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Monsanto Rep Says Roundup is Safer than Vinegar or Vitamin D3

Mom and daughter team reveals Monsanto's lies! 

August 16, 2018 - Today Mckenzie Feldman sent me this video, which she filmed at the Hawaii State Farm Fair in 2015. Her mother, the woman speaking in the film, fearlessly asks the Monsanto employee about his perspective on the use of Roundup. We applaud the courage it took to make this film and we acknowledge this dynamic mother-daughter team! Way to go!

We would like to add that this employee, not to excuse his choices but to put it into perspective, simply believed what his employer told him. We know there are thousands of people who work at Monsanto, many of them good people who want to provide for their families, that have been just as hoodwinked as the rest of us. This does not excuse the behavior of misleading the public, however. We ask that anyone who works at any company be responsible for having a job which contributes to the safety of our planet instead of polluting it. If your company is poisoning people, find another job! Be creative and do what inspires you!

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Oxford Connecticut Retires Roundup Goes Organic


Oxford Connecticut Retires Roundup and Goes Organic
Northeast Horticultural Services Chosen to Manage Organic Vegetation Control

Monsanto TrialSTRATFORD, CT, August 11, 2018 – Oxford, CT residents can breathe a sigh of relief. Glyphosate-based herbicides such as Roundup, Rodeo and Ranger Pro will no longer be sprayed in their park and on their sidewalks. These carcinogenic herbicides are currently the hot topic in legal circles- the Johnson v Monsanto trial verdict was just announced yesterday and glyphosate herbicide manufacturer Monsanto was found guilty and fined 289.2 million dollars for failing to label their product as a carcinogen and for malice- intentionally covering up that they knew their product was carcinogenic. The plaintiff, Dwayne “Lee” Johnson a school pesticide applicator, used Roundup and Rodeo, had a few accidents, and despite wearing protective gear, he was exposed to the chemicals. He now has Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and tumors on 80% of his body. Lee has a wife and two children and is not expected, by his doctors, to live longer than two years.

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The Beginning of The END of the Chemical Era


Screen_Shot_2018-08-10_at_5.12.19_PM.pngDewayne "Lee" Johnson, a school pesticide applicator with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, WINS his lawsuit against Monsanto! The jury (God Bless them) awarded Johnson 289.2 million dollars! 4000 other plaintiffs are waiting to sue Monsanto and 10,0000 are expected by the end of the year. Surely this decision has Bayer, who now owns Monsanto, reconsidering whether or not to continue to sell glyphosate-based products.

This is a huge win for humanity! Corporations around the world now get that they must take responsibility for the impact of their products! 

Watch the verdict here: 

US Court demands that the EPA must ban chlorpyrifos in 60 days! Chlorpyrifos, a chemical sprayed on food crops, is a known neurotoxin, especially to children, and was supposed to be banned last year. But the ban was revoked by the current administration. Coincidentally, the ban dismissal was enacted after Trump held a meeting with the CEO of Dow, the manufacturers of the chemical, who gave a 1.2 million dollar donation to his campaign. At Moms Across America, we believe that no matter who we vote for, what our political inclinations are, that every public figure has a responsibility to protect our children. This behavior is reprehensible, and we are glad that the courts have the power to reverse that decision and reinstate the ban. We simply cannot allow big business to harm our little kids.

Transcripts of the closing arguments here.

Johnson's lawyer's slides here.


Also, in the news is Monsanto on trial and Robert F. Kennedy Jr - one of the lawyers suing Monsanto for the link to Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Watch his stellar interview here.

We are so glad he addressed all the health issues we moms have been talking about for years now - and that the media is covering this issue!!!!

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Monsanto Trial Closing Statements

Screen_Shot_2018-08-08_at_2.52.53_PM.pngYesterday was a fascinating, infuriating, inspiring, and extremely complicated day. The closing statements of the Johnson v Monsanto trial were the lawyers final chance to persuade the jury to either hold Monsanto accountable for not labeling their product as a carcinogen ( leading to John's non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma) or believe the chemical company when they say their products are safe. Watch the NBC news coverage which includes  Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America!

In the packed San Franciso courtroom, Johnson's lawyer, Brent Wisner did an excellent job of showing that:

  1. Monsanto's Roundup and RangerPro can promote cancer and cause tumor growth.

  2. Monsanto knew this well before Johnson called them to ask if exposure could be connected to his lesions...and yet the doctor responsible failed to return his call.

  3. Monsanto failed to warn consumers with label or safety precautions.

To see the video recap of my interview on Facebook LIVE with Kelly Ryerson of who has attended every day of the trial, click here.

To see some of the choice soundbites from the trial, follow Zen on Twitter:

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New Studies EPA Must Consider in Glyphosate Review

The EPA still has yet to deliver their decision on whether to renew glyphosate for another 15 years or revoke its license. They have been "reviewing" glyphosate for over 10 years.

We continue to remind the EPA of their responsibility to include real science and to protect people and animals, not the profits of the corporations. Here is a recent letter to the EPA. Feel free to use the links to tell your local officials that they need to discontinue the use of glyphosate herbicides.

Dear EPA Pesticide Review Board,

In light of recent studies, we are looking forward to your review of glyphosate-based herbicides (GBH) resulting in the refusal of the license of glyphosate.

