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Bayer's $2 Billion Dollar Headache Affects Us All


You must have heard about the $2 billion dollar win for our cause via the Pilliod v Monsanto trial by now. It's everywhere. It's glorious. We celebrate this tremendous win! And we wish to remind the public of what is really going on here. Some things are simply not being mentioned in the media.

Moms Across America asked nicely. We went to the Monsanto (now owned by Bayer) shareholders' meeting and asked 1,000 shareholders and the entire board of directors to "change direction, away from this toxic treadmill of chemical cocktails." I asked for them to consider the job security of their employees, pointing out that a business plan which includes poison is not a viable long-term plan, and that many could lose their jobs. Other moms like Anne Temple also asked them to "mitigate the inevitable litigation," to protect their own shareholder value, and to stop selling Roundup and glyphosate herbicides now.


They ignored us.


They belittled us.


And they funded movies and shills to discredit us.


Even though we were "just moms," the attacks were vicious.

My mother has always encouraged me to see the good in people. However, the former CEO Hugh Grant, and CTO Rob Fraley made that challenge pretty much impossible for me. (Sorry, Mom.) Their choice to not only continue to sell glyphosate herbicides, but to promote toxic Dicamba infuriated me, mothers, and families across the nation. Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, Syngenta (where I also spoke at shareholders' meetings or met with directors) also refused to listen to us. They continue to sell poison to line their pockets with profits. They continue to conceal the science which shows their wrong doings. They continue to do business without integrity. And that's why they will fail. Their businesses will fall if they continue doing what they are doing.


But before they do, though, we all are and will continue to be impacted.


It's not just the plaintiffs in some distant city that have been affected. Yes, everyday Americans are spraying glyphosate herbicides like Roundup on their driveways and backyards, and our wildlife and marine life are being aerial sprayed with this poison. And we are all also eating glyphosate herbicides. The amount of glyphosate in our foods has been proven to cause liver disease, to be neurotoxic, disrupt sex hormones, cause organ damage, miscarriages, contribute to cancer and more.


Every day, we EAT this poison. Our children eat glyphosate herbicides in their cereal, eggs, oats, wheat, beans, soy, corn, and thousands of foods. Their gut microbiomes are being destroyed by glyphosate herbicides and their immune systems are weakening...making a whole generation of children sicker than ever recorded in human history.


Our babies and pregnant mothers are also being INJECTED with glyphosate in vaccines. In vaccines! Yes... glyphosate is in vaccines because the ingredients are either GMO (with glyphosate resides) or made from animals that eat GMOs sprayed with glyphosate, and the glyphosate accumulates in the animals. For instance, pig tendons are made into gelatin and put into vaccines, which then acts as a stabilizing agent for the live viruses. The MMR vaccine, a live vaccine, had the highest amount of glyphosate in our test results.


One way glyphosate functions is that it breaks down the blood-brain barrier, allowing other environmental toxins, such as aluminum and mercury, in vaccines into the brain. Studies have shown that children with autism and adults with Alzheimer's have higher levels of aluminum in particular parts of their brains. Some vaccines contain up to 500 mcg of aluminum. The FDA’s safety limit is 4–5 μg/kg/day. No wonder there is "vaccine hesitancy" making the headlines.

These facts about eating and being injected with glyphosate, however, are not being mentioned in the trials and they are not being mentioned in the news.


But they are happening.


So we have won this battle, and will continue to win these battles...but the war on our food supply and health freedom is far bigger than the one on our school grounds and backyards. Because this is not just about long term exposure, or someone else. This is right now.


These trials are about you, me, all of us – the health of our nation and our planet. Those living today and future generations.


We must demand that glyphosate is removed from the marketplace and that organic weed killers, mulch, permaculture, or steam is used instead. We must also demand that the license of glyphosate is revoked so that farmers can no longer use this or any toxic chemicals on our food supply and this toxic chemical herbicide cannot make its way into our food, water, breast milk, cotton sanitary products, and vaccines.

We know it seems naive to ask that farmers simply stop spraying these harmful synthetic herbicides and pesticides. We know that they think we don't know what we are asking for, that it's impossible. But what they don't see is that nothing is impossible to a mother who is protecting her child. No task is too big, no ask is too hard. If something needs to be done to protect our children, well, dammit, you just do it.

Kind of like matter how painful it is, there is no going move forward, give birth to that new future and care for it with it with love, compassion, and integrity. That's how a child, a business, an economy, and a country grows.



This press release is from the law firm that took on this giant corporation...and won.

All of us...we who are "just" moms...thank them from the bottom of our hearts, for holding the to account when they would not take responsibility for themselves.


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  • Patty Hilton
    commented 2019-05-18 09:41:05 -0400
    Thank You @ZenHoneycut for everything You and Mom’s Across America do for Our Children, for All of Us ! You are All A Force To Be Recond With! ✊💪💖💞
  • Patty Hilton
    commented 2019-05-18 09:24:27 -0400
    Bayer/Monsanto does not care about Our Children or the Future Generation’s of the World! They only care about their Profits, the Almighty Dollar $$$$ ! Bayer could have done the right thing and pulled it from the market, to show the World they Cared about Peoples Health, the Health of the World, Cut Their Loses! But, they refused and instead went on a campaign to destroy anyone that spoke up against them! They Bribed Government Officials, They Bought their way into Everything, Everywhere, Destroying Our Children’s Health, Our Health and Future Generations Health! Bayer/Monsanto knew what they were doing and they didn’t care, they still don’t care about you or I!

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