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No Matter Who Wins...

A message from our Founding Executive Director 

As we wait for the results of the election many are experiencing high levels of anxiety right now. In general, this anxiety is based on fear and projections of actions that could be taken by one candidate or another (or both) that could harm our families. 

I am writing this morning to remind you of your power, your love, and your commitment to your families.

No matter who wins, you are still the parent of your children. You are still the decision maker for your body. You are thinking, intelligent, rational human being. Even if the laws change in your state (which are based mostly on the Governor, not the President) you can still create a life that includes safety, learning, adventures and happiness. In the end, it is YOU who makes the daily decisions for your family.

A friend messaged me on social media yesterday, sharing yet another dramatic video with an "expert" talking about how the global elite are controlling our lives. I get that the global elite are influencing our government. But I don't see Bill Gates in my kitchen in the morning telling my family what to eat or making us breakfast. I do that.

I don't see Fauci checking my child's rash reaction from something in the food and giving him a natural anti histamine with herbs. I do that.

I don't see Trump or Biden checking in with my children's teachers to make sure they are on track. I do that.

My husband also does A LOT of things too by the way, things that no global elite or politician will ever do. We take care of our kids, we raise our family, and no one is going to force us to do anything we don't want to do that would harm our family. We are clear about that. We will do what it takes to protect our family. 

I would venture to say that you will too. So no matter who wins, take a deep breath and remember that you have the ability to create the life you want every day and you already are doing that. Direct your anxiety, anger, or angst into creating something wonderful. Prep a garden, make some art, build a volcano with your kids! Life will go on no matter who wins.

Will there be challenges either way? Yes. Big ones. And we will continue to empower each other and share solutions. No matter what.

As life goes on, I hope you choose to be a part of creating collective compassion rather than collective rage. In the face of any potential corruption, be the one to bring reason, calm and understanding. Leave out the name calling and fear. Listen to others and their concerns, and remind them of their power...who is taking care of their family? They are. And they will continue to do so in the best way possible, which is probably a pretty awesome way, especially for them. 

Together we can remind each other of our power, our love, our commitment to our families, our communities and our country. When we do this, we all win.

Thank you for being a part of creating healthy communities! 

With Gratitude,

Zen Honeycutt

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