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Moms Speak Out About GMOs and Family Health

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Moms are speaking out. The responses are amazing. Americans are seeing positive results from going GMO Free.

Here is a photo of my son's allergic reaction to Carageenan before and after eating GMOs regularly. We found out about GMOs, went GMO free and 4 mnths afterwards he was accidentally exposed to Carageenan again in the toothpaste at the dentist office. His reaction was drastically less inflammed and painful. I only took photos at the time to text to my doctor. These are real photos he wants us to show them to help heal other kids..

Update: my same son recently ate walnuts by accident. Usually he would have been near death in the ER for 6 hours, instead his toungue itched and he felt queasy. He was back in school in two hours. From life threatening to a mild allergy. This is huge!



Read these real results from real Moms from our Moms Survey. No scientific peer reviewed publishing needed, just some Moms willing to share their reality.

 "My son just entered high school and his new teachers cannot even tell that he used to have severe autism symptoms. All I did differently was feed him organic food for the past two years, and I am a single Mom and make 40K, so it's not easy but it's that important. Even after two weeks of going organic my Dad saw his behavior changes and thought I had given him a new drug. I said, "Nope, no drugs, just organic food." Avoiding GMOs is the best thing I have done for my son, his life is totally different now."- Cindy RI.


"My son was diagnosed with asthma. We went organic and he went from being on a nebulizer 3xs a day to zero asthma. I lost 13 pounds, doing NOTHING else different, just eating organic only." Karen L.TX

"My son had a rash around his mouth now and then but since getting off GMOs he doesn’t have that problem any more. My daughters tummy used to puff out after meals and she’d get a belly ache. She doesn’t get those after meals since we went off GMOs. I used to feel like my skin was crawling but I don’t get that anymore since being off GMOs." Laurie O. WA

 I had an auto immune diseases for 8 years. I was on different medications for it and actually had surgery for it. It was a living nightmare. I took GMOs almost completely out of my diet 8 months ago and the symptoms are gone! Some of my family think I'm crazy for posting so many food posts about GMOs but I know first hand how devastating the effects are. Doctors said there is no cure for my disease. I found the cure...stop eating GMOs!!!!- Morgan M.

Here is a video from Jennifer Lawrenson who recorded this for the Moms Across America Initiative for World Child Health Day 2013.


 More testimonials:

Do you or your family members have health issues that you suspect may be connected to GMOs?

( Before going GMO Free) "I had, depression, myofacial pain syndrome, constipation, chronic pain, atrial fibrillation.weight gain food cravings. My mom Parkinson’s Disease, obesity, depression, lots of surgery. My dad died of colon cancer, he ate white bread all of his life with Coke as his main beverage. My Husband, Barret’s Disease, weight gain after age 50 around the middle with back pain, swelling in feet and ankles. Our son, pimples, adhd type symptoms, that I would not medicate him for. Sleepiness and lack of energy. Real food real health." - Ellen B. Oregon


Why are you supporting this movement?

"My husband was in the hospital 5 times last year Doctors wanted to remove part of his intestine because it was so infected instead doctors pumped him full of antibotics for a week when he got out of hospital I changed his diet and all our family food choices to NON- GMO foods WOW what a diffrence he’s doing great and food never tasted so good! I will march sign petitions anything to reclaim our healthy labeled food choices. God Speed JUST SAY NO TO GMO’S ….MAAM! "-Rhonda B. 

Here is a video from a Mom of twins.

These are just a few of the hundreds of responses we are getting. We want you to know, if you have health issues and suspect GMOs might be connected, that you are not alone. We get your frustration, upset and confusion as to why this could possibly be allowed. We also have health issues or have loved ones with health issues. We also know many people who don't have health issues, but are preventing them by supporting this movement.

Share your reality today:

The fact is that we don't know how GMOs could affect you. Everyone is different. But we do see, after testimonials like this, that every GMO bite is a gamble we don't want America to  take.

We LOVE America. We LOVE our kids and the amazing people in this country and we know we are going to love our kids future spouses someday. We want them to be healthy. For the sake of future generations, and our right to freedom as an American, we demand GMO LABELING NOW! We also demand testing immediately from the agencies that are supposed to protect the American people, the CDC and the FDA. Please sign our petition today and share this petition and blog with everyone you know.

 Thank you!

Zen Honeycutt


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