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Walk IN for Health Freedom

This week President Biden announced a federal mandate that will require employers with over 100 employees to require their workers to get the COVID vaccine, even though the clinical trials have yet to be completed. We find it outrageous that the members of Congress and their staff are exempt from the mandate while hardworking Americans now face losing their jobs or getting an experimental injection (although the FDA approved one vaccine, the trials will not be completed until between 2022-2024) regardless of their personal decision or individual genetic disposition.

At Moms Across America, most of us have children with chronic health issues. On that journey, many of us have had to go through extensive and expensive genetic testing to sort out the factors contributing to their issues. 

If there is anything that we have learned about health, it is the following:

  • Every person has a unique genetic disposition
  • Many people, up to 50% (1 in 3 Chinese women, 1 in 4 Caucasians), have gene mutations like the MTHFR genes that can lead to impaired ability to detox toxins. And they cannot afford genetic testing
  • The inability to detox toxins such as those found in food, polluted air and water, and vaccines can harm people
  • Some of that harm can be lifelong or life-threatening

For these health reasons, and many other moral, religious, and ethical reasons, Moms Across America does not support mandating ANY medical procedure, especially ones that have already been shown to harm over 1.4 million people and are not effective in the transmission or contraction of a disease.

Many are considering a WALK-OUT Wednesday action, and it is important to stick together for personal health freedom.

If you have had enough of the mandates and government intrusion into our health decisions you can join also the #ENOUGH movement to connect with others who feel the same.

We also ask you to consider a WALK-IN.


Walk into your coworker's office and ask them if you can talk about this mandate. Tell them how you feel and ask them what their thoughts are. Ask if they will stand up for their job and refuse to be forced to risk their health.

Walk into your Human Resources Department and tell them (if you do) how much you love your job, or how much you need it, and how you feel about the mandate. If you can walk in as a group, even better, but if not do it anyway. Ask them what the cost is of replacing workers like you. Ask them about the cost of retraining and the potential loss of revenue during the time of bridging the gap. Is it more than the $13,900 fine per infraction? It is possible that your company will see the benefit of paying the fine. But you need to ask them to.

Walk into your boss's office and tell them how you feel about the mandates and what it will do to your family if you lose your job. Remind them that without good health, you cannot do your job. You are healthy now. Getting the virus has about a 99.8% survival rate.  The odds are that the injection will put your long-term health and capability at greater risk than the virus. Ask if they can stand up for the people who chose to or cannot get the injection due to health or other reasons. 

Now is the time to HAVE the COURAGE to speak to the people making decisions that affect you and speak with compassion and confidence.

Now is the time to create a bridge of connection between one side and the other.

Because in the middle, where we meet, is a place called agreement and alignment for one thing- and that is the desire to be healthy and live a long, happy life with our loved ones. Appeal to that. We all want that.

We are justified in being angry about the mandates. Even those who support these COVID MRNA injections 100% are aware that this is extreme government overreach and fear what is next. Our democracy is being eroded before our eyes. And it is understandable to be angry. But is being angry effective in communication and getting what we want?

We suggest that making your bosses and policymakers wrong right now will only have them make you, and what you are trying to communicate, WRONG. They will dig their heels in to be right, and you will not get what you want.

So we ask you to have the courage to WALK IN and speak to the people in power of the positions at your company with the intention of partnership and kindness.

And then, also remember that YOU are the person in power over your life and your decisions. 

It's time to be CREATIVE about what your Plan B might be. When you start to get creative, imagine alternatives, think of options that you may have considered not doable before, you may realize that Plan B is actually Plan A. You may find that you are invigorated to create a new adventure for your family and a new career that excites you. You may find that losing your job was how you gained your freedom and the confidence to do what you really want to do in life.

Whatever happens, we ask you to have faith that you will make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Join us on our Monday Night Moms Connect Call, where we will discuss this issue and have a special announcement. The link will be sent out Monday to all those who subscribe to our email alerts.

With Love and Unity,

Zen Honeycutt and Moms Across America

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