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The Power of US

In the worst of times, we have the opportunity to be the best of humanity.

What’s happening in the world right now is frightening. The health and economic impact of CoVid 19 is changing our everyday life in dramatic ways. In each moment things can the stock market plummets, funding for nonprofits like ours is cut, month to month contracts with consultants are halted, catering gigs are cancelled leaving food manufacturers with thousands of servings of food. Suddenly families need to sort out homeschooling as children are sent home for weeks or even a month or more. Life is in upheaval. We can react to it. Or with each moment choose to breath and create.

My mother often reminds me to take care of myself and says to me in times of stress...”Are you doing any deep breathing?” Good idea, Mom. Time for some deep breathing. Time to take a moment....and be compassionate to myself and others.

She also gently asks, “Have you been creative lately? You are so good at drawing and painting.” She knows I can choose to make life so much better for myself with just a few actions. And she is right.

Around the world, in this time of confusion and fear, many are being creative. An opera singer serenades his neighbor from a porch in Italy and brings tears to the eyes of millions around the world.

Keyboardists and saxophone players are transforming city streets into cathedral stages by bringing music to their communities.

Hundreds of people who might normally ignore each other on the streets are gazing at their neighbors with love in their hearts.

A personal trainer in Spain stood on a roof in the middle of a complex and gave an exercise class to hundreds of people, creating laughter and joy. Our communities are coming together, and we are learning, through our individual actions, the power of US.

Many are being compassionate as well. On the neighborhood app Nextdoor, people from many different neighborhoods are seeing dozens of offers to help the elderly with their grocery errands. One man in my neighborhood even shared a photo of himself with three bundles of toilet paper and offered to give one away.

People who have lived in the same neighborhood for decades and have never met are now meeting, giving each other their time, taking care of each other. Our communities are learning to deeply appreciate their neighbors.

One might need a moment to breath..and just take in the love and generosity or one might tear up and cry...ok I’ll be honest that’s me...tears come to my eyes just thinking about how awesome people can be.

So I ask you to consider, in the eye of the storm....will you take a moment to breath, to be compassionate, to be creative....and to be the best of humanity? Even the smallest thing - a smile, a heartfelt thanks to the postal deliverer, cashier, or garbage man/woman will make their day. I thank you for being a part of having this world be a loving and joyful matter what.

  1. Order take out from your favorite healthy restaurant to make sure they stay in business (and leave a healthy tip).

  2. Support your local Mom and Pop businesses as much as you can and thank them in a creative way.

  3. Don’t buy junk food now. To stay healthy (and not spread sickness) buy whole foods, fruit and veggies, and as much as possible, organic.

  4. Health practitioners recommend using natural immune boosters such as Elderberry, Colloidal Silver, Vitamins C and D, Selenium, Melatonin, Oregano Oil, and Olive Leaf Extract....and offer a bottle of your favorite to your elderly neighbor (with gloves on).

  5. And it’s ok folks, there is toilet paper. If you really do run out, order from a hotel supply of this writing they have stock.

We hope you have plenty of what really matters - peace, health, fortitude, creativity, laughter, and love.

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