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Ways to Become Involved to Create Health for Yourself, Your Family and Mother Earth

Even though most people are aware of the issues we face as a planet and a species, they feel overwhelmed about where to start to help make a difference. If everyone does something, it will help ease the burden on Mother Earth. Start at home and in your community. The slogan 'Think Globally and Act Locally’ is like the ripples in a pond and it does make a difference. As mothers and families see the strides they can make at home, they are more likely to venture out to a broader mission. We are all individuals and are called to put our energies in different places. That is why we are compiling a broad list of resources. Start your own local resource list and share it. Keep connecting with like minds because together we are making a difference.



  • Only eat organic or food grown biodynamically
  • Buy from your local farmer's markets or CSAs or shop at a local healthy grocery stores instead of Whole Foods*
  • Read labels very carefully
  • Find places to shop that are organic and free of pesticides
  • Search out organic restaurants
  • Eat an organic, whole food, plant-based diet when possible
  • Learn to cook the basics of a health promoting lifestyle
  • Cook with friends, and share recipes
  • Buy your organic vegetables and fruits from local farmers
  • Sign up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) veggie box
  • Grow your own organic herbs and veggies. You can grow a lot in a little space 
  • Carry your own grocery bags
  • Sew grocery bags and give or sell them to friends
  • Don’t use plastic bags, straws, plastic water bottles, plastic wrap
  • As you walk or hike, take a bag, collect and dispose of litter you find
  • Ask your utility company to switch out your ’smart meter’ for the conventional type
  • Don’t put your cell phone up to your ear or in your pockets. Turn off when not in use. Don’t plug in or put your cell phone near your bed at night
  • Shut down your computer and all wireless devices at night
  • Find organizations that share your values 
  • Find connections either online in social media groups, or local happenings in your community
  • Know your local and state politicians, and support those candidates who will fight for your rights
  • Take care of yourself so you can help take care of Mother Earth
  • Small daily rituals make a big difference and take very little time
  • Take 5 minutes every day to be alone, breathe correctly and deeply
  • Remember to be grateful for what you have


Action-oriented Research & Capacity-building for Leaders & Organizations 

California - The University of San Diego’s Nonprofit Institute, a source of knowledge and information about the local nonprofit and philanthropic community

Grassroots Organizations

Alliance for Natural Health
Friends of the Earth
Center for Food Safety
Environmental Working Group
Green Med Info
Health Research Institute (independent testing laboratory)
Moms Across America
National Vaccine Information Center
Organic Consumers Association
Pesticide Action Network
Rachel’s Network

Regenerative Agriculture

Alegría Farmacy, a zero-waste regenerative organic urban food production system
Coastal Roots Farm, Encinitas CA
Farmer’s Footprint
Kiss the Ground
Regeneration International

Independent Investigative Journalism

Masters of Health Magazine
U S Right to Know
G M Watch

Ocean Clean Up Including Plastics

5 Gyres
Plastic Oceans
Sea Shepherd Conversation Society
Surfrider Foundation
Take 3 for the Sea


Environmental Health Trust
5G Crisis
Cellular Phone Task Force
Children’s Health Defense

Compiled by the Westreich Foundation and Moms Across America Supporters

Do you have a resource to add? Comment below!


*At Moms Across America, we are very disappointed that Whole Foods claimed they would label all products that contained GMOs by 2018. They lead the American people to believe that shopping at their store would be safer and more transparent. Then Jeff Bezos of Amazon purchased Whole Foods and rescinded this promise. The fact is that they have the ability to not only label, but to disallow GMOs in their private label or other brand offerings, and they chose not to do so. GMOs are not "whole foods.” They are genetically engineered, pirated life forms that are manipulated for profit, pollute and poison the planet. Although Whole Foods presents a wholesome, healthy image, many of their products contain GMOs and are more costly than other stores. First and foremost, we encourage people to purchase produce from their local farmer, then small local grocery stores which also support local farmers. Other options are Costco and online sources like Azure Standard, Frontier Coop and Thrive Market, which have a wide variety of organic foods.

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    You can boost your mood just by walking in nature, even in urban nature. Nurturing and loving care build a strong foundation, helping your child to develop the social and emotional skills they need to lead a happy, healthy.
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