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Medical Freedom Petition

We might be able to make a difference against all of the forced vaccination moves that are coming against us. Please go to and sign the petition: A Declaration of Medical Freedom in the United States. It says: “This petition requests that President Trump issue an Executive Order stating that the principle of Medical Freedom for all United States citizens is found in the Declaration of Independence, and in the first and the thirteenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution explicitly. It is also in the ninth amendment implicitly. As all constitutional amendments supersede state laws, the principle of Medical Freedom based on the principles of the U.S. Constitution should supersede all state laws. This would not only apply to forced vaccines, but to all medical procedures, drugs and medical insurance that any authority should try to force on individuals, or their children or dependents, that they object to for any reason.” When it gets 150 votes, it will be visible on the main petitions page. 100,000 votes will make it something that the White House will look at. Post this on social media over and over in groups that will be sympathetic to the cause. Time runs out on June 06, 2019. We know that social media censors and hides a lot of things, so please email your friends and otherwise tell them about this. If there is enough support behind this, maybe we with God’s help as a collective group will make a difference.

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