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Get Hard Wired

Your cell phone is likely emitting 350,000 to 2.5 million microwatts of radio frequency radiation when you make calls or play a video. Over 10 is harmful, and over 1000 is considered dangerous. Consistent exposure to the EMFs from your laptop, phone, and "Smart" appliances will impact your health, memory, possibly hearing, immune system and risk of getting cancer over time.
We have found that getting hard wired takes a few hours to run the cords from your router to yur devices, costs about $40.00 depending on how many adapters you buy, and gives you peace of mind. It also improves your sleep, memory and well being. It's worth a bit of time to figure out the technical aspects or to hire someone to do this for you.
1. Buy shielded ethernet cords and adapters for your particular phone or lap top online.
2. Plug cord into your router and adapter into device.
3. Find the login information for your router. Usually the info is on the router itself near the serial number.
4. From a laptop or computer that is connected to the router, login to your router.
5. Find the wifi settings. Usually the off/on switch is in advanced settings under Wifi settings.
6. Be sure to turn off both 2ghz and 5ghz and save your changes. 
Once your wifi is off your cell phones and laptops will still work if they are plugged in. You will have fast service with no dropped calls or reception which is more secure and not emitting high levels of harmful radiation.

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