Glyphosate Weed Killler in Childhood Vaccines

Moms Find Weed Killer in Childhood Vaccines: FDA and CDC MUST Test

Why should we be concerned about glyphosate in vaccines? 

Why must the FDA and CDC test for glyphosate in vaccines immediately and take actions to protect us?



Released in ECOWatch Sept 10, 2016

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Earlier this year, Moms Across America sent 5 childhood vaccines to an independent lab to be screened for glyphosate. All 5 tested positive for glyphosate, with the MMR vaccine showing levels 25X higher than the other vaccines.

MAA attempted for months to have other labs confirm testing with other methodology without success. After learning of MAA's results an independent scientist tested 4 batches of vaccines and confirmed their findings at or above their original preliminary screenings. He has sent his data to his Senator and government officials with no response.

Further, more accurate tests are urgently needed by the FDA and CDC to confirm exact amounts. However, any amount is unacceptable. Action must be taken to protect our infants and children.

Glyphosate is a chemical in Roundup and hundreds of other herbicides which are  sprayed on 80% of our GMO and many non organic food and feed crops. It does not wash, dry or cook off. The livestock used to make our vaccines eat these grains and the glyphosate based herbicides.

GMO and chemical farming are contaminating our medical treatments.


Glyphosate is never used as an herbicide alone. This means that the co-formulants of glyphosate based herbicides are likely also present and they have been shown to be endocrine disruptors and 1000X more toxic than glyphosate alone. Glyphosate alone is a:
* Chelator - that draws out the vital nutrients of any living thing it touches (essentially gives a plant AIDS- what does it to to our children?).
* Patented antibiotic that destroys beneficial gut bacteria and proliferation of pathogenic gut bacteria which can lead to brain disorders.
* Acknowledged on EPA Fact sheet as reproductive effector and can cause liver and kidney damage.
  * WHO (World Health Organization) deemed it a probable carcinogen.
Scientists state that glyphosate can break down the blood brain barrier and allow the toxins into the brain...increasing the impact of toxic exposure such as those in vaccines on the brain of our children. It has been shown in chickens to destroy beneficial gut bacteria and promote pathogenic gut bacteria which can lead to fungus in the gut which which can lead to brain inflammation, learning, mood and behavioral changes such as autism symptoms.
Many GMO products and animal products that are used to make vaccines which have been show to be contaminated with glyphosate. Therefore, we are greatly concerned that the presence of glyphosate in our food, water and vaccine supply in any amount, that it could be a major contributing factor to the spike in autism that started in the late 1990's when GMO and glyphosate were introduced to our food/animal feed supply.
The rate of children with sudden loss of function, erratic behavioral and learning issues is skyrocketing in America. Parents and children are struggling. Thousands have come forward and many have won millions of dollars in vaccine courts. If we do not speak up about this issue and take action to reverse this, and the current rate continues, one out of two children born in 2032 will be diagnosed with autism. What would our educational system, our military, our health care system be like with half our children compromised? The future of our country is at stake.
The FDA and CDC must test vaccines for glyphosate and related toxic chemicals immediately.

Click here for the full press release here.

PLEASE be sure to comment today regarding revoking the license of glyphosate to the EPA before their 4 day meeting about glyphosate.
We CANNOT have glyphosate renewed by the EPA for another 15 years!
We MUST stop toxic chemical farming altogether.
Thank you for your partnership

Read the Letter to government officials below.











One week ago we sent this letter to the following and received no reponse except for the EPA acknowledging receipt.

Letter to the FDA, CDC, NIH, EPA, Senator Boxer, and CDPH


Sept 1, 2016


Dear Distinguished Public Officials,

FDA Commissioner Robert Califf, FDA Acting Chief Scientist Luciana Borio, Associate Deputy Commissioner Rachel Sherman, CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden, NIH Director Francis S. Collins, EPA Director Gina McCarthy, EPA Director of Pesticide Review Board Neil Andersen, Senator Barbara Boxer, and CA Dept of Public Health Director Dr. Karen Smith,


Concerned with the widespread contamination of glyphosate/Roundup and other glyphosate based herbicides from GMO chemical farming, Moms Across America has initiated the testing for glyphosate contamination and found it’s presence in water, urine, breast milk, Pediasure enteral nutrition, baby formula, cows’ milk, Gatorade, and oil. Since then, several groups have reported glyphosate contamination in cereal, bread, honey, soy sauce, pet food, wine, beer and more.


