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Nationwide Health Share of Regeneratively Grown Organic Food Announced


We finally found an American Regenerative Organic farmer that sells flour and beans that will ship directly to you!

Sixth-generation Wisconsin farmers Mark and Lucy Doudlah and their family kicked the habit of GMO chemical farming and switched to organic regenerative agriculture in 2008. One day at an agriculture lecture, Mark realized they were not “Feeding the World” as Monsanto told them they were doing, but they were making themselves and other people sick. Tragically, Mark’s father, who used Glyphosate, Atrazine, and many agrochemicals, died of cancer long before his time.

To honor his father, Mark and his family switched to organic farming using regenerative practices. This means that deep tilling releases carbon into the air and contributes to climate chaos. The use of agrochemicals that threaten human and animal health, deplete the soil of essential microbes, and kill beneficial pollinators and insects with pesticides - are all things of the past. Mark and his family look forward to a healthy future for their children, who strive to continue the family farm and see their soil regularly improve with regeneratively grown organic farming. Best of all, they are proud to “grow nutrient-dense, safe food” and share the fruits of their labor nationwide.

In the full-length interview with Mark Doudlah by Moms Across America, Mark shares the fascinating use of modern farm equipment that facilities the best use of nature. He shows us how tractors he once used to spray toxic chemicals can crimp or lay flat the cover crops like rye or vetch (peas) that fix nitrogen into the soil. With this method, the soybeans that are later planted in the crimped cover crop, using planting equipment with exact precision, have a living mulch to protect them from weeds and absorb more rainfall. The crops sequester more carbon when the soil has a higher organic matter content, supporting a reduction in climate chaos.  Doudlah farms have pollinator borders and use “good bugs” and natural mineral amendments to increase the nutrient density of the crops. We were fascinated, moved, and inspired by his story, dedication, and generosity. We think you will be too.

As a tribute to his father, human health, and life on the planet, the Doudlah Family Farm is offering a CSA Health Share program to Moms Across America supporters, AND they have generously offered to give 1% of all retail sales ( like 1% for the Planet) to Moms Across America.

Mark and Lucy Doudlah are happy to say, “This CSA Health Share will include a variety of 15 of our Beans and our Milled Products. Such as Rye, our proprietary Flynn Creek Whole Wheat, Cornmeal Flour, Whole Brown Flaxseed, Black Beans, Pinto Beans, Dark Red Kidney Beans, and Cranberry Beans. Each Season we will be adding new products. Coming Soon will be Roasted & Salted Sunflower Kernels and Buckwheat. For example, in June, we will be planting Great Northern Beans, Navy Beans, and Yellow & White Popcorn and expanding our Honey.

Thank you for supporting Local Organic Regenerative Farmers! 

NOTE: Doudlah Farms Organics never supplement our products with Out-Of-Country suppliers such as Mexico, Canada, or China.

ALL PRODUCTS ARE HOMEGROWN ON ORGANIC SOILS OF WISCONSIN for that flavorful and tasty Dairyland experience.

All products are regeneratively and organically home-grown in the United States by 6th generation farmers, our family. We guarantee that when we say it is Certified Organic, it is genuinely Organic by U.S. Standards. 100% United States Certified 100% all the time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

You can join the CSA Health Share program:

You can log on, order, and pay $75 every three months, and pay a $15 shipping charge (this is a $23 savings on shipping). Either way, every three months (or monthly if you order more), we will send $75 worth of our family-grown fresh products in a variety box to your door. 

And to choose to order bulk, 25 pounds at a time, you can simply shop and order as much as you need, separately.

We can’t wait for you to enjoy our beans, flour, and other regeneratively grown organic goodies!

-Lucy, Mark, Emily, and Jason Doudlah

Thank you for your partnership in supporting regenerative organic farming and your family’s health too! Together we CAN create healthy communities!

Zen Honeycutt 
Founding Executive Director

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