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Don't feel alone in your efforts to get Roundup OUT of your town or GMOs out of your schools! Gather a group of like-minded people easily when you join into a local parade or attend a summer festival and pass out flyers! Print and bring a sign-up sheet to get in touch with new people afterward and take action together. Just one or two hours of meeting people and share our fantastic new flyers- "We Can Do Better!" - addressing toxic burden in food, water, medications and vaccines, home and environment. Our "Why Eat Organic?" which covers health, farming & economy and climate change, will make such a huge difference for you and your community

Just take a few minutes to post your local pre-existing parade or event today. Fill in the event details and then check your email for a free code to enter into our web store. Just pay to ship ( about $20) your box of free materials, ( worth $200+) and then share the event! Email with any issues.

Get our new banner images- download and send to STAPLES to print, takes a few days.

Don't forget to order our NEW "Why Eat Organic?" POSTER that you can give to doctor's offices or schools from our web store.

Simply do an online search for your local  event and then:
  • Enter the name of the location in "Venue" (meeting place of the start of the parade or event) such as "Richmond Elementary School" and address on next line. 

  • Enter the exact street address for the event ( ie: 234 Main street, not cross streets)  or it will not appear as listed on the map. If the parades starts at a cross streets, choose the nearest address you can find on google maps that is not a residence.

  • While supplies last, we have free materials, including We Can Do Better, Why Eat Organic Flyers, GMO info, Roundup flyers and alternatives, bumper stickers, and buttons. To order additional items Click on MATERIALS  to order.
We are a nonprofit. Proceeds from sales go towards more materials and program support.
Please contact with technical problems with the website.
Look up your local 4th of July Parades too! A GREAT way to reach thousands!

 Your events create community connection and empower your town with health and freedom! THANK YOU! 

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  • Tuesday, May 07, 2019 at 07:00 PM
    Howell Library in Stafford, VA

    Why Organic Movie Night

  • Friday, May 10, 2019 at 12:00 PM · 6 rsvps
    Gulf Gate Library in Sarasota, FL

    Join Us - Get Glyphosate Out of Our Foods

    Join us in our campaign to learn more about the harmful effects of glyphosate (aka Roundup) and get it out of our food. Please RSVP to confirm the meeting date and time.

  • Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 10:00 AM

    March Against Monsanto Austin, TX

    Glyphosate has been classified as a carcinogen. This poison is being sprayed on crops just prior to harvesting. We the people and our families are eating these foods! We MUST stand up against Monsanto/Bayer for an annual march and let them know we will not tolerate them knowingly poisoning us and our families.

    We will march from the Capitol building to The Central Library where we will have speakers and vendors available to those interested in learning more about GMO's, glyphosate, and organic gardening.