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Glyphosate and GMOs in Beer?

Glyphosate in German Beer: New Testing 

Germans are serious about the quality of their beer. While there are countless beer brands, the level of quality is not the same for every brewer.

A recent study by ÖKO-TEST (the German equivalent of Consumer Reports) found trace amounts of glyphosate in beer for 12 of the 50 German beer brands they tested. Only the organic brands showed no detectable levels. 

You can read details from the ÖKO-TEST study here, but it's in German, so you might need a translation tool like Google Translate. Keep reading here as we analyze the findings. 

Meanwhile, in July of 2020, a second Canadian grain processor restricted the processing of oats sprayed with glyphosate as a desiccant (drying agent)  in their facilities due to the impaired quality of the oats. The presence of glyphosate in beer, made with various grains often sprayed with glyphosate as a desiccant, would indicate a potential decrease in the quality of the product.

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Baby Formula Alternatives

We are sure you have heard of the baby formula distribution problems, which have caused a shortage in many areas around the country. Thousands of moms are frustrated with the lack of coordination and foresight our government had displayed regarding this issue. It is infuriating that over government is prioritizing sending money overseas for war efforts when thousands of parents are struggling to feed their babies right here in America! Arrgh!

You can expect that mothers will not just get frustrated however- they take action. Emily Swanson in Texas founded a formula match-up Facebook group called Nationwide Formula Search and moms are helping each other.  Mothers are posting photos of where the formula is available and even buying and sending it to other mothers. How generous and kind! How inspiring! We applaud all the mothers on formula Facebook search groups and encourage you to help out where you can too.

We applaud the creators of these groups and are proud that women are supporting other women across the nation! THANK YOU

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Does Your School Technology Director Know How to Reduce Wireless Radiation Exposure to Children?

The people who work in the school system are committed to supporting children to learn and grow up to be responsible, productive members of society. When we parents learn that our children are being exposed to harmful radiation levels at school, which can lead to learning issues, depression, and suicide, it is a human response to be upset, assume the worst, and be angry at the school staff, Principal, or Technology director.

However, in most cases, these staff members simply have no idea that the classroom cellphones, laptops, iPads, and routers could be harmful. The people who have installed wifi in businesses, residences, and schools are often not aware either. 

Allan Brennan became Ireland's 7th Certified Wireless Professional and founded Wi-Fi Projects Ltd.  In 2004 the company became Ireland's 1st Certified Wireless Network Provider. He was awarded 'Fellow of the Irish Computer Society' for his contribution and promotion of the Irish Wireless Industry.  During his career in the wireless industry, he was not aware or informed about known non-thermal exposure health risks and microwave hearing. You can watch a video of his experience here.

He sends this statement specifically to share with your school staff:

“As someone who thoroughly believed in the benefits and capabilities of wireless technology, I was completely unaware that intense WiFi exposure could cause adverse health effects in children (headaches, earaches, sore eyes/stomach, nose bleeds, skin rash, brain fog, depression and more) and did not know children had been identified as a 'high-risk group' in 2011.  Schools should use wired networks to protect our children's best interests, not WiFi.

If a school uses WiFi, the least they can do is adhere to the precautionary and As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA)  principles - for example - Turn on WiFi when needed and turn it off when finished.”

For most staff members, this information is new, and they need our support to understand why and what they can do.

We have partnered with organizations to share their information to support you in doing so. In our own experience, with our own children's school staff, we know bringing this information can make a huge difference. As long as we are calm, professional, and approach them in partnership, we can work together to keep our children safe.

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The Taboo Reason for Teen Depression

This week, The Atlantic posted an article about the four forces propelling the rising rates of depression in teens. As a mother of a teen boy who recently shared that he was feeling depressed and whose grades dropped in his favorite AP and Honors classes from A’s to a D and an F for no apparent reason during peak college consideration time, I was compelled to read the article.

The article by Derek Thompson stated:

The United States is experiencing an extreme teenage mental-health crisis. According to a new CDC study, from 2009 to 2021, the share of American high-school students who say they feel “persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness” rose from 26 percent to 44 percent. This is the highest level of teenage sadness ever recorded.

