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Mom's Life Altering Story of GMOs and Allergies

"My Husband, has severe seasonal allergies (hay fever), is allergic to perfume

and dyes. He also suffers from “red man’s syndrome” an allergy to vancomycin

(antibiotic) infusion in the hospital, where a red rash breaks out on his face neck

and upper torso.

I have eczema on my hands. There is a theory, that if one parent has “hay fever

type allergies” and another parent has eczema, you will produce a child with food


I was 38 years old in 2006, the year I gave birth to my first child, my son. He was a

full term baby, I had a C-section. – I read this in parents’ magazine:

{Let's start with a mini biology lesson: Trillions of bacteria already live in your

child's (and your own) gastrointestinal system, many of which are considered to

be good because they help keep him healthy. They've been there since birth, when

your baby's GI tract became colonized with good, bad, and benign bacteria (known

as flora) as he passed through the birth canal and picked up some of your microbes.

Because babies delivered by C-section miss out on this, they initially end up with a

different collection of flora, explains Mary Ellen Sanders, Ph.D., a microbiologist and

the executive director of the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and

Prebiotics. (Scientists suspect that this difference in colonization may be behind the

higher incidence of allergies and asthma in C-section babies, but more research is



Harrison was diagnosed at 3 months as having food allergies, I breastfed him and

from that point on, I did not eat the “Top 8” food allergens –Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree

Nuts, Fish, Shellfish, Soy and Wheat – as he was having skin reaction from the food I

ate passing thru the breast milk to him. He was too young to be skin tested and the

Allergist said the tests would more than likely have false positives. I did however

continue to eat chicken, pork, turkey and beef. All GMO foods, unbeknownst to me.

My Son was able to tolerate soy, and I fed him “tofu” ice cream. He had a reaction

to the chocolate version of the ice cream and then I had him tested for cocoa beans,

which revealed, that he had “grown into” the allergy. During this time, I fed him

ground beef burgers, filet mignon and brisket. (all GMO ) He ate it fine for a long

while, then when he was about 2.5 (July 2009) he had a severe reaction to filet

mignon. He “grew into” the beef allergy. I also got rid of any soaps that have “beef

tallow” or “tallowate” in them, because he was being exposed to beef with soaps

and shampoos, too. I started to feed him Ground Turkey (GMO) instead of the beef,

which he tolerated for a while, until he was tested in April of 2010, he had “grown

into” an allergy to Turkey!

On a letter dated Feb 5, 2010, my son (3.5 years old) was currently tested for and

was allergic to: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, rye, chocolate, beef, shellfish, fish and

sesame seeds. (In April of 2010, he “grew into” an allergy to Turkey.)

It seemed he was acquiring more allergies, not growing out of them.

I believe my son “grew into” more food allergies, because:

(a.) I was feeding him GMOs (unknowingly) 

(b.) During this time, also my son was having “contact” reactions to GMO 

foods in children’s play areas – the frequent exposures made the allergy worse not better.

(c.) I was using toxic household cleaners, laundry detergent, soaps,shampoos , BPA toys, etc.

( Side notes from MAA founder, Zen Honeycutt - Glyphosate, which most GMOs are genetically engineered to withstand and are therefore doused with glyphosate, and is allowed by the EPA at levels which far exceed that which has been shown to be toxic in animals,  to contaminate 160 of our non organic foods. Glyphosate has been shown to break down the blood brain barrier, ( See Samsel and Seneff paper)  which could allow above stated toxins to enter cell tissues that normally may not.)


The protein in food takes two weeks to break down on a surface, so if a child

spilled milk and then my son came along and touched that table top or that toy,

he would have a “contact” reaction where his skin would break out in hives and

I would have to clean the skin area and then administer benadryll. During this

time, I thought these little “contact exposures’ would help “desensitize” him to his

food allergies. But the opposite was true: According to my son’s allergist …”It is

true. Each exposure to the food is like a small booster shot reminding the immune

system of the allergen thus keeping the allergy alive. This is true with infrequent or

intermittant exposures.”

So during this time, of feeding him GMO foods (unknowingly), GMO contact

reactions and exposures of toxins on a daily basis, his blood work numbers were


I decided during the year of 2010, to keep him home as much as possible because I

did not cook or eat with any of his food allergens. Thus, making my home a safe area

where he would not have any contact reactions. He was having several every week,

at the grocery store, in the shopping cart, at the library during story time, he even

had a contact reaction at the Drs. Office in Nov 2010, during a routine visit. Because

a child /nurse/doctor right before us had just consumed something with one of his

food allergies ( the appointment had been right after the dr. office’s lunch break)

It was during this time, that I first read, “The Unhealthy Truth” by Robyn

O’Brien and I started to think that if I fed him more organic, he would get better.

Fortunately, a lot of the pre-packaged allergy free foods are GMO free, so I had been

starting to feed him half organic already. Luckily, the only safe Soy Milk for my son

happened to be Organic. But his fruit juice and even the bread flour I used to make

his own safe bread was not Organic. But when I finished Robyn O’Brien’s book, I

really started to buckle down and get rid of all non-Organic foods.

I also read the book by Kenneth Bock, MD, and Cameron Stauth “ Healing the New

Childhood Epidemics” Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies: The Groundbreaking

Program for the 4-A Disorders --- It was in this book, that I first read about our toxic

environment, that wreaks havoc on an immature immune system. This is when I

also, started to try and get rid of as many household cleaners, laundry detergent, etc.

and use as much “green” cleaners as possible.

