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Help Us Help You - To Legally Protect All Biological Life from Harmful Radiation

Rage Against the 5G Machine

5G Beware

Possible 5G Tower Next to School Removed After Students Develop Cancer

5G Dragnet

Cell Phone Towers and Property Devaluation

Radiation Fears - Byron Bay Residents Worried About 5G

Virtual Reality - Humanity's Next Addiction

More Videos

Barrister Ray Broomhall Talking About the Action Being Taken Against the 5G Rollout and the Next Steps

Lawyer, Sue Grey Talks To Tim Lynch about 5G & More

Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe Post interview - Electromagnetic Radiation & 5G

David Bradbury Film - Rally for 5G Moratorium. (Byron Shire NSW)

5G Rally Calls for Moratorium (News article related to above)

Genocide Documents - Murder "IS" Legal How This Came to Be 

The Honorable Peter Slipper (Fmr Speaker) & Barrister - Stop 5G Global

Defeating 5G as a Mass DEW Terraforming Platform for AI Artificial Intelligence

5G: The Unreported Global Threat

You Are Being Groomed

Bees Dying Under 5G Poles

Print Media

The 5G War - Technology Versus Humanity

Everything You Need to Know About 5G

Response: 5G and Wireless Risks to Public Health

Opposition to 5G Small Cell Deployment Spreads Across US

Kate Lives in Fear of the 5G Radiation Rollout 

Why 5G Is Like the Worst Relationship Your Ever Had

5G Danger: 13 Reasons New Millimeter-Wave Tech Will Be a Catastrophe for Humanity

Elk Grove Residents Warned About Possible Health Hazards of 5G

Side-effects of Living Near 5G Towers in Geneva Switzerland – Testimonial

New Research Shows That Over a Quarter of Australians Are Concerned about the Health Risks of 5G Technology

EMFs: Ignorance Is NOT Bliss with Jason Bawden-Smith

Small Cells - Node B 4G/5G

Ugly Cell Towers (Pinterest gallery)

Where Are All the Trees Going?

Next-Generation 5G Network May Be Taking Off on Lanai (Aerial platforms)

With 5G, We Feel Like Guinea Pigs

The 5G Hype Is Setting Consumers Up for a Let-down

Wireless Radiation TV News

Spending Six Hours a Day on My Mobile Gave Me a Brain Tumour, Claims Business Executive, 43, Who's Now Been Given Just Three Years to Live

Re-inventing Wires - The Future of Landlines and Networks 

Trump Administration Cancels Rule for More-energy-efficient Light Bulbs. (Incandescents to no longer be illegal)

Parents Hiring Coaches to Help Raise Their Children Phone-Free 

Archbishop Makarios Hospital III Launches Initiative to Minimize Wireless Radiation Exposures to Children

Long-term Wireless Exposure at School

A Child Testifies to Microwave Illness from Wifi in Schools (Video)

Dr. Karl - Misleading and Wrong Information and a Much Deeper Problem in the Selection of Experts

The Miseducation of America on 5G: The New York Times Gets It Spectacularly Wrong 

A Fact-Free Hit on a 5G Critic


Walls offer no privacy from "passive radar" that exploits ambient RF.

Your Wi-Fi Router Could Be Used to Watch You Breathe and Monitor Your Heartbeat

Facial Recognition Is Now Rampant. The Implications for Our Freedom Are Chilling

Everyone's Got a "Surveillance Score" and It Can Cost You Big Money

The CIA Spied on People Through Their Smart TVs, Leaked Documents Reveal

Mass Surveillance: The Pentagon Can Now ID You by Your Heartbeat With a Laser 

Pentagon Develops Lasers That Beam Messages into Your Head

Neuroscientists Decode Brain Speech Signals into Written Text

Latest Science

Decreased Spontaneous Electrical Activity in Neuronal Networks Exposed to Radiofrequency 1,800 MHz Signals

