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Top Ten Reasons NOT to Mandate the COVID Vaccine

Letter to Governors

Top Ten Reasons NOT to Mandate the COVID Vaccine And Support an Individual’s Right to Health Freedom

Moms Across America supporters are reporting increased rumors of states like Washington state and Virginia Governors considering issuing mandates for the pending COVID Vaccine. This is a dangerous idea for many reasons. Americans from every state need to take action now, to prevent vaccine mandates in any state for any virus, especially this rushed and risky COVID vaccine. Please see our letter below and join our campaign to every Governor in America today. Thank you!

Dear Governors,

As a voter and human being that values my health and the health of my family and our community, I submit the following ten reasons why you should absolutely NOT mandate the COVID vaccine or any vaccine. I am asking you to respond to me and make a public statement that you will NOT mandate the vaccine, but instead encourage the residents of our state to take steps to boost their immune system naturally, eat healthy foods, exercise, and reduce exposure to immune system destroying chemicals. Your support of the states' rights and individual rights is crucial to uphold the democracy of our country and the future success of every family in America.

  1. USA Constitutional and State Individual Rights - Our United States constitution is filled with support for an individual’s right to health and the pursuit of happiness. Our state constitution also supports these rights. Compromising a person’s health by forcing vaccine injections into their body that have been shown to cause irreversible damage violates their ability to pursue health or happiness. Thousands of children have had their futures robbed from them; they are dependent on their parents or the state for the rest of their lives. They cannot speak, feed themselves, or have an occupation due to documented vaccine damage. How many more of our state’s residents will be stricken with harm and dependent on the state if you mandate this or any vaccine?

  2. Violation of Human Rights - The international Nuremberg agreement clearly states that “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” Mandating any medical treatment, especially those that have not been proven safe or effective for a person of that genetic disposition, (making the administration of that medicine an experiment) violates this agreement.

  3. Lack of Safety - Many of the allowed vaccine adjuvant ingredients are known toxins and, even in small amounts, can be fatal. Babies are currently exposed to 4,925 mcg of aluminum through vaccines and yet the FDA says more than 25 mcg is toxic. Studies have shown higher levels of aluminum, for instance, in the brains of children with autism and elderly patients with Alzheimer’s. Millions of children and adults (especially Asian, African, and Hispanic descendants) have genetic dispositions (mutated MTHFR genes), such as stated by Kaiser Permanente, that can make them less able to detox toxins. Has the COVID vaccine been made without aluminum, formaldehyde, squalene, Polysorbate 80, and other toxins? Do you know? If you or any Governor does not know, how could you or anyone mandate an injection of these possible ingredients?

  4. Harmful Contaminants - Numerous childhood vaccines screened for glyphosate weed killer were all found to be positive for this harmful chemical. It is believed that the weed killer enters through the pig tendon-derived (GMO/glyphosate residues on the grain feed) gelatin. In addition, harmful cancer-causing retroviruses have been detected in some vaccines. Have the new COVID vaccines been made without animal tissue that contains retroviruses such as mouse retrovirus XMRV? Have the COVID vaccine ingredients been sourced from non-GMO/pesticide-free-fed animal-derived ingredients, and have they been shown to be free of retroviruses? If you or any Governor does not know, and if the COVID vaccine is contaminated, who is responsible for harm that comes to our residents if you mandate it?

  5. GMOs - Early testing of CRISPR and RNAi genetic manipulation has shown thousands of off-target mutations. This is extremely concerning in relation to injections in pregnant women, newborns, and developing children. New attempts at a CRISPR vaccine with multi-generation effects are simply not proven to be safe, and parents do not want their children to be the guinea pigs. Has the COVID vaccine been made without genetically altered ingredients, gene editing, or RNAi manipulation? If so, who is responsible for any potential genetic mutations that occur in our family members as a result?

