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What is your stance on vaccines?

At Moms Across America, we believe that the intention of vaccines, like that of GMOs, was originally noble. However, like GMOs, they are simply not working as intended.  

Some vaccines do not prevent the transmission, contraction, or death from the disease as intended. Many come with side effects that most parents are not informed of before making their decision.

We are for parental, human, and religious rights:

We believe the state should not mandate any medical treatments upon all children or all human beings. Human beings are unique, with different mitochondria and genetics that react differently. This country was founded on freedom. We believe our individual health, personal, religious, and parental rights must be respected.

We believe that parents know what is best for their child’s health rather than an elected official in the state or federal capital and it is the parent’s right to choose medical treatments for their child.

It should be noted that many ingredients in vaccines are now likely to be genetically modified organisms, with inherent health risks, but are not disclosed.

We believe in the Precautionary Principle: 

the precept that an action should not be taken if the consequences are uncertain and potentially dangerous

We are for avoiding potential life-long health risks:

We believe the science shows that some children, such as those with a mutated MTFHR gene or other mitochondrial dysfunction disorders, can be more highly disposed to experience vaccine damage, and have been harmed by vaccines, with life-long effects.  

It is our opinion that too little is known about mRNA vaccines, genetic instructions, and potential long-term effects to mandate this vaccine or administer it to children, especially.

We believe that many of the current ingredients and contaminants in vaccines and the levels of those ingredients and contaminants are most harmful to fetuses, infants, and small children, and can be harmful to adults. Specifically, the levels of some ingredients such as aluminum, mercury, and Polysorbate 80 which are there to provoke the immune system to make the vaccine more effective are proven to be harmful. Polyethylene glycol or PEG (found in the COVID vaccines) has been shown to cause anaphylaxis and psychotropic events (as used in Miralax). The other ingredients - aborted fetal tissue, animal cells, other foreign DNA GMOs and contaminants, glyphosate herbicide -  have never been tested for safety when injected into pregnant mothers and infants and independently have been shown to cause great harm at levels lower than what has been detected in vaccines. Two chemicals, in particular, Polysorbate 80 (ingredient) and glyphosate (contaminant from animal product ingredients)  have been reported to break down the blood-brain barrier and allow toxins into the brain, such as other ingredients in vaccines and/or other environmental pollutants. One ingredient in many vaccines, aluminum, has been found at higher levels in the brains of deceased patients of autism and Alzheimer's. We believe this issue is a major contributing factor to the growing vaccine damage happening today.

We are for a more responsible vaccine schedule if the vaccines are deemed completely safe and effective by independent peer-reviewed scientists:

We believe that the CDC recommended vaccine schedule (which has been not been tested with placebos for efficacy and safety) of 49 doses by age 12 and 69 doses of 20 vaccines by age 18 is too many for most human beings to endure, contributing to toxic burden and many health and behavioral issues. The liver and kidneys of an infant or small child are not fully developed and therefore their bodies are physically incapable of detoxing the heavy metals and chemicals in vaccines the way most adults could.

We believe reports of doctors like Dr. Paul Thomas that show when parents delay certain vaccines until after 3 years old, and all vaccines until after age 5 with certain family histories, and administer one vaccine at a time, that there are far fewer incidents of injury from vaccines, including autism.

We believe that many adults, especially those in the military, where vaccines are mandatory and go above and beyond the recommended CDC schedule, can and are being vaccine-damaged by the number and ingredients/contaminants of mandatory vaccines.

We know that even one vaccine can harm a child or adult, and that risk should be up to the parent or adult individual to assume. Informed consent to medical intervention is a pivotal freedom, we believe it should always be honored.

We are for honest and unbiased information.

We believe that the CDC’s ownership of 56 vaccine patents, proven attempts to cover up information regarding harm from vaccines, and influence by Big Pharma make the CDC an unreliable source of vaccine efficacy.

We believe that the lack of studies using a placebo in the control group instead of another vaccine is a misleading practice by the vaccine manufacturers and an inaccurate way for the CDC and FDA to ascertain the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

We are for vaccine damage justice.

We find it unacceptable that the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 was passed to prevent patients and their parents from suing and holding vaccine manufacturers, doctors, or the CDC liable for vaccine damage. Vaccine manufacturers should be as liable, accountable, and transparent as a car seat company.  

We believe that there are many more victims from vaccine damage than is represented by the more than 4 billion dollars that have been paid out by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (funded by taxpayers). It is estimated that less than 10% of all vaccine injuries ever get reported appropriately.  Due to the cost of representation, it is reported that a very small percentage of the victims actually make it to the vaccine court, even less receive damages.

In fact, research has shown that unvaccinated children are healthier, and get sick less frequently, than vaccinated children. Those who do get sick with a wild virus also have a lifetime immunity from the illness, rather than a short-term immunity from a vaccine virus.

We are for building our immune systems in these proven, natural ways as suggested by triple board-certified Zach Bush, MD, and many other health experts:

  1. Ample time outdoors, inhaling a diverse variety of bacteria that balance the microbiome, which is the stronghold of the immune system.
  2. Organic, fermented (pre and probiotic) plant-based, local, whole foods as much as possible. Immune boosting food such as garlic, onions, turmeric, goji berries, kale, and sauerkraut dramatically improve gut bacteria and strengthen the immune system.
  3. Removing processed sugars, unfermented flour products, and processed foods from the diet.
  4. Daily supplementation with trace minerals, Vitamin D, C, B complex, and/or methylfolate if advised by an integrative doctor.
  5. Along with time outdoors and a healthy diet, exercise, laughter, physical affection, and attention are still some of the most effective preventative measures to take.

In short, Moms Across America is for reducing the toxic burden of our children, for parental rights, and for supporting our children’s immunity with natural methods.  

For more information please see Barbara Loe Fisher’s work and the National Vaccine Information Center and support Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s legal actions at the Children’s Health Defense. 

Please read Dr. Theresa Deisher, founder and lead scientist at Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute's open letter to legislators regarding fetal cell DNA in vaccines. 

Vaccination E-book - 1200 Studies - To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate? Thousands of researchers weigh in.

Vaccine Inserts:  Here is a listing of all of the vaccine inserts that your doctor should be (by law) be giving to their patients when vaccinating - Package Inserts and Manufacturers for some US Licensed Vaccines and Immunoglobulins.

I am concerned about health freedom...what can I send to my Governor about vaccine mandates?

We invite you to review and use or use part of the following letter: click here.

Please also request appointments with your representatives and assembly members to educate them about health freedom!

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    the film they don’t want you to see about vaccinations

    Dr. Cynthia Foster- wholistic doctor’s view on vaccines
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    The Israeli article I posted above is about the possibility of having nation creating a “green passport” which would be a necessity to show you have been vaccinated in order to do things- chips away at medical freedom of choice

    this website talks about newer vaccine methods using RNA being developed-
    mRNA’s story likely will not end with COVID-19: Its potential stretches far beyond this pandemic
    Last month, a patent was approved for an RNA-based vaccine against malaria that showed promise in mice. “We’ve been working on this vaccine for years, but the entire landscape has changed in the last six months because of the success of COVID vaccines,” Richard Bucala, the vaccine’s co-inventor and a scientist at the Yale School of Medicine, told me. The malaria vaccine uses self-amplifying RNA, or saRNA, which is subtly distinct from the mRNA technology used by Moderna and Pfizer. The vaccines against COVID-19 work by injecting up front all of the messenger RNA that you’re going to get. But self-amplifying RNA is designed to replicate itself inside our cells. This copy-paste function means, in theory, that each person needs only a tiny dose of vaccine to have a large immune response.
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