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1st tier - 3 stars



  1. Transparency and CLEAN: Full list of ingredients (ie: photo of ingredients and processing aids on packaging AND full disclosure of ingredients such as “natural flavors”) must be provided, also showing artificial synthetic dyes or artificial flavors are not used. Food additives carrageenan and chlorine dioxide are also not allowed.


  2. Certified Organic with USDA or other organic certifier.
    Note: Animal products must also be organic which also means no genetic modifications, administration of growth hormones or antibiotics. Seafood is Safe Catch Certified.


  3. GRF.pngGlyphosate Tested*- Provide Glyphosate Residue Free Certification by Detox Project OR Glyphosate testing by Health Research Institute Laboratories.


  4. Pesticide Tested* - 429 synthetic chemical herbicides and pesticides including Glyphosate and AMPA and common substitute Glufosinate ammonium. These requirements, testing for the most widely used herbicide in the world, glyphosate, and 400+ residues make the MAA Gold Standard the most rigorous standard in the marketplace, and one mothers and consumers will trust.

To meet our requirements, detectable pesticide levels must meet Best Practices Levels - meaning the suppliers are using best practices to eliminate pesticide and herbicide use and produce food in a healthy manner for the environment and living beings. Our brands must have pesticides/herbicides below the lower of 10 ppb or the USDA organic standard where levels may be more rigorous for certain foods such as 2.5 ppb for eggs and 5 ppb for pineapple, peanuts, and coconut. Our level of 10 ppb or less is, on average, 10,000X lower than USDA organic allowable levels. USDA organic allowable levels are 5% of conventional food levels. Standards will change as technology evolves. Our goal is for levels to be not detectable.

*MAA Gold Standard requires additional testing because, while it is a crucial certification, it has come to our attention that the current USDA and CDFA organic program pesticide regulations omits testing for contamination of 70-80% of the most widely used pesticides, including glyphosate.



2nd tier - 4 stars

Must meet all requirements of the previous tier and:


  1. NON-GMO Project Verified if the ingredients are currently on the market in GMO varieties as well. With signed affidavit that SYNBIO ingredients are not used.


  2. Heavy Metal Tested
    Arsenic, Aluminum, Antimony, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, and Mercury . MAA testing includes 2x the amount of heavy metals as standard testing. Levels must be below CA EPA’s OEHHA NSRLs.


  3. Regenerative Organic Certification, OR BIODYNAMIC - Demeter certification
  • OR Proof of 25% of purchases of ingredients from a farm practicing Regenerative Organic or Biodynamic farming required.

  • OR Proof of B Corp certification (which donates 2% of sales to charity) with 25% of 1% of revenue going to an organization that supports Regenerative Organic or Biodynamic agriculture.

  • OR proof of membership of 1% for the Planet with proof of a minimum of 25% of 1% of sales donated to organizations that are working with or supporting the transition to Regenerative Organic or Biodynamic agriculture. Approved organizations are: Kiss the Ground, Farmer's Footprint, Organic Consumers Association/Regeneration International, Green America, Regenerative Organic Certification, Rudolph Steiner Foundation (RSF Social Finance), Demeter Association, Cornucopia, and Rodale Institute.

  1. Animal products: Certified Humane, Animal Welfare Approved, Global Animal Partnership, or Regenerative Organic Certification, which includes animal welfare.




3rd tier - 5 stars

Must meet all requirements of the previous tier and:


  1. Fair Trade certification
  • OR Regenerative Organic Certification which includes animal welfare
  • OR Domestic Fair Trade Association or Fair Trade USA
  • OR affidavit of fair local labor, meaning paid better than minimum wage and working environment standards are humane provided in the manner of a signed affidavit by a CPA/bookkeeper.


  1. Low to No Pollution Packaging - Proof of biodegradability of the packaging within 5 years (bioplastics from plant matter that is NOT from GMO corn or soy) from the packaging manufacturer required.
  • OR statement and evidence of mail-in recycling program
  • OR refillable program
  • OR glass bottles with recyclable labels
  • OR packing made with 100% recycled materials
  • AND Suppliers have confirmed that PFAS, BPAs, and
  • their substitutes are not used in the packaging.

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