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Welcome to Moms Across America!

Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids

Our mission is to educate and empower mothers and others with actions and solutions to create healthy communities.

Moms Across America is a national coalition of Unstoppable Moms. Our moms and supporters across the country and around the world care about the truth, health, freedom, and taking actions to create healthy communities.

Our information is backed by science and our calls to action are based on love and compassion. We empower mothers and others to create healthy families through healthy foods and health solutions.

We invite you to join us, become a member, volunteer, donate, share our information, and be our partner in creating healthy communities. Together we are unstoppable! Thank you! [ Read More ]

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Transforming Sickness & Struggle into Triumph, Empowerment, & A Celebration of Community

UNSTOPPABLE is the story of a mother who learns about the current state of our world food supply, and how it affects your dinner table and the health of everyone you love.

Zen walks you through her realization of the chemicals we all feed our loved ones, their origin and effects according to top-notch scientists from around the world and why none of this is necessary according to farmers who not only want to feed the world but nourish it and protect the environment at the same time.

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