  6. Too Many Vaccines! - The number of vaccines has skyrocketed since the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Act released vaccine manufacturers from liability from harm from their products. Vaccine manufacturers are now making trillions of dollars more in profit from vaccines than when we were children. As children, many of us received 3 or 7 shots, including boosters. Today's children receive 69 doses if they follow the recommended CDC schedule. Some 6-month-old babies receive 6 different shots containing 9 diseases in one sitting...and die or lose their bodily functions within hours or days. No studies have been conducted on the synergistic effects of the impact of the ingredients of multiple injections, especially not into our most vulnerable babies, pregnant women, or elderly. Have the new COVID vaccine ingredients been tested in conjunction with the 69 other doses our children receive? No. How can anyone suggest safety if so?

  7. Lack of Saline Placebo Testing - Informed parents now know that there has been very limited saline placebo testing on any vaccines. There is only one study that we are currently aware of and it did not show good outcomes for the vaccinated population. Vaccines are being tested with other vaccines as the placebo, vaccines that contain nearly the same ingredients instead of a neutral saline placebo. The lack of true safety testing has parents suspicious of the CDC's true motives - is it to protect the vaccine manufacturers? Has independent double-blind saline placebo testing been conducted on the COVID-19 vaccine? Have those results been made available to the public?

  8. Frightening Results in Preliminary COVID Vaccine Trials - Only a few months into testing, the results from several vaccine manufacturers worldwide, show a considerable reason for alarm. 100% of test subjects, (who were extraordinarily healthy) had side effects after the second dose of the Moderna COVID vaccine. Subjects have contracted Transverse Myelitis and other serious side effects, and some, in Korea and now Brazil, have even died.  Additionally, the trial participants are already the “healthiest” Americans due to the lengthy exclusion criteria. This means that the 60% of Americans and 54% of children already living with at least one chronic disease will have no safety profile prior to getting the vaccine, ultimately making them unknowing trial participants. This is not a vaccine that should be administered to our most crucial front-line workers or anyone, for that matter, when such consistent side effects are present. We hope you exercise precaution and support choice along with our personal freedoms.

  9. Lack of Efficacy and Herd Immunity - It is well known that flu vaccines (coronavirus is in the flu family) have been between 3 - 50% effective (on average 19%) due to the mutation of the flu virus. It has been reported that the COVID-19 virus has already mutated hundreds of times. Even if 95% of the population was vaccinated, with a 20-30% efficacy rate on average, reaching herd immunity is an impossibility. Therefore, mandating the COVID vaccine to obtain herd immunity is a mathematical impossibility, and not worth the risk of harm. No preliminary data supports that the COVID-19 vaccine will be effective and only 42% of Americans are reporting they are willing to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Would you support healthy, immune system-boosting lifestyle choices, losing weight, and exercising along with homeopathic vaccines, without toxic ingredients, as viable alternatives?

  10. Corruption - Pharmaceutical companies claim that the CDC regulates vaccines for safety. The CDC claims that the responsibility of safety is up to the manufacturers. The CDC continually refuses to take action to make vaccines safer, as pointed out in the movie 1986: The Act which showed that with an increased cost of just 1 penny per vaccine the MMR vaccine could have been made safer. Over 4 billion dollars have been paid out by the government for vaccine harm, much of this harm from the MMR vaccine. The CDC refuses to enforce this minor change. Why? Perhaps because the CDC board members own 56 vaccine patents. Politicians who may try to convince you to mandate the vaccine have also likely received millions from pharmaceutical companies or front groups. Until it is enforced that no CDC member benefits from the sales of vaccines, and no politician may be receiving funding from vaccine manufacturers, I hope you agree that state policies should not support a mandate of those products.

I write to you to ask you to make a public statement that you will honor the individual rights of your state’s residents and NOT mandate the COVID vaccine. It is too rushed, too risky, and too ineffective. Exercising the Precautionary Principle is the wisest and most responsible decision, and your obligation to those who elected you to the office of Governor of our great state is far greater than your duty to any misinformed politician or pharmaceutical representative that might try to persuade you otherwise. 

Thank you for your consideration.

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