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South Koreans Take Stand Against GMOs

South Koreans Collaborate with Japan and USA Groups to Raise GMO Health Risk Awareness

By Zen Honeycutt, Moms Across America

Korea_panel.jpgJuly 19, 2018 in Seoul, South Korea, for the first time, South Koreans hosted a Tri-Lateral Korea-US-Japan Symposium on the Consumer Right to Know GMO Labeling System.  Over 200 gathered, including grassroots leaders, professors, food producers, concerned citizens, and National Assemblymen to discuss the health risks of GMOs and GMO labeling. South Korea has good reason to be concerned, they are the world’s largest importer of GMOs for human consumption and the health conditions of their citizens are skyrocketing.

South Korea has the highest recorded rates of pervasive developmental delays in the world. South Korea’s rates of autism are also extremely high, the last reported rates were 2 X higher than US autism rates in 2012. The rates of both autism and pervasive development delays correlate with the high amounts of agrochemicals used per unit in the relatively small countries of Japan and South Korea. The ingestion of chemicals due to agrochemical farming has not been of concern for the past two decades, but speakers at the conference discussed studies released over the past 5 years that show serious harm from GMOs and the most widely used glyphosate herbicides in the world. 80% of GMOs are engineered to withstand Monsanto’s flagship Roundup product (glyphosate herbicide), which is now used generically in over 750 brands around the world and has been linked to cancer, liver disease, and many health risks. The destruction of gut bacteria, which glyphosate has been shown to cause, has been linked to autism-like symptoms in rats. Reproductive changes due to the hormonal impact of glyphosate can also lead to developmental delays. New studies showing glyphosate herbicides' impact on the second generation of female rats, impacting fertility, point to great concern regarding the possible link to Korea's low birth rate as well.


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Impossible Burger: Vat’s Where It’s At

Article by Kathleen Furey

Impossible BurgerMillennial Appeal

Millennials who’ve watched Cowspiracy, or are health conscious and motivated to explore a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, are targeted to save the planet by eating this "low-impact” food. Designed to convert meat eaters to a “plant based” i burger, it can now be ordered as a meat alternative at restaurants in many cities around the US. But, what is The Impossible Burger made of?

Nowhere do they claim that Impossible Burger ingredients are USDA Certified Organic. One look at the Impossible Burger package ingredients list tells any well-educated eater why: wheat, potato proteins, coconut oil, “other nutrients”, natural flavors and 2% or less of the following: leghemoglobin (soy), yeast extract, salt, soy protein isolate, konjac gum, xanthan gum, thiamin (vitamin B1), zinc, niacin, vitamin B6, riboflavin (vitamin B2), and vitamin B12. Many ingredients such as soy, potatoes, and several others, are genetically engineered (GMO) in a lab. GMO food products in the US today require no package label to identify them.

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Monsanto Trial Opening Statements

Dear Friends,

My impressions of the "Monsanto Trial of the Century" opening statements in the case of Monsanto vs a school groundskeeper dying of cancer, (yesterday in SF) are:


It was a memorable day of high drama, mixed with hard times of having to sit still in absolute quiet (not easy for me). The room was filled with journalists and reporters, expert scientific and medical witnesses listening to every word, curious attorneys there to observe, the supportive and loving family of the cancer victim, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. with the Baum, Hedlund and Associates law firm, filling the front row. There were 5 Monsanto attorneys at the right, front tables.

Sweetly, there was a handsome teenager in the row behind the front row, who looked to be RFK, Jr’s son, with the gorgeous Kennedy head of hair, and Kennedy promise and heart. I believe that he may carry on the Kennedy legacy.

There was a wall of cameras, which met us in the hall, as no filming was allowed in the courtroom, and the Court TV costs $500 to watch(!).

After getting up at 4 a.m. to drive to SF, with Kat Furey and Rouhi Akbari thru thick traffic, it was hard for me to sit from 9:30 to 4. We had 2 5-minute breaks and 1½ hours for a wonderful GF SF lunch at Sweet Maple. I am so glad that I was able to go to this "Trial of the Century."

I felt sorry for the jury who must endure many many days of high drama and grinding boredom, sitting and listening stolidly. True heroes.

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Get Glyphosate off the Shelves and More...Updates

Screen_Shot_2018-07-09_at_7.21.07_AM.pngSaturday, July 7, 2018, was the day that all products containing glyphosate in California were supposed to have a WARNING label as a carcinogen due to being listed on the CA Prop 65 carcinogen list. Monsanto sued and temporarily stopped the 30-year practice of labeling chemicals on the list. And yet...the judge agreed to keep glyphosate on the Prop 65 carcinogen list. So he acknowledges glyphosate is harmful...but the public doesn't need to know?

We think everyone deserves to know! And these products should not be sold to the public!

Will you call Home Depot and Loews today and ask them to stop selling Roundup due to its carcinogenic effects?
Let them know that glyphosate is listed on the CA EPA Prop 65 carcinogen list but as of July 7, 2018, it is not properly labeled as a carcinogen and therefore we are asking them to remove it from their shelves. Feel free to tell them about Dwayne Johnson, father of two young boys, who is dying of cancer and has sued Monsanto for not properly labeling glyphosate as a carcinogen. Over 10,000 people are also expected to sue Monsanto by the end of the year. 
Home Depot 800-466-3337 press 7, 5 (customer care) Email
Lowes 1-704-758-1000 press 3  Email
I just called and both customer care reps took the call very seriously.

If you go into Home Depot or Lowes, or any retailer selling Roundup, please speak up, tell the manager, or write a note to the manager. Let them know that the independent science shows that they are contributing to cancer if they continue selling Roundup and glyphosate-based products. Ask them nicely to stop selling them.

Thank you!

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