable Parents group to keep the subject broad. See Mission Viejo Moms Coop as an example.  Please email us the link to your group after you start one so we can share it. [email protected].

3. Find out from either your group or if none exists, from your City Planning Commissioners (search their contact info on your City/Town website) the following things:

What are the current and pending location addresses (with maps) for small cell wireless telecommunications facilities?

Does the city have an ordinance for wireless telecommunications facilities? What is it? ( If they don't have one, here is a Sample Wireless Ordinance by 5GCrisis.com

When is the next public hearing for an application of construction on sWTFs? It could be this week or next week...they are happening now, if not already.

Ask them to give you this information. They are required to do so and will ( you make have to fill out a Freedom of Information Letter FOIL). If they do not give you the addresses of proposed locations (they may say they do not have them because they do not have applications on them) for SWTFS, you may need to use Google Maps search and zoom in from satellite view on the approximate locations. Use these addresses as your first target locations to pass out flyers and get more volunteer support. Those who are the most affected will be the most effective in creating change.

4. Start a petition. Do NOT use Change.org (like I did)- they do not let you keep the emails, which could be future plaintiffs. Example of a petition text here.

5. Copy and paste a letter (5GCrisis.com sample or MAA example ) to your neighbors, or write our own, regarding this issue and invite them to come to the hearing, join your group and sign your petition.

6. Attend the City Planning Commissioner's public hearing and sign up to speak on a topic that is either on the agenda or not (either way you get 3 minutes). Practice what you will say ahead of time, timed, so you know you can complete your point in 3 minutes. Keep it concise and focused on what you are asking them to do. Ideally, have 6-10 people who will each cover one or two of these 10 points. Make hard copies for each of the City Commissioners and staff for legal record submission and give them to the City Secretary before you speak.

7. Follow up the meeting with city staff with professional, short emails with important news regarding other cities denying 4/5G, lawsuits or new studies. Do NOT inundate them, respect their time. Request a 1-hour study session with City Council so that you may present information to the City Council. If your City Planning Commissioners deny the applications the issue goes to City Council. If they agree to update their ordinance, the City Council must vote on the ordinance and do two full readings with no changes.

8. Email your council/commissioners and ask them to please view this document on Physicians for Safe Technology, which has 152 studies citing harm from EMF technology

This harm is precisely why we request the City Commissioners require that any applicants for wireless technology installations get EMF insurance, which includes harm to residents from EMF exposure. Although many city attorneys will disagree that this is necessary, we assert that it is in order to protect our city coffers from depletion due to the inevitable lawsuits (that are already beginning to happen in cities across the country), from happening. These lawsuits could result in huge payouts. They could bankrupt our cities.

Please note that towns/cities like Easton CT have banned 5G until it is proven safe. See the article here. Ask your city to do the same!
Watch a 1 hour Town Meeting Presentation on 5G and "small" cell installations with expert Cecelia Doucette

Please note we used to refer to 5G but there was confusion because we did not mean the upgraded 4G service which T Mobile now calls 5G for marketing purposes. We meant the 5G infrastructure with 5G millimeter waves which is designed to be an "Internet of Things," or "Smart Grids." The telecom companies used to call this internet of things or smart grids "5G" but now they call the upgraded cell phone service 5G.
We are supplying information to stop the internet of things or smart grids, with cell towers 15 feet from your home, not the cell phone service which is already installed on most phones.

The telecom companies intend for your Smartphone to be able to "talk" to your Smart refrigerator, car, and store when you shop. Constant surveillance of citizens will also be possible.  Because the 5G millimeter waves reach a shorter distance, they require 4/5G facilities every 500 feet in a city (or closer- on every lamp post) and 12-25 feet from your home.

Visit these websites for more information

Make sure to listen to the UNSTOPPABLE with Zen Honeycutt podcast for updates on Stop 5G initiative progress, tips, news, and inspiration!





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