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Make a Difference for your Family and Organic Farmers

On Labor Day, it is intended that across the nation we all take a break from labor. We rest. There is one group in particular, however, that will not likely be resting, and that group is farmers.

I spoke with an organic farmer a few days ago, and he shared with me how his crops, stone fruit and ancient wheat, have been almost wiped out this year. Montana was hit heavily with hail earlier this year that stripped the flowers and leaves off of the fruit trees and pummeled the wheat. Then the grasshoppers came and just keep coming. Montana farmers produce more organic wheat than any other state and ranks second in total grain production. Climate changes are likely to continue to happen and farmers' jobs are going to be even more challenging.

However, this farmer was not defeated. Problem solving is in his DNA. He talked about his potatoes doing well and his goals to start an organic farming center in Montana. He's clear that America needs more organic regenerative farmers, urgently. His devotion was awe inspiring.

I was moved to tell him about how important his work is; how our children are especially noticeably different when they eat non organic wheat versus organic. If they eat non organic wheat they get irritable, display erratic behavior, have learning difficulties, get rashes and sometimes they are even aggressive and violent. It matters what they eat! Non organic food can impair their ability to function, do well in school, have friendships and fulfill their potentials and dreams.

What we eat matters to all of us. And what we eat, if we want optimal health and behavior, should be organic. When organic farmers suffer, we all suffer.

So today, as we take some time to rest, I ask you to take a moment to support a small organic farmer. Buy a bag of ancient organic grain flour online, like Kamut International, einkorn, spelt, flax, sorghum or teff.Talk to your friends about "going in" on a cow or pig share if you buy meat, and buy pasture raised, grass-fed and finished meat from a local farmer. Check out sites that connect farmers to consumers, recommend by farmer Joel Salatin, like  Weston A. Price's Smart Shopping Guide, and

Make every dollar you spend contribute to healthy families, a healthy economy, and healthy planet. Then rest and enjoy your family today, because if 2020 has taught us anything so far, it's that it's time to focus on family and health. 

With Gratitude,

Zen and MAA Team

P.S. To find out more about organic and regenerative farming in America, and how it can restore jobs and our health, check out the fascinating book called Grain by Grain by Bob Quinn PhD.

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