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Monsanto Action Alert

From our friends at the Center for Food Safety

Moms Across America Editor’s Note: The following is an email from our friends at Center For Food Safety about Monsanto's efforts to get a new kind of GMO corn seed approved by the USDA.

If the approval goes through, it will almost certainly mean higher concentrations of even more pesticides in our food. We are appalled that our government allows chemical companies to spray poison on our food and feed for livestock we consume.

Clearly, Monsanto has created a problem- weed resistance to the 280 million pounds of glyphosate herbicides that are sprayed on our food and feed crops every year in the USA.

Now the same Monsanto want to profit off of “fixing” that weed resistance problem by selling seeds that will tolerate 5 different harmful chemicals, increasing exposure to weeds to an even stronger, more toxic chemical cocktail.

This means exposure to our soil’s, degradation of  farm lands, diminishing ability for future generations to grow food, polluted water, soil and crops, and the destruction of human and wildlife health.

This is absolutely the wrong direction to go in. Not only is this devastating for health and soil in America, the residues that will be on these grains that will be exported to Japan, China, and Southeast Asia could only be described as akin to chemical warfare on our part.

The residues that will be on these grains (according to previous testing) will poison anyone who consumes the grains, products made from the grains, and the meat from animals who consume these grains. When humans consume meat from animals that have eaten poison, they are also poisoned.

We do not believe America should be poisoning people at home or in other countries around the world.

Please tell our government that not only is this a horrible idea for human health, environmental and soil health, in America, but being known as a country who poisons our trading world-wide partners through the food supply is dangerous and counterproductive to being a world power.

Monsanto is at it again…and its latest move is more terrifying than ever.

The pesticide giant is seeking approval to start selling a new GE corn seed that is resistant to a record FIVE different plant-killing pesticides.

If it gets the greenlight from USDA, this new “vaporizer” corn will be planted all over our farms, then drenched with two of the most volatile, damaging herbicides ever invented – dicamba and 2,4-D (an ingredient in Agent Orange!) – then farmers could also apply glufosinate, quizalofop and glyphosate.

It’s a chemical cocktail designed to terminate all plant life – but we still have a chance to stop it.

USDA is accepting public comments for a few more days – we need to overwhelm them with opposition RIGHT NOW before it’s too late and this new GE corn designed for intensive, plant-killing pesticide use covers our farmland. Can you help us stop the next super-generation of GMO crops?

Yes, I’ll take action to stop the next super-generation of GMO crops!

Pesticide giants like Bayer-Monsanto have already made a killing by selling farmers genetically engineered (GE), herbicide-resistant crops that tremendously boost sales and use of the weedkiller(s) sprayed on them – with lethal effects on neighboring crops and the natural world.

But this time they’re taking it up a notch with a GE corn seed that can be sprayed with a record-breaking FIVE potent herbicides!

If they’re allowed to move ahead, the impact on our pollinators and farmland could be devastating. Corn is the most widely grown crop in the US, planted on about 90 million acres each year. And it already accounts for 40% of the pesticides used on farms!

Monsanto isn’t going to stop there. Of the pesticides that would be sprayed all over this GE corn, 2,4-D is notorious for drifting dozens of miles. Dicamba is sprayed on GE soybeans and cotton, and has vaporized and drifted to injure over 80 crops on millions of acres, not to mention wild plants and trees.

If approved, this vaporizer corn would likely DOUBLE the already completely unacceptable damage from current use of these herbicides!

We have to stop this terrifying GE corn NOW before it’s too late. Will you urgently submit a comment to USDA?

Yes, I’ll take action to stop the next super-generation of GMO crops!

For decades, CFS has been fighting to create a food system that relies less on destructive GE crop systems by helping farmers adopt more sustainable weed management systems that de-emphasize herbicides. This is the latest fight we face – let’s force the USDA to do the right thing, together.

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