Concerned with this widespread contamination of consumables with a likely human carcinogen and a potent toxin to the human microbiome, Moms Across America arranged for glyphosate analysis of routine childhood vaccines. Such vaccines use ingredients derived from soy, corn, sugar and other genetically crops or animals exposed to GMO feed and glyphosate.


On March 14th, 2016 Moms Across America received preliminary screening results from Microbe Inotech Laboratories Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri. The data confirmed that all five vaccines tested positive for the chemical glyphosate, the “active” ingredient in Roundup weedkiller and 700 other glyphosate-based herbicides.  Specifically, Glyphosphate concentrations included:  DTap vaccine (Adacel Sanofi Pasteur) contained 0.123 ppb, Influenza Fluvirin (Novartis):  0.331 ppb, HepB Energix-B (Glaxo SmithKline): 0.325 ppb, Pneumonoccal Vax Polyvalent Pneumovax 23, (Merck): 0.107 ppb. Alarmingly, the MMR II vaccine (Merck), which the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson has linked to autism, had levels up to 25 times higher than the other vaccines, at 2.671ppb. You may be aware that one of the most consistent findings in autism research is abnormalities of the gut microbiome.


These results are shocking and unacceptable. No weed killer should be in vaccinations in any amount. Many babies in America receive 5-13 vaccinations at 6 months old in one sitting, the CDC recommended amount is up to 49 doses by 12 years old and 69 vaccine doses by 18 years old. Glyphosate has been shown to accumulate in bone marrow and fat molecules. In addition, these amounts are injected directly into the bloodstream, not filtered by the intestine, liver, and pancreas as toxins ingested through food. Studies have shown that due to hormone changes, glyphosate stimulated the growth of breast cancer cells in amounts as low as 0.1 PPT as well as numerous other forms of serious harm.


It is important to note that the detection of glyphosate is an indicator of the presence of many other co-formulants in glyphosate-based herbicides which have recently been shown by French scientist Seralini’s team to be endocrine disruptors and to be 1000 times more toxic than glyphosate alone.


The safety claims for the glyphosate-based herbicides are innately flawed. The EPA policy only requires testing for the one declared “active” chemical ingredient in a product, not the final formulation. By not requiring the full formulation long term safety testing of all chemical combinations in products eaten, used or administered into our citizens the claim that any of these products or chemicals are safe is unfounded.  The fact is that none of the garden pesticides, food, drinks, beauty care, household cleaners, supplements, drugs, and now medical treatments, are properly tested or  labeled.


The detection of the most widely used herbicide in the world in our medical treatments has serious implications for consumers, the pharmaceutical industry, and the chemical agriculture industry. The contamination of glyphosate and co-formulants is a growing challenge for any manufacturer to maintain product purity using GMO and glyphosate based herbicide sprayed ingredients.


50 year plant pathologist and soil microbiologist, Dr. Don M. Huber Professor Emeritus, Purdue University comments: "This report shows that vaccines contain glyphosate and we already know that they contain genetically modified organisms as well,  two products which totally counteract the immune system.

The quantity of material that vaccine producers require for production of a vaccine is relatively small. There is little reason for vaccine producers to not use the highest quality ingredients to ensure purity because of the highly invasive nature of the process."


At a minimum, our data confirms that analysis of childhood vaccines for glyphosate should be undertaken immediately by the FDA. Consumers and physicians should be made fully aware of the likely contamination by this herbicide. Vaccines that contain detectable levels of glyphosate should be discarded. Manufacturers that use genetically modified ingredients and regulators who approve their products should conduct or require independent testing for glyphosate and co-formulants immediately, comprehensively, and responsibly in order to ensure the safety and purity of the products that respectively, they produce and license.


Over the past several months, Moms Across America has made strenuous efforts to replicate these results with HPLC tandem mass spectronomy testing by other labs as a part of a responsible scientific process. One lab agreed to conduct such tests, but was delayed for months. Nonetheless, an independent scientist, has subsequently tested 4 batches of vaccines and has obtained results that confirm our findings. He reports that he has also conducted testing locating the source of glyphosate and has sent that information to Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, and to the FDA, NIH, and NBC.


