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Gene Therapy in Our Food Supply? A Fight Begins in the "Show Me" State

by Sandra Knauf

I wish the tweet posted on April 1st by attorney-activist Tom Renz was an April Fool's Day joke. Like so much else going on these days, it wasn't.

It read: "BREAKING NEWS: the lobbyists for the cattleman and pork associations in several states have CONFIRMED they WILL be using mRNA vaccines in pigs and cows THIS MONTH. WE MUST SUPPORT #Missouri #HB1169. It is LITERALLY the ONLY chance we have to prevent this..."

The mRNA "vaccines" are, as we know, not vaccines at all but "gene therapy," a euphemism created and defined by the FDA as "a technique that modifies a person's genes to treat or cure disease." 

Missouri House Bill 1169 was introduced by recently-elected Representative Holly Jones. Renz describes it as "simple, two pages, and it's a only a transparency and disclosure [bill]."

The bill has three simple elements that ensure Missourians retain the ability to their own own health choices. It requires: 1) the labeling and disclosure of products that contain gene therapy components; 2) disclosure of the product's potential in spreading the gene therapy through shedding, sexual contact, or other means; and 3) informed consent, which means that, as with any pharmaceutical product, the consumer would have information on all potential adverse side effects of the product.

Currently, no states require disclosure or informed consent.

In a Daily Clout video of Renz and author/Rhodes scholar Dr. Naomi Wolf talking about the details of the bill, Wolf describes Renz as "being on the leading edge of many liberty-based lawsuits." They speculate (and I agree) that the intent of these products appears to be to incorporate gene therapy throughout the food supply. As Wolf states, "The vaccine rollout is now a now they'll go to Plan B and try to get it into our bodies with the food supply."

The fight against this labeling has been intense. "This has become the most contentious bill in Missouri history," he says. Renz says the bill is being opposed by the lobbyists for big agriculture. He speculates that since big pharma can't say it's anti-disclosure it has to use other tactics, opposing bills and going to lobbyists for help in shutting this kind of legislation down.

Furthermore, Renz says that this incorporation of genetic therapy into food has been planned for decades and that there are documents from NIH (National Institutes of Health) from 2002 that reveal plans to integrate gene therapy into the food supply.

Although the Missouri bill deals with pork and beef, it's not only meat that can be used as a delivery system for mRNAs technology. Edible plants such as tubers, fruits, grains, and leafy greens (potatoes, bananas, lettuce, tomatoes, and rice, to name a few that are being altered) can deliver this gene-altering material as well. These kinds of foods are also on their way into our food supply via our dinner (or restaurant, or school lunch) plates. You can read all about it in a 2013 NIH paper published on the history and technology of "edible vaccines."

I found it interesting to read in Becker's Hospital Review that the only ingestible vaccine that I knew of, the oral polio vaccine, had been removed over 20 years ago because of safety concerns. "The U.S. pulled the oral vaccine off shelves in 2000 because it uses a live, weakened strain of polio. In rare cases, the strain can mutate into a virulent form. The U.S. currently uses the inactivated polio vaccine, meaning it contains a virus that cannot replicate, mutate or cause disease." Ironically (or not!), this recent (October, 2022) article stated that the CDC was considering bringing this vaccine back into use.

Of course, the edible Frankenfood "gene therapy" products, foreign to anything created in the natural world and completely foreign to our human bodies, have had no long-term safety studies.

Representative Holly Jones, who put forth the labeling and disclosure bill in Missouri, shared with me earlier this week that there is pending legislation in Tennessee, Idaho, North Dakota, and Arizona.

Lawmakers on the front lines and others who are fighting for our rights to make our healthcare choices need our help, and it's time to cross the red and blue divide. As Dr. Wolf states in the full 35-minute interview with Renz: "We will not be able to fight unless we [left wing and right wing] come together for liberty vs. tyranny."

If this type of legislation is passed, it can have a global effect, and it must as so much of our food is produced in other countries.

So, get involved! Go to BillCam HB1169 and share on social media. Vote on it up or down. Call your representatives and make calls to out-of-state legislators too. Let them know you are watching, participating, and will not tolerate gene therapy in the food supply without your fully-informed consent--consent that they will be hard-pressed to ever receive.

Dr. Wolf also offers help in getting a bill developed in your home state."We at Daily Clout are able to ask you to create a draft bill that is just a template," she says, "and we can ask our friends, legislators all over the country to get behind and sponsor this draft bill." She said they will talk to anyone interested in doing this offline.

  • Find your U.S. Representatives here. Once you find your U.S. Representative, you will be able to go to their webpage to contact them by email, find the contact information for their local office, and find an online form to request an in-person meeting.
  • Learn more about visiting your Congressional Representative here.

Other Important Actions to Stop mRNA "Vaccines"

This issue, like all others we are facing, is interconnected with other regulatory affronts and demands being pushed and often implemented without the public's support or approval. Our awareness and participation are mandatory to change this.

Currently, R-CALF USA, which is the true voice of independent cattlemen and sheep raisers in the U.S., is in the process of formulating their written "against" position on mRNA contamination of our food supply. Currently, R-CALF is also opposing mandatory NAIS (National Animal Identification System) concerns and says that is their top concern at the moment. The NAIS is linked to the mRNA vaccine, because according to R-CALF if NAIS is not stopped it will not only eliminate the independent family farmers from the food production chain but allow mRNA injections into our food to be the next step implemented.

To read more on this and other issues affecting our food supply visit and to offer support, visit their website.

Another entity to share your voice with now is the Global Animal Partnership.This is an organization that protects our food through levels of certification, all of which incorporate "No antibiotics, ever/No added growth hormones/No animal by-products/Every farm 3rd party audited every 15 months." You can find their beef standards webpage here. The complete standards on beef, a 26-page PDF, can be read here.

You can also contact Michelle Arsenault - [email protected] - 202-720-0081 at the NOSB (National Organic Standards Board).  They are having their next meeting on 4/18/23.

In regard to the mRNA vaccinations, we are told that it is important to provide professional commentary and urge the creation of standards that addressthis issue prior to the Global Animal Partnership's next Standards meeting, which will be soon. The person to contact personally with commentary is Kira in Administration; she will then transfer the emails to comments for the meeting. She can be reached by emailing [email protected].

GOOD NEWS UPDATE: Engagement Matters!

When I last connected with Missouri Rep. Holly Jones (April 5th) she said the bill (HB1169) wasn't going to go forward as it was stuck in committee and there weren't enough votes. They were going to rewrite it. On BillCam that day there were under 20 votes for the bill and many fewer against. Thanks to the engagement of citizens and the work of citizen journalists today (April 12th) there are over 4791 votes FOR the bill (from the public)! Only 153 against. Please follow @RenzTom on Twitter to stay updated on this and other important topics and please engage with all the bills (giving them your up and down votes) at https://billcam.dailyclout.

Sandra is a writer and publisher, author of Greenwoman Magazine and Please Don't P*ss on the Petunias: Raising Kids, Crops, and Critters in the City.

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