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4/5G In Schools?

Is your school installing 4/5G during Spring Break or the CoVid 19 school shutdowns?

Now is a good time to find out. There have been claims that the US Depatment of Education intends to roll out 5G in schools during Spring Break and this CoVid 19 school shutdown period.

We question this information due to lack of reliable evidence, but see this a a great time to find out. Please email your school principal and/or Board of Education and ask.

Dear School District Superintendent or School Principal,

There are reports of possible upgrades of WiFi technology or 4/5G being installed in schools during the CoVid 19 school shutdowns or Spring Break. Is this happening at or near our school?
A school board member with access to information claims that they will come in as a disinfecting crew. I am very skeptical, but thought it would not hurt to ask.
I would also ask if anyone is disinfecting the school and that non toxic chemicals will be used? Can you please confirm?
Within 30 minutes I received a response from my school Principal:

"(Our school) will not be upgrading or expanding our internet on site.  I have heard that some larger school districts are deploying mobile "hot spots" across neighborhoods.  Not sure what that will look like, but thought you should be aware and I'll let you know if I learn more about a plan in our district.  In terms of disinfecting, we continue to maintain a contract with a custodial company that I trust completely. They use a variety of green products that are not harmful for children."

It should be noted that within a day of these claims circulating social media, the online news outlet Futurism published an article about the FCC claiming that while working remotely during this CoVid crisis millions of students and workers are disadvantaged because they do not have internet access. 

"The result is that many are finding themselves cut off at a time when access to new information about the coronavirus is crucial, CNET reports. The problem is bringing to light critical societal inequalities that could have a serious impact on kids’ access to an education."



We though T Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon "had us covered?"

Example of T Mobile's coverage:

All of a sudden, now, during a pandemic, the FCC is proclaiming a cry for more 4/5G? We think this is a deplorable use of a crisis for private gain.


You can protect your children by taking a few simple steps:

1. Email your schools to find out what the status is in your district.

2. Inform them of the harms of radio frequency radiation RFR (also called EMFs, microwave radiation). Use the following studies and papers to support them in being fully informed. Ask them if they will review the information and get back to you.

3. Remind them shielded ethernet cords can provide faster, safer technology upgrades that do not expose our children to harmful EMFs.

4. Use the Children's Health Defense letter here to send to your schoold district.


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Downloadable PDFs:

Risks to health from Radio Frequency Radiation


Question and answers about WiFi in Schools


Links to papers:

EMF weakens the immune system



EMFs, brain damage and cancer



Safe technology in buildings



More resources at EHTrust.org



EHTrust YouTube Channel


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