What Level of Glyphosate is "Safe"?

California Guild & Moms Across America URGENT Call to ACTION!!!


CA EPA is holding a public hearing to determine amount of "safe" GLYPHOSATE exposures on CA PROP 65 Toxics List  Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Proposed level is 1100 micrograms No Significant Risk Level (NSRL)  to glyphosate ( an ingredient in RoundUp), on the State’s Prop 65 carcinogen list.  Studies show 1100 micrograms daily to be far too high an exposure level. In comparison chemical 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p -dioxin (TCDD), also on the Prop 65 list has a NSRL Of .000005 micrograms per day. Because glyphosate has been shown to bioaccumulate, and has been shown in the parts per trillion, to increase the growth of breast cancer cells, the reality is that there is no safe level.

Can you attend the hearing to support and/or speak on behalf of your family and the public?

June 7, 2017 Wednesday

12:30 seating, 1:00- 5:00pm hearing

California Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters Building,

Bryon Sher Auditorium - 1001 “I” Street - Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 322-2068

Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 322-2068



Can't be there?

Watch the live webcast!

LIVE HEARING WEBCAST: https://video.calepa.ca.gov/

Either way, make sure to let them know what you need to be safe, which is ZERO exposure to glyphosate!

Please comment and share!

PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD EXTENDED to JUNE 21, 2017 by 5:00 pm PT Sacramento, California

LINKS to Choose: CA State Website or Email to Comment (Please do not comment on both):

1) CA OEHHA Online Comments: https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65/comments/proposed-specific-regulatory-level-chemical-causing-cancer-glyphosate

2) Email CA OEHHA: Esther Barajas-Ochoa esther.barajas-ochoa@oehha.ca.gov

Include In Subject Line: “GLYPHOSATE NSRL”


If you can support people who want to travel to be at this hearing, especially scientists, doctors, and moms with children who have or have had cancer, please contact us info@momsacrossamerica.org  or Donate. Thank you!


Thank you again for all you do!


Zen and MAA Team

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  • commented 2017-09-24 17:32:13 -0700
    No levels are safe! Get poison out of our food supply! Out of our breastmilk! Out of our vaccines!!
  • commented 2017-06-12 13:28:31 -0700
    Zero Glyphosate is safe. Nothing more!!
  • commented 2017-06-11 08:48:03 -0700
    Let’s eliminate glyphosate in all of our food supply for people as well as animals
  • commented 2017-06-11 06:11:17 -0700
    So sick of being poisoned.. No poison is safe.
  • commented 2017-06-09 13:49:12 -0700
    NO MORE GLYPHOSATE IN OUR FOOD ! It is creating a generation of sick children who will grow up to be sick adults. There are safer ways to get rid of weeds.
  • commented 2017-06-07 05:55:31 -0700
    There is NO safe level of glyphosate. Please stand for no glyphosate in our foods. It is a known carcinogenic among other harmful/deadly things. As a medical professional, seeing patients who have to fight cancer and often die from it, knowing that we have a KNOWN carcinogenic in our food supply is absolutely horrid. Please do your part in changing this for our nation and our citizens. Not only will ridding our food of this toxin/carcinogenic help public health and overall wellbeing, it will also help with the alarmingly increasing co-morbidities that we are seeing in our hospitals, thus affecting the state of healthcare in our nation. Thank you.
  • commented 2017-06-06 20:01:02 -0700
    We are as pure as the water around us. We are 70-80% water. Water that comes from drinking, eating, breathing, and bathing. It’s safe to say we are as pure as the water around us. You need to replenish your water within 48 hours or you die. It’s our life blood. Think about the two words: “Common Sense” to me it means we all have a sense of something. Today our common senses have been taken over by corporations. They get your attention and then program your mind. We have common senses that tell us that we need pure water, and food with no poisons, air with no poisons. But we no longer use those common senses because corporate owned men in white suits have taken over for us. Now get back to watching TV, or facebook. and making money so you can buy more of our stuff. Wake up! Stand guard at the door to your attention. It’s yours. Don’t give it to everyone or everything that wants it. Slow down! We have been sped up too. They want you listening to 440hz music instead of 432hz. Research it. Disconnect from main stream media. For Gods sake! they have you paying them to program you. We have been removed from the earths frequency. Take an hour of your day when the sun " the life giving light in the sky" is shining. And get your skin on mother earth. Shut down your mind. It will be difficult at first, but the sun and energy change will make you feel great. The health benefits of that alone are tremendous, but it’s when you shut off your mind that common sense things start to appear. Change is now.
  • commented 2017-06-06 16:30:46 -0700
    Please stop poisoning our World ! I have had breast CANCER twice, now…and my Grt. Grand daughter was born with a tumor on her kidney ! She is not even two yet ! I wonder what Glyphosate does to mothers milk , baby number two will be born in a month !!! All young parents will have to sue this company,because money is all Monsanto knows about !
  • commented 2017-06-05 01:04:34 -0700
    I have fought and petitioned to label GMO’s, and the fact about them that is so often bypassed in debate is that the tragedy of modifying foods to accept and survive pesticide poisoning is that it enables and furthers and increases this non-sustainable profit motivated business model.
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