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Our motto is Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids.
Many Moms feel alone in their health struggles with their families. Many feel they are the only ones in their towns dealing with their children's allergies, autoimmune issues or other rising illnesses.
We would like to support Moms in caring for their families by gathering together, sharing information and taking action in unison. Together we are completely unstoppable. If you have testimonies about getting better by going GMO free and organic, no matter how small the improvement, we would love to be able to share your experience to support others. 
Please fill out the below survey to contribute to our cause and support other Moms!  Fill out your info once. It is private for us  to support you with survey results and links to partners who give health support in those areas.
Please note, you must be "logged in" to the website through Facebook or Twitter for the website to know you are a real person and be able to fill out the short survey.
Thank you!

We have found that your experiences could be very supportive and reassuring for other parents to know that they are not alone. May we have your permission to quote you, using your first name and state only, online or in any written educational information we print?

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