In April of 2010, he grew out of his Cocoa Beans and Shellfish allergies.

In August of 2011, he grew out of his  Fish, Sesame Seeds and Rye allergies.

In February of 2013, he grew out of  his Turkey allergy.

He is still allergic to Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts and Beef. But all of these

numbers have come down in severity (please see the Xcel spreadsheet)


In his test (Feb 2013) the Egg and the Peanut number went up about 4 points,

but I think this is due to perhaps infrequent “contact “ reactions (of GMO food) in

his school cafeteria. Our Allergist had said also, that sometimes, right before you

grow out of a food allergy, the number spikes up a little and then goes back down.

This last test, (Aug 2013) you can see the number went back down. So either he

is growing out of it, or it is because he has been home all summer away from the

cafeteria in school.

I also would like to add, that in 2008, I gave birth to a beautiful Baby Girl, it was a

V-BAC . I had been eating Half-Organic during that pregnancy because of the diet we

had at home, conformed around my Son’s. She was born without any food allergies.

UPDATE : on my daughter

Since my daughter had no known Food allergies, (before I questioned GMO foods) I

would let her indulge in birthday parties at school or a friends house. My husband

and I would let her have birthday cake or pizza (probably GMO) -- I felt, at the time,

that why should I let her suffer because of my Son’s food allergies?

On the weekends, my daughter had ballet class on Saturdays, my husband would

take her to class and then sneak her to a local bakery where they both would eat

donuts (prob GMO)

( Side note: Donuts are deffinately wheat, and a Monsanto study showed that the biggest absorption of glyphosate was contributed by wheat products which are sprayed with glyphosate in the drying process. Glyphosate has been shown to destroy the gut bacteria, which comprises 70% of our immune system stronghold.)

Because, we let her eat GMO birthday cupcakes, GMO donuts and GMO pizza

(outside of our home) I believe, she developed Celiac Disease. There is something

about my children, that they absolutely can not handle the GMO foods in their


( Side note: It is not just her children, it is a hugely growing population of our children that are being impacted and no one knows which child will be next and how it will impact them, a slow degeneration of their immune systems or a sudden fatal food allergy attack. We simply don't know. But what Moms of children with allergies DO know, and see, is that their children get better when they avoid GMOs)

From Samsel and Seneff's paper and presentation: 
I think that the “Food Allergy Bitch” summed it up perfectly in her blog…

Food allergies are not a genetic disease. Let me say it again. 

Food allergies are not a genetic disease.

In case you didn't learn this in school, changes to the genetic code take 

many hundreds of generations to happen. Food allergies have DOUBLED 

in just the last 10 years. Right now, one in 13 kids has a food allergy and it 

looks like the number is continuing to increase.

Food allergies are a disease of the immune system. Unlike the genetic 

code, the immune system can adapt to changes in the environment in 

a generation, but it can only go so far. These kids are not genetically 

deficient. They are a warning. They are the canary in the coal mine. 


Something has changed in our environment that is affecting ALL of us. 

The "peanut kid" may have an allergy as a result -- but that doesn't mean 

that YOUR immune system isn't also reacting in some way you can't see. 

Whatever's affecting the peanut kids is probably affecting you as well.

Food allergies are just the tip of the iceberg. All diseases that affect the 

intestinal tract are rising at an incredible rate. Crohn's disease. Asthma. 

Autoimmune disorders like lupus and diabetes. Cancer. Even if you're 

not in the 25% of the population prone to allergic disorders, you should 

understand that cancer could be in your future. Doesn't it seem like a good 

idea to you to figure out what the changes are in our environment that are 

leading to such a dramatic increase in all these diseases?

So, today, I cook and bake an Organic, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free,

Nut-Free diet for my kids. I feed them all Organic. I don’t feel bad anymore about my

daughter “missing out” on the GMO pizza or GMO cupcake at a party –

I feel bad for the unsuspecting parents, who let their kids eat this dangerous food, at

some point, it will catch up with them too. One day their children will be diagnosed

with something too.

The obesity rate, the type-2 diabetes, the food allergies, the diagnosis of celiac,

Asthma, Autism, ADHD – more parents should be alarmed."

-Veronica R. NJ

Please note: Allergies are not the problem, they are in fact, the body's way of sending a warning signal that there is inflammation in the body. Inflammation in the gut can lead to stomach ulcers and cancer if left unresolved. Finding out about your child's allergies could prevent life threatening health issues. Avoiding GMOs also avoids foreign proteins and "promoters" which "wake up genes". We still don't know if these promoters could be "waking up" cancer genes or latent disease genes in our children. Cancer is the number one killer of American children today ( see Robyn O'Brien's blog) so this is not just about GMos and allergies, this is about life and the people we love.

We Thank Veronica for taking the time to share a story that hundreds of thousands if not millions of Moms could also share. This touches the lives of many.

Please submit your story and medical records to Moms Across America at [email protected].

Every story matters. We need cumulative data to make a difference. Please share your story with us!


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    I 100% agree with this article it imperative to understand that allergies young or old are a sign of an issue within the bodies diet/ health. I had lifelong allergies and the moment I changed my diet and addressed my issues with my gut, I no longer experienced symptoms of allergies. I would become completely inflamed when eating avocadoes and today I no longer experience this dilemma, I’ve written a lot about my journey on but I will definitely have to cover the issue of allergies. Great article!
  • Ruth
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