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If you think you might want to be a mother someday, will be a mother soon, are pregnant, or have recently given birth, this is the resource page for you!

Our goal is that the 10 topics on this page empower you to conceive, carry, give birth or adopt a healthy baby that grows into a happy human being that makes a difference in the world.

And that you get to experience the profound love that it is to be a mother while having peace of mind that you are the best mother for your baby.

Each of the titles of the topics will bring you to a landing page where our work in progress, with our supporter's contributions, will supply the best information we have at the current time. Enjoy!

  1. Nutrition for You and Baby

    What should you eat before, during, and after pregnancy? The advice seems to change no matter what book you pick up. Find out what we suggest and how best to decide what is right for you.

  2. Fertility and Preparation for Baby

    Having difficulty getting pregnant? We have consulted with experts and have resources to create miracles in your life.

  3. It's YOUR Body! Birth Plans

    Did you know that you get to have a plan and have the hospital or birth care staff support you the way that you want them to? You are in charge! Find out how to create the birth plan of your dreams.

  4. It's YOUR Choice! Delivery Facility or Providers

    Did you know you don't HAVE TO plan to give birth in a hospital? You have choices! Find out what they are and the benefits of each.
  5. Safety First! Non-Toxic Solutions

    baby-girl-and-beagle-dog-ZVXQYTW.jpgThis is one of our number one worries: are the products around or touching my child safe? Our moms made a myriad of recommendations to support you to choose with peace of mind.

  6. Breastfeeding Resources

    Breastfeeding can be one of the most challenging and fulfilling times of your life. No matter how it goes, know that there is support.

  7. Vaccines and Medical Treatments

    Conflicting information is rampant! Our moms shared the information they trust, and we agree. Find out what choices you have and how to stick by them.

  8. Baby and Family

    Introducing baby to a new dog? Sibling? Over-eager inlaws? Concerned friends? Our moms give tips on bringing your baby home.

  9. Avoid Stressful Sleep Training While Getting the Sleep You Need

    New parents are told to condition their babies by ignoring their pleas until they no longer bother communicating their need for security and go to sleep.  There is a better way. Protect your child’s developing attachment and nervous systems.

Coming soon...visit us often for updates!

Typical Development in Early Childhood

What should your baby be doing now? Is it normal? Is everything ok? Are you messing up? We get it. These questions are in your head 24/7. Find out what the stages of development are, how to calm the committee in your head, and enjoy your baby.

Self Care in the Fourth Trimester

How to take care of yourself: learning from different cultures and making up your own new and creative ways.

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