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Moms Across America Gold Standard

MAA-Gold-Standard-5.jpgOur moms want to know if the products they buy are not only safe but are reducing climate change and our impact on the planet. Our standards are high because our children’s futures are at stake.

Moms Across America has created the Gold Standard seal of approval.

Brands can take this brief survey and apply to be listed on our website as a resource and/or go through a full verification to use our Gold Standard seal. Shoppers can then know that this seal, with 1-5 stars, meets the minimum or all of their requirements at one glance!

What are the Moms Across America Gold Standards?

  1. Non-GMO Project Verified- non GMO: including BT, HT, SynBio, CRISPR, Gene Editing or Gene Drives (If ingredients do not exist as GMO, no non GMO verification is needed)

  2. Only organic pesticides and herbicides are used, and/or Certified Glyphosate Residue Free (or Organic) 

  3. Certified Organic or BIODYNAMIC** (ie: CCOF, Oregon Tilth, USDA Organic, or Demeter) 

  4. No detectable or very low levels of heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, lead, and arsenic

  5. Made with local ingredients, US ingredients as much as possible, reducing carbon output

  6. Artificial synthetic dyes or flavors are not used

  7. Biodegradable packaging- compostable materials NOT from GMO corn or soy OR has mail-in recycling or refillable program

  8. Transparency- source and processing country identified on packaging

  9. Fair Trade certified- adult laborers paid a fair wage and work in humane conditions

  10. Support transition to regenerative organic agriculture

  11. No added growth hormones**

  12. Humanely Raised or similar certification**

  13. 100% Grass Fed certified** or fed some additional grains which are only non-GMO grains that have not been sprayed with any pesticides/herbicides


*Registered trademark of Demeter

**Animal products only


We moms have enough problems, we need solutions. This Moms Across America Gold Standard was launched in March of 2019.  We are happy to provide the service to our supporters of assessing brands and making the information available through a verification process to make their shopping experience easier, improve their family's health, and reduce their impact on the planet. We will conduct a thorough review of a brand's claims yearly and require documentation for every standard.It will take 3-6 months to assess and announce Moms Across America's first Gold Standard brands. Thank you for your patience. Sign up for our email alerts and stay tuned!

Note: Affidavits, spot checks and proof of existing certifications will be required. Further information of all definitions and requirements is available upon request. This is a verification process of their certification, not a certification of the entire production chain. Changes may be made to requirements and this program at any time. Use of Gold Standard seal may be revoked at any time if proof of misinformation is discovered. Moms Across America does not take responsibility for a guarantee of every batch of every product (unintentional contamination may occur), but does require a signed affidavit from the company participating that they are being honest and forthright in their claims. Our intention is to give companies goals to aspire to, guidelines to follow and fulfill to provide safer, more responsible products, with a method of accountability to maintain their promises, which are our gold standards. Moms Across America Gold Standard name and seal may only be used with expressed permission from Moms Across America.


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