Take Action Now to Reduce Depression and Suicide in Teens. Click HERE.

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What Do Moms Want for Mother’s Day?

As Mother’s Day approaches, sons, daughters, and husbands wonder what mom wants. Food manufacturers, product developers, and major corporations who sell millions of products around this time are wondering the same. As the director of Moms Across America, I’ve interacted with thousands of mothers over the past ten years. I’ve come up with a top ten list of what moms want for Mother’s Day. You can buy some of them on a shelf. Most you cannot. But manufacturers who wish to sell many products for mothers may want to take heed and ask themselves if their products embody these values.

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Neighborhood Food Network

On April 18, 2022, Moms Across America launched a new Neighborhood Food Network pilot program. The invitation to participate in this new initiative was shared on the Monday night Moms Connect Call with the preview of the website. 

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Glyphosate Test Results in Major Chocolate Brands

Hershey’s Chocolate Found to have 4X Higher Levels of Glyphosate than YouTuber, MrBeast’s Chocolate

Two months ago, the second most popular YouTube creator in America, a 23-year-old known as MrBeast, launched a line of chocolates with a Willy Wonka-style golden ticket in the wrapper. The lucky ticket holder will win one million dollars. After ten years of making videos, MrBeast has close to 100 million followers. His fans are primary teens and early twenty-something who flock to his channel to see his latest antics, primarily consisting of giving away money and challenging himself and his fans. He is a humorous young man with what many teens call “a good heart,” doing things like funding the planting of trees, paying people’s rent, and giving money and cars away. His choice to make two out of four of the ingredients for his chocolates organic was a welcome surprise that we at Moms Across America applaud. Sixteen-year-old Bodee Honeycutt brought this line of chocolate to our attention, saying, “We should test MrBeast's chocolate for glyphosate to show that using organic ingredients is better.”

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Will The EPA Take Action to Prevent the Human Race from Becoming an Endangered Species?

Moms Across America’s Fourth Meeting with EPA Pesticide Review Board

On March 3, 2022, Moms Across America and a team of highly reputable scientists and experts met with the Pesticide Review Board of the US Environmental Protection Agency regarding the EPA's review of glyphosate. The presenters intended to provide new evidence to support the revocation of glyphosate's license. The Moms Across America presenters were: 

  • Dr. Shanna Swan, author of Countdown and numerous papers on glyphosate
  • Dr. Don Huber, Professor Emeritus of Perdue University, 50-year plant pathologist and glyphosate expert, and US Defense Military Consultant
  • Dr. Zach Bush, Triple Board-certified physician and founder of Farmers Footprint
  • Robin Mesnage Ph.D. Consultant to Kings College University
  • Mary Lou McDonald LL.B. and President of Safe Food Matters
  • Kelly Ryerson, board member of Moms Across America and reporter (aka Glyphosate Girl)
  • Zen Honeycutt, Founding Executive Director of Moms Across America and author of Unstoppable.

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Public Perception of Big Ag and Big Pharma Shifting

So much is happening that sometimes we don’t take the time to step back and see the big picture. Let's take a moment to look at the news over the past few weeks. We can see a significant shift in perspective: Big Ag and Big Pharma are being exposed for corrupt behavior, and people worldwide, including more and more media, are calling them out.

People have had enough. Exposure to this corruption is making a difference.

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Baby Formula Linked to Deaths - RECALL ALERT!

We suspect toxic GMO agrochemical farming is killing our babies. Will you help us to hold mega corporations accountable?

This week, the FDA announced that they advise consumers not to use Abbot Baby Formula brands Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare powdered formulas due to a connection to 5 recorded hospitalizations and two deaths after consuming these formulas. The babies developed Cronobacter sakazakii and Salmonella Newport infections, leading to their hospitalizations and/or deaths. 

The FDA has not taken the responsibility of ordering a recall. They continue to allow this product to be sold. 

If you are giving your baby formula or know someone who is, we ask you to look at the container immediately.

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