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Moms Across America Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Ten years ago, Moms Across America launched our website and Facebook page, inviting mothers and others to join into July 4, 2013, Independence Day parades. Our Facebook page was organically reaching 300,000 people a week within four months. With banners that read Moms Across America March to Label GMOs and informational flyers, mothers and families joined into 179 parades in 37 states, reaching thousands locally and millions nationally in a single day.

When we walked down the middle of hometown streets, with people cheering on the moms, we knew that Moms Across America needed to be a nationwide organization to transform the food industry and health in America and beyond. Over the next five years, 600 of our supporters posted over 1000 local events on our website, inviting their community to learn more about GMOs, glyphosate, and the food supply. These events brought people together and strengthened their communities nationwide.

It was challenging to find organic food in grocery stores when we first started. Items like organic flour, crackers, snacks, desserts, and candy did not exist. We focused on mothers because mothers buy 85% of the food and make 90% of the household purchasing choices. The food industry is global. What we buy in the grocery stores daily comes from Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America. If mothers knew about GMOs and stopped buying them, we could shift the American marketplace and the global food industry. We knew that by empowering moms to be community leaders, they could be global game-changers. 

And they have.

Five years later, our board President Laurie Olson said, "When we first started joining in parades, 1 out of 50 people knew about GMOs, now, 1 out of 50 don't know about GMOs. I am very proud to be a part of that shift." In 2018 the Organic Trade Association reported that 82% of households were buying organic regularly. Organic food across every category could be found in city and suburban areas and was available online to be shipped to rural areas across the country. The shift to organic was unstoppable, just like our moms, spreading the word about the risks of GMOs and the benefits of organic.

Over the past ten years, this tidal wave of awareness has surged forward due to the dedication of our supporters. We grew with the support of individual supporters and a few companies that support organic lifestyles like Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, and Messina's Garden Company. 

With support from our network and partnerships with other great organizations, we were able to speak at the Monsanto, Dow, and Dupont shareholder meetings and speak directly with Syngenta executives, shifting dialogues. We initiated the first glyphosate testing in America, and our moms dared to send in their breastmilk, tap water, and children's urine. We detected the contamination in beer, wine, orange juice, dozens of foods, and even childhood vaccines. The results impacted the perception of glyphosate and spraying toxic chemicals on the food supply, shifting policies, inspiring lawsuits, and reducing glyphosate use in agriculture and landscaping worldwide. 

Over time, Moms Across America expanded our mission from focusing solely on GMOs to educating and empowering mothers and others with actions and solutions to create healthy communities. We took on the contamination of our environment, food, and products from various toxins, including wireless radiation. Our moms reported on the necessary and clear benefits of switching not only their food to organic but household and personal care products. Reducing exposure to wireless radiation has also been critical and very beneficial. Within days or weeks of reducing exposure to toxins and environmental pollution, mothers shared how their children's behavioral or learning disorders were 85-90% recovered. Limiting exposure to toxins into or around their families became crucial to protect our families' health and our children's futures. We determined this without the support of mainstream media or the government. We decided this, although the constant propaganda about GMOs, pesticides, wireless technology, and medical treatments claimed to be "safe and effective" by the mainstream media and government. 

Through this journey, although dismayed by the chronic failure of our regulatory agencies, media, and elected officials, we discovered our ability to trust ourselves, trust each other, and rise in unity with love and compassion. 

Our professional flyers and materials, all backed by science and credible sources, empowered our network to take actions they never before thought possible. With the support of many generous and dedicated individuals, we have shifted the perception of activism from something most mainstream mothers and others did not do to a part of everyday life for millions.

However, some of our previous supporters do not support sharing information about controversial toxins and health freedom. Censorship and shadow banning on our original platforms make it imperative to expand and move to other platforms. To continue to fulfill our mission, Moms Across America requires new and additional sources of support. 

We invite our friends to be a part of creating a healthy future with us. If you have not donated to Moms Across America before, we invite you to take on being a part of this powerful movement. If you have donated before, we invite you to increase your support, donate monthly or invite your friends and family to support our work. Together, we can accomplish so much more in the next ten years!

Our new monthly donor Giving Circle makes it easy to understand, easy to join, and easy to enjoy Moms Across America and gives our supporters direct access to one-on-one coaching from our director, experts, and leaders in the movement.

On the first Monday of the month, Our Moms Connect Call will remain free and open to all subscribers to our email list.

With one-on-one coaching from our director, the second Moms Connect Call will be available to our $10 a month Giving Circle Friends.

With direct access to special guests for Q&As, the third Moms Connect Call will be available to our $20 a month Giving Circle Friends. They will also receive Moms Across America materials and special offers from partners.

Donors over $50 a month will be invited to foundational calls to the Moms Across America strategy and campaign formation. They will also receive Moms Across America materials and special offers from partners.

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