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Tools for Talking About GMOs

Ever feel like we are in a twilight zone? The whole GMO food debacle has my head reeling this week. If I didn't have this march to plan, I might be joining the ranks of the activist pulling up fields in Europe. I am mad. I am more than mad, I am livid. To top off the confirmation of outrageous toxicity in our food, someone hacked my MAAM Facebook site this week. They know we are finding out and sharing about GMOs and they see that Moms are a threat to the way they do business. Good.

 The past two weeks have been a tidal wave of GMO info, movie showing and people all across America taking action and posting important articles, videos and reports. There is no doubt in my mind that GMOs are nutritionally bankrupt and toxic.The response is inspiring however, even my hometown in CT of 2000 people had a Genetic Roulette showing this week! Despite the anger I feel from the injustice that has been foisted on the American people, I am delighted and encouraged by America's stand for our health, our children and our communities. These articles, videos, interviews and facts help us to speak clearly and confidently about GMOs


If you want to be clear about the health risks of GMOs, take a look at  the following articles and videos.

I find the easiest way to introduce your friends and family to this information is to talk to them and show them 

This is a clear overview of GMOs: "Girls Gone Child Blog post on GMOs"
But if you want more of the nitty gritty of GMOs, these article, video and facts will blow your mind.

 1. Elizabeth Doughtery's Interview of Dr. Huber

Video interview with Dr. Huber reporting scientists now have proof that an unknown entity in GMO food causes miscarriages and infertility.

2. From the Sierra Club Magazine this week: "The USA has the lowest birth rate in recorded history,at 63 per 1000 childbearing women. The biggest decline is in immigrant women." Makes tragic sense! Immigrant women are usually of the lowest income and eat the most GMO Corn and cheap food with GMO soy fillers. 

3. 2012 Corn Comparison Report proves GMO corn is nutritionally vastly different from non gmo corn and contains toxins formeldehyde and glyphosate. Glyphosate strips the body of vital nutrients like manganese ( needed to build cells), magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and more...all minerals and vitamins we need to grow healthy babies and carry to term, fight cancer and auto immune diseases.  GMO corn contains 200X more formeldehyde than proven to be toxic in animals. It is such a high rate that animals can smell it and will not eat it given a choice. See report here

4. Monsanto is planning and gaining momentum in controlling the world's food supply. They claim to want to feed the world, but in fact the increasing use of  chemicals they use, like 2,4 D in pesticides and Agent Orange, are responsible for the deformity and death of nearly a million people and children in Vietnam. This does not take into consideration the huge spike in food allergies in the USA since GMOs were introduced and the known 150 American children that die each year from food allergies. Two last week alone.

5. Studies show GMOs affect the immune system because the GMO protein is actually a lectin. Lectins impart information to the immune system and GMO foods like Mon810 corn has insecticidal lectins. This information is being inserted into our immune system through 70% of our  food containing GMOs. In addition the act of insertion of the foreign protein causes mutation of the host in unforseeable, unpredictable ways and caused a significant slowing down of the growth and organ damage in animal studies.

6. Want to do something about this? See our interview in Sustainable Pulse's blog which receives 70K viewers a month globally. This is a global fight on America's turf!  We need to connect with Canada and the rest of the world to win this!

7.If you like to listen to radio listen to
Yours in Gratitude,
Zen Honeycutt
P.S. There are many more articles or videos I have not uploaded. Let's just chalk it up to Mommy brain shall we? Please share below what I missed!

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