Monsanto's Secrets Are Out - Miscarriage Coverup Revealed

Monsanto's Secrets Are Out

Miscarriage Coverup Revealed

On Tuesday attorneys from Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman, who are representing hundreds of plaintiffs accusing Monsanto of causing their Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, made Monsanto's secrets available to the public. Documents produced during the discovery of the lawsuit, including emails, manipulated studies, and texts are proving to be a treasure trove of evidence not only for their case but for hundreds of thousands who have long named Monsanto the most hated corporation in the world.

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One of the most damning quotes below is by Donna Farmer, who I met twice, once at the Monsanto shareholder meeting and once at the CA EPA hearing on glyphosate. Both times she firmly stated her utmost confidence in the safety of glyphosate. One would be keen to note that she did not use the words "glyphosate herbicides" or "Roundup" which indicates the final formulation. 

In the following quote, she clearly indicts Monsanto by specifying the distinct difference.


The distinction is that glyphosate, the declared "active" chemical ingredient of Roundup and glyphosate herbicides, may not immediately toxic by itself. It turns out that glyphosate alone is harmful, yes, but not the most immediately toxic and cancer-causing of the ingredients in Roundup. Toxicologists, however, are most concerned with immediate toxicity. For example, does a chemical kill an animal in 4 days. But they are not interested in long-term harm. This is why Monsanto's tests are accepted by the EPA even though they are only 4 days to 3 months long at most. The fact is that the EPA does not require a chemical company to produce long term (two-year) animal studies (although we do not condone animal testing) with blood analysis on the final formulation of any pesticides. They only require long term studies on the one declared active chemical ingredient.  I witnessed this first hand when I met with the EPA last year and asked them if they had any long term animal studies with blood analysis on Roundup or any of the formulations, and they said,"No, not that we are aware of."

This means, just as Donna said that no one, not Monsanto, their sales executives, farmers, landscapers, or retailers, can claim that Roundup is safe.

Should be game over for Monsanto, right?

In other documents, I found a statement that should be the nail in the coffin for Monsanto.

Quote 2

Tragically, Donna Farmer took it into her own hands to strike out the word "suggested" from a study that stated that the results suggested that glyphosate causes miscarriages. This is a betrayal of womanhood, a crime against humanity.

As a mother who has lost a baby, and as a woman who has far too many friends who have lost theirs, I am furious. How dare she decide for the scientific community, farmers, food manufacturers, landscapers, retailers, and consumers who purchase Monsanto's glyphosate products that we don't need to know that information? If a chemical or product even has the slightest suggestion of harming the life or development of a fetus, it is the mother's right to know and her right to be able to choose to avoid it.

Donna Farmer does not think so however, she thinks you don't need to know that Roundup could cause you to have a miscarriage.

We hope you disagree and will tell the EPA that based on this new evidence, to immediately revoke the license of glyphosate.

Please contact Neil Andersen, Chief Branch Manager of the Pesticide Review Board, who is in charge of the team deciding whether or not to renew or revoke the license of glyphosate. Email: [email protected] or call 703-308-8187

Take a few minutes today to speak up, stand up for human life and all life on the planet, and be a part of Ending this Chemical Era. Heal the World with Regenerative Agriculture and Organic Food!

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