Open Letter From Moms Across America To the Food Research & Action Center (FRAC) – Grantee of 1.1 Million Tax Dollars

Open Letter From Moms Across America To the Food Research & Action Center (FRAC) – Grantee of 1.1 Million Tax Dollars

Dear Ms. Debbie Stabenow,

We, at Moms Across America, are happy to hear that the USDA awarded the Food Research & Action Center (FRAC) an allocation of $1.1 million to five organizations to improve our children’s school lunches across the nation. According to the USDA, it is up to the parents to make this change possible for their children.

Even though the project runs through December 2025, we must act immediately to re-engineer the sourcing of food supplied to schools to create access to meals that are actually healthy. Since the intention of the grant is to provide “healthy” meals, we would like to show you why regeneratively grown, organic nutrition for our children is critical.

We are extending our hand to help shape these programs away from the current toxic ingredients and toward whole, nutritious, real food, as we have the expertise to do so.

Last year, Moms Across America conducted food testing with an independent, third-party laboratory and there were known toxins found in the school lunches. Here are the results:

  • 93.4% of the school lunch items contained carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting, and liver disease-causing glyphosate.*

  • 74% of the samples contained at least one of 29 harmful pesticides.

  • 4 Veterinary drugs and hormones were found in 9 school lunch samples at levels up to 130.76 parts per million, including an aviary contraceptive in 10% of samples.

  • 100% of the school lunch samples contained heavy metals at levels up to 6,293 times higher than the EPA’s maximum levels allowed in drinking water.

  • The majority of the samples were abysmally low in nutrients, such that it is currently impossible to depend on these food sources without developing nutrient deficiencies, some of which are directly linked to aggression and violence.

In many cases, school meals are the primary source of food that children get to consume. Therefore, these meals must contain wholesome, non-toxic organic ingredients so that children can function emotionally and academically throughout the day. Instead, what they are currently getting at school is severely nutrient-deficient and in fact, nutrient-negative food (primarily because of high levels of glyphosate binding to essential nutrients). The lab owner, John Fagan, PhD, a microbiologist with toxicology training, stated, “The school lunch and fast food samples tested contained more toxins than nutrients.”

Our recent fast food testing showed that the 21 fast food brands, many of which supply nearly 30 million school meals per day, were found to have toxic levels of heavy metals and agrochemicals but at the same time, provide nutrients at a level that would result in serious nutrient deficiencies. This sourcing must change before we pour more toxic fake foods into these children.

Moms Across America (MAA) has been a leader in raising awareness of the increasing toxic agrochemicals in the food supply. We share information about toxic chemicals such as glyphosate, which is an endocrine disruptor, associated with miscarriages, congenital disabilities, sterility/infertility, autism, autoimmune disease, and cancer. Our National Toxin Free Tour allowed us to meet supporters and give out materials in more than 40 locations across America and the West Coast.

We have the knowledge base to help the sub-grantee organizations you will oversee properly source healthy food. We know, through various studies – such as those by Barbara Reed Stitt, author of Food and Behavior – mental health disorders have been directly linked to exposure to toxins and the lack of nutrients in the food supply. We can review the scientific literature with you showing glyphosate is neurotoxic. This affects children’s behaviors and ability to concentrate in addition to contributing to depression, aggressive behavior and violence. The National Library of Medicine’s article, “Food and Mood: How Do Diet and Nutrition Affect Mental Wellbeing” states some research examples of this.

We, at Moms Across America would like to offer healthy solutions to reach the goal of the USDA grant, like organic, local farmer programs and school lunch organizations that can ensure that food sourced meets nutritional needs and avoids damaging toxins that are currently found in school meals. To get parents involved with this initiative, please advise on the best way for the public to provide input and support and we will promote those avenues of communication. Moms Across America would also like the opportunity to meet with you to provide guidance, based on our extensive research and knowledge base in the healthy food arena.

Sincere regards,

Zen Honeycutt
Executive Director
Moms Across America

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