Moms Across America Gold Standard

Moms Across America Gold Standard

Gold Standard

From seed to supermarket we’re forging a new standard for a healthy planet. 

What if you had company names at your fingertips that are taking on the best available practices in producing healthy products? Brands collaborating with Moms Across America who have core beliefs focused on health, integrity, transparency, and beyond sustainable...regenerating the planet? 

That’s why Moms Across America created the utmost level of verification with the multi-tiered Gold Standard. Gold Standard brands are working towards or have achieved the most stringent standards available today so you can trust their products and company practices. 

We’ve taken the mystery out of shopping, so you can focus on your busy life instead of spending hours researching products. These Moms Across America Gold Standard brands are invested in our health and the future of our planet. These are the brands that know better and are doing better. 

The power of the Gold Standard is in numbers. Together we can achieve enormous changes by supporting Gold Standard verified companies. With a groundswell of support, we can make products and the world healthier for everyone.

Primary DetoxThe first recipient of the Moms Across America Gold Standard is the environmental toxin remover Primary Detox from BIORAY®, which received the ultimate verification, 5 out of 5 stars, for its stellar accomplishment in raising the bar in the pursuit of clean, ethically manufactured, beyond-sustainable products. As well as having met the base requirements for the Moms Across America Gold Standard three-star verification, Primary Detox passed the test for non-detectable heavy metals, glyphosate, 429 and other pesticides. Furthermore, the company has taken the rare extra step to label their bottles with plant-based material that enables their glass bottles to be recyclable.

If you eat or drink coconut products and care about the safety of the food supply this a must-watch interview with Marise May, Co-Founder of Cha's Organics. Plus, if you want to make easy, tasty, vegan, organic treats during the shutdown, check out their latest 5 Star Moms Across America Gold Standard product - Cha's Organic Coconut Whipping Cream! Delicious and EASY frosting and whipping cream!


To receive 3 Gold Stars a brand's product must:

  1. Provide total transparency, including "natural flavors" and not include carrageenan, chlorine dioxide, synthetic food dyes or additives.
  2. Be organic. Either by the USDA or other certifier. (Or BIODYNAMIC)
  3. Get glyphosate herbicide tested or submit Glyphosate Residue Free certification by the Detox Project.

To receive 4 Gold Stars a brand's product must: 

  1. Meet all previous requirements.
  2. Be Non GMO Project Verified- IF the ingredients exist as GMO (for instance a pure coconut milk would not need to be Non GMO Verified) and no SYNBIO.
  3. Heavy metal tested for 2X the number of heavy metals in standard testing.
  4. Have product tested for 2 X the number of pesticides and herbicides than current organic standards, with Best Practices level set at, on average, 10,000 X lower.

To receive 5 Gold Stars a brand's product must:

  1. Meet all previous requirements.
  2. Use Fair Trade practices and/or pay Fair Labor wages.
  3. Use Low to No Pollution Packaging- utilizing 100% recycled materials, have a mail in recycling program, bioplastics or glass.
  4. Supports the transition to Regenerative Organic Agriculture either through ingredients or by donating a portion of sales.

We moms have enough problems, we need solutions.  We are happy to provide the service to our supporters of assessing brands and making the information available through a verification process to make their shopping experience easier, improve their family's health, and reduce their impact on the planet. We will conduct a thorough review of a brand's claims yearly and require documentation for every standard. It will take 3-6 months to assess and announce Moms Across America's first Gold Standard brands. Thank you for your patience. Sign up for our email alerts and stay tuned!

Note: Affidavits, spot checks and proof of existing certifications will be required. Further information of all definitions and requirements is available upon request. This is a verification process of their certification, not a certification of the entire production chain. Changes may be made to requirements and this program at any time. Use of Gold Standard seal may be revoked at any time if proof of misinformation is discovered. Moms Across America does not take responsibility for a guarantee of every batch of every product (unintentional contamination may occur), but does require a signed affidavit from the company participating that they are being honest and forthright in their claims. Our intention is to give companies goals to aspire to, guidelines to follow and fulfill to provide safer, more responsible products, with a method of accountability to maintain their promises, which are our gold standards. Moms Across America Gold Standard name and seal may only be used with expressed permission from Moms Across America.

The Gold Standard does not cover household cleaning, cosmetics, or other personal care products. If you are looking for a nontoxic seal for products you use every day, please visit Made Safe.

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  • Nancy Dawson
    commented 2020-06-19 09:43:28 -0400
    Hello Zen

    I just came across the video “Gyphosate in causes Autistic Behaviours”.
    Please find a way to contact Robert Kennedy Jr. (Lawyer) fighting vaccines for a very long time.
    Now that he was assigned to vaccines by Trump, you can pass on this information. He so far has
    only talked about the heavy metals and other toxic chemicals. I am not sure if he is aware of the
    glyphosate. He can make sure vaccines are tested for glyphosate and other hidden toxins.
    You would really like talking to him.

    Think this one through, Robert in one of his videos said Bill Gates owns WHO. Gates and Fauci stand
    to make $$$ Billions $$$ on this PLANDEMIC SCAMDEMIC and not just children will be affected. I believe
    that adults will have brain disfunctions as well. Mental illness, cancers, dementia all caused by food, vaccines,
    water fluoridation, and the toxic air.

    So thanks for the great job you are doing, now with Robert Kennedy Jr. on your side things will rock.

    Nancy Dawson
  • Zen Honeycutt
    published this page in Platforms 2019-03-07 02:56:11 -0500

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