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Our children are now sitting n front of lap tops for 3-5 hours a day! According to Dr. Martin Pall, who spoke before the UN, children are especially vulnerable to radio frequency radiation. Your child's lap top and "Smart" phone are likely emitting 350,000 to 2.5 million microwatts per square meter of radio frequency radiation when in use. Levels over 10 is harmful, and over 1000 is considered dangerous to human health and reproductive systems. The Bioinitiative Report has found that children should not be exposed to more than 3-6 microwatts per square meter, adults, not more than 30. Consistent exposure to the EMFs from your laptop, phone, and "Smart" appliances will impact you and your children's health, memory, possibly hearing, immune and reproductive systems, and risk of getting cancer over time.

Proponents of "Smart" or wireless technology will say that the levels are perfectly safe. The fact is they are referring to levels of exposure for one minute, not over time. For instance if you gave a child a drop of alcohol one minute, that might be ok for him, as happens in some herbal tinctures that use alcohol as a stabilizer, but give that same child a drop of alcohol every minute for 3-5 hours straight and we have a problem. Over years of that same type of daily exposure and we could have a life threatening situation. The fact is that none of us should be exposed to wireless technology radiation for extended periods of time and certainly not at high levels. Especially children.

We have found that getting hard-wired takes a few hours to run the cords from your router to your devices, only costs about $40.00 depending on how many adapters you buy, and gives you peace of mind. The levels we have measured from our laptops g down to 3-4 microwatts per square meter when hard wired. These are much safer levels!!! Getting hard wired also improves sleep, memory, and well being. It's worth a bit of time to figure out the technical aspects or to hire someone to do this for you.


1. Buy shielded ethernet cords and adapters for your particular phone or laptop online.

2. Plug the cord into your router and adapter into the device.

3. Find the login information for your router. Usually, the info is on the router itself near the serial number.

4. From a laptop or computer that is connected to the router, log in to your router.

5. Find the wifi settings. Usually the off/on switch is in advanced settings under Wifi settings.

6. Be sure to turn off both 2ghz and 5ghz wireless Wi-Fi and save your changes. 


Once your wifi is off your cell phones and laptops will still work if they are plugged in. You will have fast service with no dropped calls or reception which is more secure and not emitting high levels of harmful radiation.

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