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If you are like me, you probably have or had a child or family members that struggles with health issues. Not long ago, my boys were affected by allergies (some life threatening), autism symptoms, asthma, and autoimmune issues. It was overwhelming- I felt terrified and helpless. Then I learned about the food supply and the toxins our children are exposed to, started Moms Across America and connected with thousands of people dedicated to you!

Today, all three boys are completely recovered, and the joy, peace of mind and empowerment this brings to me and our entire family is something I am thrilled to share with you. I have faith that your children can get better, and stay well, when we connect, share solutions and take actions for health and freedom in our communities. I hope you peruse our website, read our blogs, watch our informative documentary, share your insights, volunteer, and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We are delighted you are here and we hope you will be our partner for health and freedom in America and beyond! Together we can do this!

-Love, Zen Honeycutt

Founding Executive Director, Moms Across America

How my family learned about GMO's and how they affected us

Our kids get better when they get off GMO's!

Jennifer's story is just onthe e of hundreds of testimonials we have been given about the health of their children and families in relation to GMOs and Glyphosate.

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Also watch Alice share about her village in Uganda, Africa and the impact of GMOs and chemical farming.

Your Money at Work

A $35 dollar donation helps us reach nearly 400 families, 1000+ people with information that transforms their health and the future of our country.

  • 600+ MAA volunteers have hosted 1000+ events nationwide.
  • Organic food products are growing 3X faster than conventional
  • 82% of America households now buy some form of organic food - Organic Trade Association
  • Over 200 locations have restricted or banned glyphosate.
  • There are now countless healthy children whose families’ hope for the future has been restored.