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Pesticides Proven to Change the Taste of Wines

New Discoveries
Press Release



The discoveries by J Douzelet & GE Séralini:

A very first description of the tastes of 11 pesticides is proposed. They are detected first in water, diluted freshly at the levels found in wines, by 36 professionals from wine or cooking in 195 blind tests at different periods.

They are the most frequently found pesticides in wines in our experiment. Some animals can detect pesticides and change their behavior in response. In order to find out if humans can also detect pesticides by their taste in wines, a three-step experiment was conducted.

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Moms Take on Monsanto

Monsanto.jpgJanuary 31, 2018 Zen Honeycutt and Anne Temple of Moms Across America attended the Monsanto Shareholder meeting held at their corporate headquarters in St. Louis.

Zen represented John Harrington of Harrington Investments and presented a three minute presentation for the forming of  a Human Rights Committee.  Unfortunately the vote was taken before Zen spoke on behalf of the proxy.  A document was presented to the board and Executive Team listing just some of the examples of 11 categories of crimes against humanity attributed to Monsanto's products.  You can read that document here.

Below is Zen's presentation for the forming of a Human Rights Committee.

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Human Rights Violations Document Submitted to Monsanto






Data compiled by members of The Monsanto Tribunal Team, Navdanya, Moms Across America and concerned citizens of the USA.



We submit that Monsanto, first and foremost a chemical company, is mistaken in thinking it is its job to “Feed the World”. Monsanto’s job is to make sure the chemicals they sell are safe and effective. Or, to redirect it’s resources to business which does not include using toxic chemicals which can harm humans, wildlife, livestock, soil and the water supply. Monsanto has a responsibility to maintain its commitment to product safety and integrity by forming a committee to investigate if human rights violations have occurred due to their products and business practices.

Millions of people worldwide are working to reclaim their basic right of seed freedom, to protect human health and rights, and to promote poison-free organic farming and agroecology. We call upon Monsanto Company to ensure that their globally acknowledged human rights violations cease and desist.


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Amicus Brief Filed in Support of OEHHA and Prop 65 listing of Glyphosate

prop-65-img.jpgJan 26, 2018- Moms Across America and National Health Federation, with  Tips & Associates, filed an Amicus Brief, which is a friendly filing in support for California State Office of Environmental Health Hazards Assessment agency (OEHHA) & their Prop 65 State Toxics List AND the addition of glyphosate to the List, after Monsanto and 11 State Attorneys General  moved to get rid of Prop 65 and the Listing ENTIRELY.

What is an amicus brief?

Amicus briefs are legal documents filed in appellate court cases by non-litigants with a strong interest in the subject matter. The briefs advise the court of relevant, additional information or arguments that the court might wish to consider.

Why would an amicus brief be filed?

Monsanto has repeatedly sued the CA EPA's OEHHA, to remove glyphosate from the Prop 65 carcinogen list. This time they "won the support of 11 states to sue OEHHA." This was coincidentally after Moms Across America initiated a "50 States Ask Governors to Ban Glyphosate" campaign.

Screen_Shot_2017-11-05_at_10.04.16_AM.pngThe 11 states who join Monsanto in this audacious lawsuit against OEHHA, our state's health hazard assessment agency,  are supporting the federal lawsuit, Monsanto, the National Association of Wheat Growers and other agricultural groups which was filed in November 2017, to stop California from becoming the first US State to require product containing glyphosate carry warning labels.


OEHHA legally and rightfully placed glyphosate on the list after the International Agency Research for Cancer (IARC) classified glyphosate a probable carcinogen in May of 2015. Glyphosate is the declared active chemical ingredient in Roundup and over 700 other glyphosate-based herbicides, the most widely used type of herbicide in the world.

Why would Monsanto want glyphosate off the Prop 65 list?



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The Plot to Take Down IARC and Continue Poisoning Us Must Be Stopped

Screen_Shot_2018-01-26_at_12.53.08_PM.pngDid you know that ... despite the fact that 1 out of 2 males and 1 out of 3 females in America are expected to get cancer, a group of U.S. Congressmembers serving on the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, have threatened to defund and dismantle the  World Health Organization's Independent Science Body, the International Agency for Research of Cancer (IARC)


U.S. defunding might have the impact of dismantling this entire body which serves the whole world on cancer issues, as part of the World Health Organization.

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Arsenic and Heavy Metals Found in Herbicide Sprayed on Food Crops

Shocking news.

