100 Year Lifestyle 2021 Challenge - Day 100 - Moms Across America

100 Year Lifestyle 2021 Challenge - Day 100

Learn to love the things that are good for you and make those things your new ideal 100 Year Lifestyle

If you want to get “lucky” on a regular basis, start making changes that are good for you. And when you stop, things will go bad for you. That’s the roller coaster ride. Checkout our 100 Year Lifestyle Podcast, We are Not Just Lucky." In this interview with Dr. Eric Plasker, Dr. Adam and Jaime Coxon share their passion about the choices they make and how they are living The 100 Year Lifestyle, something everyone can choose to do. “You’re so lucky…” is a common phrase that Dr. Adam and Jaime Coxon here about their own health, their children’s health, their family life, and their practice. This was being talked about at a recent seminar and Jaime said, “We are not just lucky!”

Congratulations! Stay on this path and enjoy a sensational century!

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