Updates November 2016 - Moms Across America

Updates November 2016

To all our Friends who donated to support Standing Rock,

130 people donated over $10,000!
Please see the updated action page on our website with the video report on our trip to North Dakota. You can also see the full supply list of what has been donated with your support. 
We are so grateful to know such generous, caring people. Thank you for being you!!!
If you are thinking of going to Standing Rock, please read this first, and please go if you can, they need support!

Volunteers sort the donations.

Help Defund DAPL

If hundreds of thousands of people take their money out of the banks that are funding the Dakota Access Pipeline (put it in a local credit union) perhaps they will pull their money out too! The Norwegian Bank has already pulled 120 million dollars out. Now is the time. The Energy TRansfers Partners have a deadline of Jan 1 for oil to be in the pipelines.


Watch a video from Lakota Law on Standing Rock


Widespread Glyphosate Contamination Confirmed


After initiating testing for glyphosate in urine, tap water and breast milk three years ago, seeing the low levels in water and the high levels in a few food tests after that, we could ascertain that glyphosate is in pretty much everything we eat.  We know that the EPA allows high levels of glyphosate on 158 food and feed crops, and we know that glyphosate based herbicides are used as a drying agent before harvest on many crops such as sugar, wheat, corn, soy, barley, hops, dried peas, beans and legumes. The widespread contamination of glyphosate in our food was confirmed recently by independent testing and the results are alarming. See the article here.

Celebrate HUGE WINs!


The National Organic Standards Board has denied Carageenan from being in organic food!

They have also banned new GMO technology such as Gene Drives/CRISPR from being in organic food!

This is a huge win for our movement and we thank everyone who signed the petitions we circulated, who made comments and especially Cornucopia and the Organic Consumers Association for working so hard on this!

THANK YOU everyone for your donations to support Moms Across America and for being partners with us in creating healthy communities!

With Love and Best Wishes for a Peaceful Holiday!

Zen and MAA Team

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