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The Bold and Mighty Few

31 Million GMO meals are served each day to our children in public schools, paid for by government subsidies.

GMO foreign proteins, and the pesticides and herbicides that are sprayed on these foods (and on 160 other non organic foods' soil) are being fed to our children without safety testing, without labels and without conclusive proof that they are not linked to the skyrocketing rise of our children's health issues. 1 out of 3 of our children now have autism, allergies, asthma or auto immune disorders. 1 out of 2 children who are obese or have diabetes also have one of these additional A's. Scientist, doctors and farmers have linked these GMOs and chemicals to our children's health issues (plus miscarriage, infertility and birth defects)  in rats, pigs and most likely in humans in studies and papers ( see our blog for Samsel interviews or "Proof of GMO Harm" article).

What are we going to do about this?

A small but mighty band said ..."We are going to take on the food in the California schools. WE are going to do something about this."  Three MAA supporters went to the California School Nutrition Conference, where 1000 food directors and school officials go to decide which food will be served to our children next year. Three people said NOW is the time for our food directors to find out about GMOs and the possible health impact on our children. This is their story.


"It was beautiful weather in Palm Springs. Driving out there, it was raining, hard at times, all through Moreno Valley, Beaumont, and Banning. And I was thinking this was not a good sign. But once I got to Cabazon, the sky cleared, and it was GORGEOUS!!!!!

It was fun gathering at the Forever Marilyn statue. Not to be missed if you get out to Palm Springs (it's there only temporarily I was told). We were a band of THREE for today - small but mighty (Mike H., Don David Y., and me). We took photos with our "Moms Across America" banner (hand-painted by Sharon K.) in front of the Marilyn Monroe statue.


Then we headed over to the convention center and we handed out flyers, and put them under windshield wipers for cars on the public street.  Standing on the corner of a parking lot across the street from the convention center, we handed a lot of flyers directly to people. A few even stopped to chat and ask questions. 

One of the vendors I talked to told me this convention will be in Sacramento next year (not so handily close). We need to look at getting a booth, and maybe offering to be speakers for a panel explaining GMO foods.

I met Kevin Stong of "Tofu Yu". He told me he was one of only 5 vendors there with non-GMO foods. He sources non-GMO soy for his tofu. If you'd like to connect with him, his email is: [email protected] and the website is

Another vendor I talked to also provides to Whole Foods. They are working on becoming non-GMO (didn't get their business name, sorry).

Mike took the flyers we had left over (a stack of about 3 inches high) and was going to return tomorrow morning to finish handing them out.

Thanks to Mike and Don David for their help today. Overall, I think we did some good (hopefully some people will actually read the flyers). And I got in a good walk in gorgeous weather. Afterwards, Mike and I ate lunch at Palm Green Cafe, the only organic restaurant (according to Mike) in Palm Springs. Very good food, and quite reasonable. I really enjoyed the lavender lemonade and salmon tacos I had.



These three wonderful people reached  THE 1000 people who decide the food in our schools with clear GMO info and Mom testimonials how their kids got better when they got off GMOs. This is huge. We will never know the results or reach of their generosity and commitment. We will never know which children will be impacted and how many people will begin to reconsider not only the food they serve their own families, but in the cafeteria to hundreds as well. We will never know if this will be the catalyst for change or just one more step in the direction for change down the road.

But we DO know that there are caring, generous people out there who will drive through rain, stand for hours and reach out to complete strangers because they care about health and freedom in America. This moves me to tears. I can't thank you enough Christine, Mike and Don.

Take a look at the book "David and Goliath" by Malcolm Gladwell. There are advantages to being the few, the "small" or the "disadvantaged." In this case, the advantage is that we can reach many with only a few. And the benefit is that we connect with amazingly kind and commited people. Our faith is renewed in America and we make a difference with uncountable thousands. All because we care.

I know we "lost" WA last week. But I say our movement is winning.


Zen Honeycutt

P.S. We will be acknowledging the WIN by Kauai in another blog- who's City Council overturned the Veto by their nincompoop Mayor and passed the GMO/Pesticide bill for their island. YES!!!!! Another great win by a small group of people with a mighty love for their people. Thank you ALL.

P.P.S PLEASE look up the School Nutrition Conferences in YOUR state today and get your flyers to pass out from You can download or purchase ( probably cheaper because we print large quantities) We have a new one just for schools.




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