100 Year Lifestyle 2021 Challenge - Day 71 - Moms Across America

100 Year Lifestyle 2021 Challenge - Day 71

Prime Time = Results; Prep Time = Organization and Planning; Play Time = Enjoyment and Rejuvenation

Get a yearlong calendar that also has a Month At A Glance. Decide on your most important Prime Time, Prep Time, and Play Time goals over the next 30 days. Fill in your Play Time days first and label them “Play Time” using a colored pencil. Then, in another color, indicate your most important Prime Time days that are already prescheduled. Listen to our 100YL Podcast, Episode 20, "Exploding The Prime Time Myth." In this episode, Dr. Plasker interviews Brad Berger, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, author, speaker, and life coach who has almost three decades of comprehensive financial planning, coaching, and career counseling experience. Brad explodes the Prime Time Myth about your earning potential and how you can create and enjoy an exciting level of abundance regardless of your age. We discuss the concept of retirement and a new perspective on longevity and finances that is totally aligned with 100 Year Lifestyle Principle.

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