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  • wilbert hatcher
    commented 2022-10-15 18:40:25 -0400
    Being raised on health foods and wanting to start my Beach Volleyball career, I moved to Hermosa Beach CA in 1970 and started A health bar called “The Sunshine Inn” and started playing beach volleyball. My things were organics and medicinal herbs. Hardly anyone knew what organics meant or had heard of herbs. My goals were to educate and spread the word. The Inn became like an oasis for the locals and popular with well knowns, like George Harrison and the Beach Boys.
    Now having completed my certification as a certified “Integrative Nutrition Health Coach” I want to relocate from living off the grid in southern Oregon and northern CA in my motor home, to a coastal location, like Carmel or Santa Cruz CA to restart my passion of fighting for none poisoned organic foods and educating the public in these areas.
  • Wendy Tedder
    commented 2019-09-10 23:21:36 -0400
    Adding to my previous comment, including the rise of autoimmune diseases might also be helpful.
  • Wendy Tedder
    commented 2019-09-10 23:20:33 -0400
    Adding to your disease reduction graph a corresponding graph of the various sorts of brain disease in the population following the decline of other diseases or the addition of glyphosate to our food chain would be instructive.

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