Since this issue is a matter of enormous public interest, we feel we must release our test results. Accordingly, these will be made public immediately. We urge that the FDA, NIH, CDC and vaccine makers immediately test all batches of all vaccines for glyphosate based herbicides and toxic pesticides and recall contaminated products. In the meantime and until there is a clear scientific resolution of this issue, there must be a moratorium on all and any vaccine mandates, with revocation of such laws where they have already been passed.  No parent should have to knowingly vaccinate their infants and children with a known neurotoxin, probable carcinogen,cardiovascular damaging chemical,reproductive effector which causes liver and kidney damage.


We request that the  EPA, FDA, NIH and CDC to do a formal investigation into the widespread contamination and likely harm caused by glyphosate, test for the contamination of pesticides in all consumer products including vaccines, halt the mandate of vaccines. Additionally, we request that the EPA immediately change their policy to require long term full formulation safety testing with full disclosure labeling and revoke the license of glyphosate to prevent further contamination.


See test results on next page. We look forward to your immediate response.

Zen Honeycutt, Executive Director

Moms Across America





 Note that the results of the other items tested in this report such as oil, cows milk, Gatorade, and canola oil have not been duplicated. 1 sample of each was tested with the Elisa screening method and glyphosate was detected. The amount present may vary depending on methodology used. It should be noted that Elisa method and HPLC method have confirmed each other in numerous other studies.







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  • Cynthia Maskew Foster
    commented 2020-03-09 23:15:05 -0400
    How to they get a hold of these vaccines to test them?
  • Anne Hinde
    commented 2016-09-29 13:12:45 -0400
    Why is this evil allowed . It is outrageous why are the FDA and CDC not sorting this Unethical problem out for goodness sake WAKE UP FDA and CDC do your homework and change this.
  • Amanda Pinkham
    commented 2016-09-17 21:29:24 -0400
    This is outrageous. We are seeing more and more evidence of literally being poisoned through our food and vaccines so that we need to buy pharma drugs for the rest of our lives. This is so unethical, please do something to change this!
  • Zachary Domike
    commented 2016-09-16 20:02:58 -0400
    An old friend, a professional nurse, had a flu shot last week, then several episodes ending in the hospital. As these stories are pulled together, some ethical authorities will see the logic, and insist on “Organic Vaccines” – which will generate understanding of the Poison RoundUP. We need to push more and take Monsanto/Bayer to the mat.
  • Mary Fraser
    commented 2016-09-16 19:20:42 -0400
    I just contacted my State Senator, Mike McQuire and got a really nasty reception from his staff. I was told that I was one of ‘those people’ who opposed vaccines and that the law on mandatory vaccinations was not going to be changed. The staff demanded that the testing come from a ‘reputable’ lab in the US gov’t.
  • Jason Brooke
    commented 2016-09-15 23:20:36 -0400
    The notes at the bottom of the summary report say it all
  • Jessica Denning
    commented 2016-09-13 11:51:27 -0400
    Finally, weedkiller in vaccines is being measured!
    The effect of toxins on the infant go far beyond the reduction in intelligence.
    Little Things Matter: The Impact of Toxins on the Developing Brain by Canadian Environmental Health Atlas ��
  • Jessica Denning
    commented 2016-09-13 11:47:57 -0400
    I am so pleased to see this study of weedkillers in vaccines.
    What might poison in vaccines do – to infant developing brains?
    Please watch this 7 min video “Little Things Matter:
    The Impact of Toxins on the Developing Brain”
    by Canadian Environmental Health Atlas ��
    It is the most important video that I have seen all year.
  • Zachary Domike
    commented 2016-09-11 06:04:06 -0400
    The mechanism of Glyphosate is to chelate, or ‘grab’ metal such as integral with proteins. As you know, MMR vaccine is proteins designed to reproduce some amount in the body. If the proteins are damaged in some unknowable way, then that minuscule amount of damage gets amplified as the protein reproduces in the blood stream . . . The destructive “Touch of Death” of the Glyphosate is unpredictable; this helps explain the variation in symptoms reported. So many inoculated that did get infected with measles indicates that they also received damaged vaccine, and so it failed – due to damage from glyphosate. Thanks to Dr. Seneff and others, this is verifiable “science.” Warm Regards, and prepare for Organic Produce to Explode the Market – finally!!!

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