“Tablets, PCs and Mobile Phones Change Our Brains”: Interview with Professor Dominique Belpomme

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Sleep Disruption: Evidence That Both Power frequency and Radiofrequency Magnetic Fields May Be a Co-factor to Investigate in Treatments

Risks to Health and Well-Being from Radio-Frequency Radiation Emitted by Cell Phones and Other Wireless Devices

The Complex Impact of Mobile Phone Radiation on Our Health

Analysis of Mobile Tower Radiation and Its Health Effects in Champhai District of Mizoram

Danish Spike in GBM Is Back

Bioinitiative Report - 2019 Updated Research Summaries

5G Technology is Coming – Linked to Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Death

Neuroimaging Findings in US Government Personnel with Possible Exposure to Directional Phenomena in Havana, Cuba

Health Effects Associated with Exposure to Low-frequency Electromagnetic Fields

EMF Studies: Industry Funding Sways Findings Power Line-Cancer Links Show Consistency

Legal Actions

Legal Opinion on Whether It Would Be in Contravention of Human Rights and Environmental Law to Establish the 5G-system in Denmark. (Extensive bibliography)

Federal Court Overturns FCC Order Which Bypassed Environmental Review For 5G & Small Cell Wireless 

We Tested Popular Cellphones for Radiofrequency Radiation. Now the FCC Is Investigating

Conflicts of Interest and Misleading Statements in Official Reports about the Health Consequences of Radiofrequency Radiation and Some New Measurements of Exposure Levels

International Phonegate Scandal: All Overexposed, All Deceived, All Endangered by Our Mobile Phones

Apple, Samsung Slapped with Class Action Over Handset RF Emissions 

Law Firm Already Jumping on Reports of High RF Emissions in iPhone 7

Mobile Phones to Be Banned in Victoria State Schools from "First to Last Bell"

When School Kids Lock Their Mobile Phones Away in Pouches for the Day, Amazing Things Happen

Court Upholds Landmark Berkeley Cell Phone Radiation Right to Know Ordinance and Rejects Industries Appeal

Republicans Pull the Bill to Greenlight 5G Antennas as Towns Say It Would Undercut Their Zoning Powers

Council Backs Residents in Fight Against Telstra Installations in Three Shire Suburbs

Is 5G Bad for You? Protesters to Storm City Hall to End Roll-out

Cities Outline Their Challenges to the FCC's 5G Rule in Court Filings 

Cities Are Saying ‘No’ to 5G, Citing Health, Aesthetics and FCC Bullying

Nevada City to Become Nation’s First 5G-free Zone

5G: How a Counter-movement Took Shape in Switzerland

5G Resistance

The Impact of Cell Phone Towers on House Prices: Evidence from Brisbane, Australia

Telstra Formally Warned Over 5G Expansion

Letter to the United Nations Environment Program - Transmitting the International EMF Scientist Appeal

Electromagnetic Fields: Health Effects Backbench Business - In Westminster Hall

ARPANSA - Who Is Misleading Who

ICNIRP’s Exposure Guidelines for Radio Frequency Fields

The Court of Tours Asks the Withdrawal of Linky Meters at Thirteen Individuals for Medical Reasons

Events & Petitions

Crowd Funding - Help Us Help You to Legally Protect All Biological Life from Harmful Radiation

Crowd Funding - 5G Meeting Ireland with International Speakers

Biological Effects of Wireless Technology 4-6 October 2019 - International Public Symposium Electoral Palace, Mainz

UN Human Rights Council Advisory Committee Invites Inputs on Opportunities & Challenges of New & Emerging Digital Technologies on Rights (Deadline 15 Oct.2019)

Petition - Requesting Parliament of Australia to Stop 5G

Petition - Stop the 5G Rollout in Australia

Petition - “Microwave & Electrical illness” Recognized as Functional Impairment in Australia

International Appeal to Stop the 5G Rollout on Earth and in Space

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