Seralini and Team,, have just published a new paper revealing the discovery of the known lethal poison arsenic and heavy metals in Roundup and most of the glyphosate-based herbicides tested.Screen_Shot_2018-01-07_at_11.27.48_PM.png

As a mother who has unknowingly fed my children Roundup sprayed food for most of their lifetimes, I am outraged. Are these poisons the reason for my children numerous and life-threatening health issues? How could the chemical companies NOT know that there is arsenic in their products? What about the EPA? How could they possibly say they are protecting us when they allow these poisons to be sprayed on our food crops?

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2017 Year in Review

What a year! We wish to thank you for your support, and hope you had a very Happy Holiday and have Fantastic New Year!!!

We truly believe, because of people like you, the best is yet to come!

2017 was filled with successes and setbacks...nothing that will deter us...but many things that show us we are on the right path and are making a difference!

Here are some our accomplishments in 2017, thanks to people like you!

Expansive Educational Outreach:


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50 States Ask Governors to BAN Glyphosate



Mission Viejo, CA - Moms Across America announces a nationwide campaign to ban glyphosate herbicides in all fifty of the United States. Support from Organic Consumers Association, Institute for Responsible Technology and Thinking Moms Revolution, with millions of supporters collectively, urge state governors to protect their residents and children. 

“European Member states, after considering volumes of scientific studies and numerous testimonies by lawyers and researchers, have refused to renew the license for glyphosate. If it is not safe for Europeans, and Malta, Sri Lanka, The Netherlands, and Argentina who have banned glyphosate, then we do not want glyphosate in our United States. We urge our governors to take bold steps like the Governor of Arkansas and Missouri did in banning Dicamba, and ban glyphosate herbicides and toxic chemicals immediately.”- Zen Honeycutt, Executive Director of Moms Across America

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Birth Defects and Glyphosate Connection

Watch and share this very important interview of Dr. Stephanie Seneff, MIT scientist reviewing her and Gregory L. Nigh's newest paper called Anencephaly and Glyphosate: Death by a Thousand Cuts.


Direct link to paper:


Scientists have had evidence of this problem for over 15 years. See the Argentinian paper here:

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Glyphosate Found in All 5 Major Orange Juice Brands


Updated August 6, 2021

In 2015 the USDA reported orange juice was the most consumed fruit juice in the United States and oranges were the second most consumed fruit overall, just slightly behind apples. The average person in America consumes  2.7 gallons of orange juice and 3 pounds of oranges each year. “100% Pure Orange Juice” is a common claim used by many juice brands that allow consumers to feel safe when serving it to their families daily. However, recent testing revealed that every one of the five top orange juice brands Moms Across America sent to an accredited lab tested positive for glyphosate weed killer. Glyphosate is the declared active chemical ingredient in Roundup, manufactured by Monsanto, and 750 other brands of glyphosate-based herbicides. Roundup is the most widely used herbicide in the world, often sprayed as a weedkiller between citrus trees, found in irrigation water and rain. 

Moms Across America founder Zen Honeycutt stated, "The discovery of glyphosate residue in orange juice is unacceptable, especially since a branch of the World Health Organization designated glyphosate a probable carcinogen, two years ago, back in the spring of 2015. The EPA has had ample time to revoke the license of this chemical and restrict its use in our food and beverage crops. As confirmed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, our children (who frequently drink orange juice for breakfast) are especially vulnerable to pesticides and measures should be taken immediately to protect them."

Two samples of each of the following brands were tested for both the herbicide glyphosate and its residue AMPA. Positive results ranged from 4.33 parts per billion (“ppb”) to an alarming 26.05 ppb. Chemical farming proponents will claim that these levels are too low to cause harm, and are lower than the EPA's allowable glyphosate residue level of 30 ppm on citrus, but these claims are irrelevant in comparison to new data. Studies have shown that only 0.1 ppm (100ppb) of glyphosate destroys beneficial gut bacteria, weakening the immune system, which can lead to a wide variety of health and neurological issues. Considering the standard American diet high wheat, sugar, oatmeal, soy, and corn, with levels of up to 6000 ppb or 1.67ppm have been detected,  a child can easily exceed 100 ppb if a glass of orange juice is added at  26 ppb.

Additionally, 1 part per trillion (ppt) has been shown to stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells. 1 ppt is equivalent to 1 drop in the water of 22 Olympic swimming pools combined. Considering that studies show glyphosate bioaccumulates in bone marrow, any amount ingested is unacceptable.









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