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Moms Speak Up! Town Hall Meetings


Have you heard about the passionate crowds filling town hall meetings across the country this week? Maybe you were one of them. If so, send us your story!

More than 1,000 people showed up to Chaffetz’s town hall in Cottonwood Heights, a Salt Lake City suburb and created such a stir the national media picked up the story.

In Michigan, a People’s Campaign member visited Rep. Dave Trott’s office only to be turned away and told by local police that they were trespassing after requesting a meeting. “It’s illegal to go visit your congressperson now?” they wrote in a Facebook live post that has gone viral. Refusing to back down, they held their own town hall. When Rep. Trott refused to show, they put a live chicken at the front of the room to symbolize his unwillingness to participate in the democratic process. 


In upstate New York, Congressman John Faso held a meeting with business leaders on Tuesday but has refused to meet with his own constituents. Refusing to take “no” for an answer, they showed up at a fundraiser he held Wednesday to demand answers. Today, our member organization Citizen Action New York will pack the auditorium of a local elementary school with 600 people for a “town hall” style event. Faso is still hiding, but that’s not stopping his constituents from charting a plan forward for their community. 

What if we moms visited local town halls all across the country?Utah_chaffetz.w710.h473.jpg
No matter what your political party, it is TIME that they hear from us! 

Health is a nonpartisan issue and without our health, nothing else will prosper, not our economy, military, school system -- nothing!
We invite you to tell your elected officials, face to face, to start addressing the health crisis and reduce the toxic burden that is crippling America's children and destroying their futures. Our elected officials NEED to hear from us! They hear from the Big Ag, Big Chem, and Big Pharma lobbyists every day. They need a reminder that they work for us, not them.

 Find out when your next town hall meeting is now at:

Messages to give our reps are:
  • We Need a Clean Environment! 

  • Protect our Children, Not Corporations!

  • Stop Spraying Toxins on our Food, Water, Soil and in our Skies!

  • Revoke the License for Glyphosate Herbicides!

  • NO GMOs + NO Toxins = YES to Health!

  • Without Health We Cannot Do Our Jobs!

  • Health Comes First!

  • Remember, you work for us!

To ask of our Representatives: 

1. Pressure the EPA to revoke the license of glyphosate. 

2. Shift the GMO farming subsidies to organic farming.

3. Require the EPA to mandate that chemical companies submit independent long term studies on the final formulations of all chemical products, not just one ingredient.

4. Require local health officials to discontinue the use of toxic chemicals on food and feed crops, streets, parks, schools, playgrounds, and around reservoirs and public spaces.

5. Require consistent and transparent testing of chemical levels in water, food, and medical treatments for contamination.

To get flyers to pass out to your community go to Materials. Or post your event on our website under EVENTs and get a code for a free box of materials. If you need your box before Earth day, please mention the deadline in the comment at check out. Otherwise, event boxes will not be mailed until the 1-2nd week of April.

Thank you for considering being a powerhouse mom who speaks up for you local community rights!
This is how we will transform the food supply and the health of our country!

Big Hugs!
Zen and MAA Team

P.S. Thank you to the People's Campaign for the great photos of the Utah Town Hall meeting!

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