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National Doctors Day

CheckupMarch 30th is officially National Doctor’s Day. It was created in 1933 by Eudora Brown Almond of Winder, Georgia, the wife of a local doctor. Eudora chose that day because, on March 30, 1842, Dr. Crawford W. Long used an ether anesthetic for the first time during surgery. In 1991 Congress passed Proclamation 6253 making this unofficial holiday an actual national holiday.

Today we have a very broad use of the term “doctor.” We think beyond the confines of traditional medical school graduates to include healers of all kinds -- Chinese medicine, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nutritionists...the list goes on and on with new healers and healing modalities being added every day. Our stressful lifestyles and toxic environment have made it necessary for us to not only focus on our health but to take a much greater responsibility for our health than in the days of Eudora Brown Almond.

However, the fact remains, regardless of who you partner with to create health for yourself and your loved ones, that person is a vital resource for you and the community they serve. It is only right and fitting that we take a moment to thank them for their service. We often speak of the inadequacies of the training our medical schools provide in the areas of nutrition and toxins in the environment -- and while that remains the case, there are more and more physicians and healers that are breaking new ground and taking extreme steps in their practices to become aware of the health issues we face today. They are stepping out to share information on practices -- old and new -- that will benefit their patients. They are breaking new ground with science and collaborating with their colleagues in health.

So if your doctor or health practitioner isn’t aware of toxins -- inform them. Help them to better serve their community. Help them gain better health for themselves and their loved ones. Share with them the flyers and posters from the Moms Across America website. Honor them for wanting to create health in their communities -- and help them be the best, most informed healers they can be. They are an integral part of our community!

5 tips for making your doctor your partner from Moms Across America:

  1. Talk to them. Tell them what you think, what you’ve read, what you are experiencing -- tell them your story of healing.
  2. Share information with them. Just because you are aware of recent studies about GMO’s and glyphosate doesn’t mean they are aware.
  3. Don’t allow them to be dismissive. If you share information but don’t believe you are being heard -- tell them so. Let them know how things are constantly changing in their profession. It wasn’t that long ago that medical practices included lobotomies and prescribed heroin to cure a cough.
  4. Don’t give up. They have invested tremendous amounts of time, money, and energy to develop their professional skills. You might be introducing them to an entirely new concept. Nutrition and environmental toxicity are not subjects taught in many traditional medical schools. It might take several conversations to truly get their attention.
  5. Remember that they entered the medical profession to help people. They want to create health!

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