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More Info on 2012 Corn Comparison Report

There has been quite a stir this past week about the 2012 Corn Comparison Report by Profit Pro posted on this site on March 15. Keep in mind this is a report, NOT a scientific peer reviewed study and I do not have any other information other than what is in this blog.

See original blog and report  here

See follow up comments from a 3rd generation farmer who is not connected to the report but knows of the report.

 "People want to know the genetic makeup of the GM RR corn and the genetic makeup of the non-GM corn. They want a side by side comparison of the same genetics with a complete nutritional analysis of each after being raised with the same fertility and the in the same soil conditions with the only difference being the application ofglyphosate based herbicide on the GM RR corn and a conventional herbicide on the non-GMcorn. This has not been done and cannot be done without being at risk of being sued by the patent holder of the GM RR corn. The wording in the technology agreement for the GM RR corn makes it illegal to conduct such an experiment without the written consent of the patent holder.
This is the scenario from which the formaldehyde corn was detected.
Corn ears from two adjacent corn fields in Iowa (separated only by a fence row) were selected for sampling 2 weeks prior to harvest. The corn fields were selected by a third party to potentially provide corn that would test free of any glyphosate residue in the grain as this grain would end up in the human food supply. The samples were collected from the adjacent fields in the exact same manner. Walking from the edge and corner of the field the sampler collected the sample ears of corn 18 rows in from the side of the field and five paces in from the end of the field and then collecting another ear of corn every five paces until enough ears were collected for the required sample.  The same process was repeated in the adjacent field. The separately bagged ears of corn were then shelled from the cob and then the grain samples were sent to the lab for glyphosate testing. One of the samples tested to contain 13 ppm (the EPA’s legal limit of glyphosate in corn) of glyphosate residue, this was RR corn. The other sample tested to be free of any glyphosate residue and this was non-GMO corn. Thecorn sample that tested positive for the glyphosate residue (RR) also tested positive for formaldehyde at a level of 200 ppm.
Dr. Huber ( who is not connected to the report, just commented on the report) believes the formaldehyde can come from two sources: either degradation ofglyphosate to Aminomethylphosphonicacid (AMPA) and then to formaldehyde or from normal plant metabolism via serine to glycine plus formaldehyde.  Formaldehyde is normally metabolized to CO2 through the C1 cycle (PGA mediated) so it would appear that that process is blocked. It is not likely that the formaldehyde came from the degradation of the glyphosatewithin the plant as the glyphosate needs to metabolize to AMPA first before breaking down to formaldehyde. AMPA is toxic to all plants. It is believed that because of the chelatingeffects of the glyphosate in the plant that the normal processes in the plant did not function properly and the plant actually made the formaldehyde or the effect of the glyphosate on the enzymatic processes in the plant were disrupted. Lab and green house testing is needed to verify this. Of course the scariest part of this is that any RR plant (corn, soybean, canola, cotton, sugar beet or alfalfa) that is sprayed with glyphosate could potentially produce formaldehyde when it is sprayed with glyphosate and then the formaldehyde would unknowingly end up in the feed and food supply.
This corn was not raised in an area that was effected by the extreme drought conditions of 2012."

There have also been many comments that this report is not true. I wish it weren't true. The people who say it is not true, however are people who work in the Genetic Engineering field and want to protect their science. I get that. If you question it, please request that Monsanto runs an independent study or show their own data. We suspect they have this data already, as they pressured the EPA to raise the EPA standard of Glyphosate from 6.2 to 13ppm the year before this report came out. They also had the Monsanto Protection Act rider passed in the nick of time from when this information was posted. We believe they knew harm could come from their GMO corn and had the " Monsanto protection act" passed to pre-empt lawsuits. What do you think?

This video link below will explain a lot to them and to everyone who cares about what is in their food.

This is information that shakes the ground of our foundation of faith in our food system. This will be difficult information to process. All I can say is that you need to know this. And share it.

Here is an interview from Howard Vlieger from Weekly Womens GMO Free News which addresses the corn report.

For more information on the autoimmune condition PANDAS, which Kathleen mentions on the video go to


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