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How Organic Food Prevented a School Shooting

One day, not long after yet another school shooting, a supporter called me and told me she needed to tell me a story. One of her best friends wanted me to know what she was about to tell me but she wanted to remain anonymous. She said, “You will understand why.” I listened.

She said that her friend was a single mom with four kids, living in a low-income Hispanic community in Santa Ana, CA. When her son was about nine years old, she he knew he had mental health issues and asked his school’s teachers to help her but they did not do anything about it. One day, the school Principal called her and said, “You need to come pick up your son from school. He just threatened to blow up the school with a bomb and kill everyone in it.” She responded that she knew he had mental health issues, and she had been asking them for help...would they help her now? The Principal finally agreed and they arranged a meeting with a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist spoke with her son at length and at the end of the session he said, “Here you go, here is a prescription for a medication for your son.”

His mother said, “That’s it? That’s what we do is just medicate him for the rest of his life?” She was concerned about the side effects...and what about the cause for his behavior? Wasn’t there anything else they could do?

The psychiatrist said, “Well it’s either this medication or you look at the food you are feeding him.”

She asked, confused, “What do you mean?”

He asked, “What are you feeding him?”

She said, “Hot dogs, tacos, know, whatever he will eat.” She was a struggling mom and just need to get him fed.

He said, “Have you thought about the preservatives, food dyes, and pesticides in the food you are feeding him?”

She realized that she had not been thinking about that.

He said, “You can either give him this medication for the rest of his life...or you can put him on an organic diet.”

She realized that she needed to at least try. So even though it was challenging, even though her budget was tight, she went out and got organic rice and beans and put him on an all organic diet. Within two weeks, her son’s teacher called her and said, “We don’t know what you are doing, but whatever you are doing, KEEP DOING IT. Your son is completely changed.”

Then the supporter speaking to me paused and in her voice I could hear heartfelt emotion. She said, “My friend wants you to know that her son is now a teenager...and she knows he could very easily go out and get a gun and shoot everyone in the school.That’s the way his life was headed. But he is NOT going to do that because he is mentally healthy and happy.” She wanted Moms Across America to know how important it is that everyone knows about organic food, and that we keep doing what we are doing. She stressed that it was very, very important that we know how important the work is that we are doing.

This young man has a new future because his psychiatrist and mom found out about the impact of toxic food and the benefits of organic food. The students and teachers at that school have completely different futures because his mom found out about organic food. Our country has a new future because his mom found out about organic food...and because she took action.

That psychiatrist likely learned about the benefits of organic food through his experience with patients and parents like you and me who share our stories about our kids getting better when they go organic. The new future we all have because this one boy gets to be healthy, happy, and fulfill his priceless.

This is why your support for Moms Across America is beyond measure...priceless. 

There is no measure for the potential of a human being living out their potential. There is no measure for the value of the lives saved because he did not become yet another school shooter. There is no measure for an empowered mom and a healthy kid. When you support Moms Across America you become our partner in fulfilling our motto, “Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids.” Making that gift to the world is one that impacts current and future generations.

I ask you to donate $10 a month, that’s just a little over 33 cents a day.... to support our unstoppable team in getting the word out across the nation about the food supply and how we CAN regain health and freedom in America.

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Thank you for your partnership!

Zen Honeycutt

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  • Beverly Stone
    commented 2019-11-28 15:40:34 -0500
    Food is medicine. Physical and mental health starts in the gut. This mom is lucky to have found someone who handed her a pearl of wisdom. Psychiatric meds have a dark side.
  • Paulina Zavala Kay
    commented 2019-11-26 17:16:17 -0500
    Outstanding story
  • Susan Sarabasha
    commented 2019-11-26 17:05:27 -0500
    Thank you. This article should be posted far and wide.

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