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Ordinances for wireless telecommunication facilities (WTF)

We recommend that you do NOT play the Telecom's game and allow 4/5G WTFs all over your city, or even in part of your cities.  Pushing WTFs to the commercial districts does NOT fulfill on your City Council obligation to protect your workers, tourists, residents who visit the commercial district and workers with a ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity disability.

We recommend that Plan A is to convince your City Council or Planning Commissioners to agree that all future telecommunications utilities will be UNDERGROUND and adjust their ordinance accordingly.

Plan B is to DELAY any approvals or put a moratorium on any further approvals for at least 6 months to 1 year. At this point in time there should be results from the 3 lawsuits against the FCC, several other lawsuits against city council members, and the Bills HR 530 and S.2012 which aim to give WTF construction authority back to the local municipalities. At that point the ordinance would be updated to reflect UNDERGROUND telecommunications facilities and any other laws or regulations as required by the outcome of the lawsuits and legislation.

If you are NOT successful in having your city delay, Plan C is to require setbacks which are reasonable, based on the data provided by the applicants on the reach of the technology and the science showing the effects of the technology.

Here are examples of other cities which chose not to delay, but to establish an ordinance for the installation of sWTF, with setbacks ( distance from homes) and distances between each facility.

You may use this as an example to gain larger setback for your community. But keep in mind, if it is not specified in your ordinance what the power level emissions should be, the Telecom company can simply turn up the emissions and despite your setback going from 25 feet to 100 feet, the microwave radiation exposure to your family will still be harmful.

Here is an example ordinance from Elk Grove, CA

This ordinance does not allow for WTFs to be installed directly across from homes, which is excellent, and requires WTFs to be 500 feet apart regardless of the carrier. Since there are three carriers that all want their own poles, this is important to specify that the distance between the poles is for any WTF, not merely by carrier.

It should be noted that if a WTF is 1000 feet away instead of 500 feet away, the power could simply be turned up by the Telecom company.

However, the municipalities, according to the 1996 Telecommunications act, have the ability to manage the "operations" meaning how much power comes out of the WTF and whether it is turned on or off. Below is an important chart to show how important the amount of power that is coming out of the WTF is, and how it must be managed. This chart shows that the amount of power the FCC allows to be emitted from WTFs is 5 BILLION times higher than has been shown to cause harm to humans. 

Power emissions chart.

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