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Defeat the Mandates Rally

Perspectives from Moms Across America’s Zen Honeycutt

By now, you have likely seen clips from the Defeat the Mandates rally on January 23, 2022, in Washington DC. Mainstream media outlets covered it in their typically misleading and disjointed fashion.

Here is a well done 15-minute video of the highlights of the rally by Gayla Prewitt of

Here are a few highlights and important distinctions from my perspective:

  • The media chose to focus on the fact that Robert F. Kennedy referred to Anne Frank and the Holocaust (referring to the dangerous restrictions of freedoms by mandates) for two seconds. This was a way to distract the public away from the other 19 minutes of incredibly important points. One of the main ones is that 5G (close proximity, high-density cell towers that download our information from an internet-of-things like you “Smart” phone, “mart” refrigerator, car, “Smart” watch, etc...) is a part of the whole vaccine passport agenda by the government. As crazy as it sounds, they want able to track and possibly restrict freedoms (access to bank accounts or travel) should they deem you to be an uncooperative threat to society while they expose the public to harm wireless radiation. This is a real and really dangerous new reality we all need to keep in mind. The media’s insistence on leaving out information that suits their sponsors (AT&T & Verizon, for example) but not public safety is the main reason we canceled our TV subscription. We suggest that you do, too.
  • While the media claimed we were angry anti-activists, the MC, JP Sears, started the event with such love that he brought thousands to tears. “If you listen carefully you can hear the whispers of your children and great-grandchildren thanking you.” He pointed out that we were there because we love freedom, we love health, and we will stand for freedom even for those who do not stand with us. We stand for them anyway. The crowd was so elated with love that we hugged each other spontaneously. When another speaker asked us to hug each other again, it felt natural and welcome. What was present was love. It’s been too long since I’ve been a part of such a loving crowd. We all need this.

  • I admit I’ve avoided attending angry protests for the past year or two. Especially if there was no specific action for me to take, such as meeting with decision-makers like elected officials, school board members, and city managers. This time, due to the gravity of the situation, our health, bodily autonomy, freedom, and our democracy being at stake, I felt compelled to go whether my Senator’s staff granted me a meeting or not. It turns out one did, and it was good! I learned by attending the rally that even if it did not cause an instant lifting of the mandates, even if it didn’t make a difference the way we wanted it to, it made a difference for me. It made a difference for the 30,000 plus people who were there. It galvanized us and sent a message to our elected officials that we are not going away. We are here, with love, and we will not be deterred from our stand for freedom. How the people in a movement feel matters. I truly believe that now that we are more galvanized, connected, and inspired, we will go forward and transform the country. 

  • I was moved, touched, and inspired by the passion and courage of Christina Parks, Ph. D., The Frontline Doctors, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Mccullough, and Dr. Robert Malone. Their passion, from appropriate F-Bombs to the use of the words “utter corruption,” set the crowd on fire with agreement and appreciation. It’s a big deal to step forward and speak up in a field of academia, with hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in insurance to protect their career and their reputation on the line. For all of them to say in one way or another, “Under NO circumstance should a child get this COVID vaccine,” “Where there is a risk, there must be a choice,” and “These mandates rob you of your civil rights, health freedom, and religious freedom” was exhilarating.

  • To see the vaccine-injured speak out, the firefighters speak out, leaders of all faiths, musicians, and even comedians speak out was so moving that my body warmed in the below-freezing temperatures, and we moms didn’t move from our spot for 3 hours. I can only wonder how the media, who also heard every word I heard, went home and covered the event in a misleading way. I hope whoever did this, that that was the last time. I hope they see that being inauthentic and being a part of covering up the truth is something they are no longer willing to do. I hope they leave their positions and work for media outlets that Big Pharma does not fund. I hope they, too, stand for truth and justice for the sake of our country.

What filled my heart and soul at this event was courage and gratitude. I cannot thank the organizers, speakers, and attendees enough. 

To see the acts of courage from these speakers, willing to risk their reputations, their careers, possibly even their lives, for the health and freedom for us all, was awe-inspiring.

At one point, as we marched towards the Lincoln Memorial, I saw a statue that said, “Americans came, not to conquer but to restore freedom and end tyranny.” While many, specifically Native people, would disagree, I got it from the settler’s perspective, who came for religious and personal freedom. I experienced an overwhelming sensation of my heart filling with love and gratitude. Anne and I jumped up on the base of the statue, and I began shouting, “THANK YOU! Thank you for coming! Where are you from?” to everyone who came to protect democracy, health, and freedom. I asked where they came from and they shouted out: New York! Illinois! Washington! Pennsylvania! California! It was amazing. I could have stayed there all day, seeing their happy faces and being present to the support from all across the country.

In the past, Moms Across America has chosen, especially during COVID, to mostly continue to focus on food and toxins. We believe daily exposure to toxic food and environmental exposures to toxins are the primary reason why so many are sick, spurring shutdowns and perpetuating the drive to seek an outside “fix” like medication and vaccines. We have not been at the forefront of talking about vaccines and health freedom. We have been supportive but not leading in this area. We did this because we wanted to focus on what we do best, so many others were doing a fantastic job. Yes, the threat of having ten years of our work taken down on social media and our admins banned would have meant a loss to our inspiring community.

However, we have recently decided to find new ways to communicate and expand our community on different platforms. We will speak out and take action on this important issue, and we are focusing on posting on Rumble as our outlet for this topic. Our videos from the rally, including a moving interview of firefighters from Florida and Los Angeles, are up now. Just search “Moms Across America” on Rumble. We will utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to continue to share about the still and ever-present food and toxin issues AND use them to alert people to our new platforms. We hope you will join us there and share widely.

We are at a turning point in human history. We will either choose to be comfortable and quiet and have our freedoms, self-respect, and health drain away or choose love and courage and stand up, speak up and show up for each other.

I am beyond thrilled to see that this weekend over 68,000 truckers and vehicles have shown up on a Trucker Freedom Convoy over 70 km long, ten times longer than any previously recorded convoy. Along the way, millions of Canadians are showing up in the bitter cold with sweet signs of gratitude, love, and respect. More and more people are standing up to the insanity of mandates, restrictions, and outright hostility toward those who seek freedom. It only takes one more person to cause a tipping point. 

May you be the one to bring a new expression of love, compassion, encouragement, and courage to the people around you.

Maybe you, we, BE THE ONES to create a new future.

Thank you.

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