Turning Down the Dial on Wireless Radiation in Schools: The Science, Symptoms, Solutions & the Legal Imperative to Protect our Children – Free Webinar - Moms Across America

Turning Down the Dial on Wireless Radiation in Schools: The Science, Symptoms, Solutions & the Legal Imperative to Protect our Children – Free Webinar

Join the Movement to Protect Children from Wireless Harms in Schools! This event is not limited to North Carolina residents; we encourage concerned citizens from all states to participate and be inspired to raise awareness of wireless harms in schools nationwide.

Free, Live Webinar on Tuesday, September 26th
11:00 a.m. – 12:30 pm Eastern Time
Followed by Q & A from 12:30 – 1:00pm

Register at this link:
or visit SafeTechNC.org’s News

Attention North Carolina residents: In order to assure great attendance by school policy makers statewide, we hope you will attend one of our two Zoom meetings to get organized:

  1. This Fri, 9/8 at 9:00am. Zoom Meeting ID: 893 9490 4002 Passcode: 284954 Call: 301-715-8592 or use this Zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89394904002?pwd=NmxhZDJNdFo4Y2pQd1FLZHd6aFRHQT09
  2. Wed, 9/13 at 6:30pm. Zoom link will be posted on our Facebook page and website by 9/11.

If you can’t attend our meetings, here are some easy ways to help, in advance of the webinar on the 26th:

  1. Share this flier with a local principal or school board member.
  2. Attach one page of science from any of the attached studies – whatever is most important to you.
  3. Add a short, hand-written note to encourage their attendance and how much you care about children’s safety.

These small actions can make a big difference and will take only about 15 minutes of your time.

The Harms of Wireless Technology in Schools

Concerns about the effects of wireless technology on our children's health have gained mountains of supporting evidence, linking the RF to cancer and a myriad of health risks. According to a report from Children's Health Defense, who successfully sued the Federal Communications Commission to update their safety guidelines on wireless radiation, there is a growing movement for the removal of cell towers near schools. The potential risks associated with wireless radiation in educational settings have sounded alarm bells among parents, educators, and healthcare professionals. Be part of that movement!

The webinar features a lineup of esteemed experts:

Take Action Nationwide

We are already making progress in one North Carolina public school district, thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers. The more people who express concerns, the more likely these leaders will listen and respond. We invite you to be part of this crucial movement to protect our children's health and education.

Join us on September 26th for a webinar that promises to be both informative and inspiring. Let's turn down the dial on wireless radiation in schools and ensure a safe and healthy environment for our children. Together, we can make a difference!

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