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Letter to Professor Hotez on Vaccine Education


SENT May 14, 2020


Dr. Peter J. Hotez
Dean for the National School of Tropical Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine
1 Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030

Dear Professor Hotez:

I just saw your interview on CNN and your statement about needing to educate anti-vaxxers resonated with me. I am reaching out to you to be of assistance in addressing the concerns of the anti-vaxxers.

Our nonprofit, Moms Across America, reaches millions of parents across the country and hears back from thousands nationwide. These parents, most of whom have children who are almost fully vaccinated, are dealing with children with multiple ailments, autism, allergies, auto immune issues, asthma, cancer, learning and behavioral disorders and more, and they are struggling. In their desperation for solutions, they research constantly and they are discovering that they have read more books on the history of vaccines, pesticides, lead, air and water pollution than their physicians. In fact, we are hearing back that when they talk to their physicians about different toxins, the physicians ask them to give them more information. Doctors are now learning from these dedicated parents. 

Many of these parents are successfully healing their children. Once they remove the source of toxic exposure - whether that be conventional food with glyphosate and pesticide contaminants, detox the toxins like aluminum from vaccines, remove mercury fillings, find the source of lead exposure, toxic mold or other pollutants, they see significant improvements. We hear from parents that have children who were damaged specifically after vaccination who did not vaccinate the children that followed, that those children are markably healthier. Growing groups of parents that show up to protest vaccine mandates are not the parents who vaccinated and have vaccine damaged children, but they are the new parents who have never vaccinated and vow to never vaccinate. Tens of thousands of young families have moved out of states like California due to their strict vaccine mandates to states with higher regard for parental rights and will continue to do so. Their reasoning is valid. 

Over 4.7 billion dollars has been paid out for vaccine damage by the government. Vaccines have a history of, and continue to this day to be, “unavoidably unsafe” as determined by the Institute of Medicine and a Supreme Court Majority ruling. Studies on vaxxed versus unvaxxed children have shown significantly less auto immune health issues in children without vaccinations. Doctors point to the impact on the immune system by the ingredients in vaccines as the culprits for the health implications. This is concerning, of course, considering the intention of vaccines is to strengthen the immune system.

To communicate effectively with anti-vaxxers, one must know the issues that concern them and be able to address those concerns. Here are the main reason why parents are vaccine hesitant today, and the questions that need to be answered:

  1. The adjuvant ingredients - Many are known toxins and even in small amounts can be fatal. Babies are exposed to 4,925 mcg of aluminum through vaccines and yet the FDA says more than 25 mcg is toxic. Can vaccines be made without aluminum, formaldehyde, squalene, PolySorbate 80 and other toxins? 
  2. The contaminants - Numerous childhood vaccines screened for glyphosate weedkiller were all found to be positive. It is believed that the weedkiller enters through the pig (GMO/glyphosate residue fed) tendon-derived gelatin. Can vaccine ingredients be sourced from non GMO/ pesticide free fed animal-derived ingredients?
  3. The retroviruses - Cancer causing retroviruses have been detected in some vaccines. Can vaccines be made without animal tissue that contains retroviruses such as mouse retrovirus XMRV?
  4. GMOs - Early testing of CRISPR and RNAi genetic manipulation has shown thousands of off target mutations. This is extremely concerning in relation to injections in pregnant women, newborns and developing children. New attempts at a CRISPR vaccine with multi-generation effects are simply not proven to be safe and parents do not want their children to be the guinea pigs. Can vaccines be made without genetically altered ingredients or manipulation? 
  5. The number of vaccines - As children, many of us received 3 or 7 shots, including boosters. Today's children receive 69 doses if they follow the recommended CDC schedule. Some 6-month-old babies receive 6 different shots containing 9 diseases in one sitting...and die or lose their bodily functions within hours or days. 
  6. Lack of saline placebo testing - Informed parents now know that there have been very  limited  saline placebo testing on any vaccines, only one study that we are currently aware of and it did not show good outcomes for the vaccinated population. Vaccines are being tested with other vaccines as the placebo, vaccines that contain nearly the same ingredients instead of a saline placebo. The lack of true safety testing has parents suspicious of the CDC's true motives - is it to protect the vaccine manufacturers? Will independent, double-blind, saline placebo testing be conducted on the CoVid19 vaccine?
  7. CDC board member ownership of vaccine patents - It is a conflict of interest for CDC board members or ACIP members to own 56  vaccine patents. Can it be enforced that no CDC/ACIP member shall own any vaccine patents?
  8. Lack of efficacy - It is well known that flu vaccines have been between 3 - 50% effective due to the mutation of the flu virus. It has been reported that the COVID-19 virus has already mutated 30 times. Parents do not trust that vaccines are effective and fear that exposing their child to the toxic ingredients and contaminants is not worth the risk, especially with such low efficacy rates. Will the COVID-19 vaccine be effective? Are homeopathic vaccines, without toxic ingredients, a viable alternative?
  9. Lack of herd immunity - Seeing as the efficacy of many vaccines is far below acceptable expectations and many vaccines, like Pertussis, with multiple boosters which may be actually spreading the disease, the ability to reach the concept of herd immunity, 95% vaccination, is unreachable. Even if 95% of the population were vaccinated, with a 20-30% efficacy rate on average, reaching herd immunity is an impossibility.
  10. Mandates - Forcing parents to inject their children with anything, even if these toxins were not included, is problematic. Parents simply do not feel a state governor knows more about their child’s health than their doctors or themselves. No matter how effective or safe a vaccine is, as soon as mandates are suggested, the government will be met with fierce and unshakable resistance. Choice is crucial. Will parents have a choice regarding the CoVid 19 vaccine?

If the vaccine industry can address all of these issues, there may be a chance that the vaccine hesitant will reconsider a vaccine. Until then, from the feedback we are getting, there is zero possibility of changing the mind of a dedicated parent and have them subject their child to a vaccine that they perceive as harmful to their health and personal freedoms.

No matter how many trillions of taxpayer dollars are spent, no matter which communication plan and PR company is hired, no matter which celebrity or esteemed doctor spokesperson is used in a commercial, no matter how many “studies” funded by the industry are presented, these parents will not be swayed, and they will continue to be vocal in order to protect the general public. Vilifying those who are resisting vaccines will only provoke them to be louder.

The above issues must be addressed, not ignored. These are the challenges we present to the vaccine industry to solve. We have faith in the ingenuity of our nation’s scientists and we thank you for your consideration.


Zen Honeycutt
Moms Across America

Listen to the UNSTOPPABLE by Zen Honeycutt podcast addressing this issue. 

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  • Pat G
    commented 2020-06-04 14:16:16 -0400
    I want to give my unconditional support for the powerful statement of Thomas Braun. Pharmaceuticals kill as many Americans a YEAR as have died from the coronavirus so far, and this has been going on for a very long time. And that is only ONE of several iatrogenic causes of death. I just read last night that because of the mechanism by which statins work, the point in the pathway to the creation of cholesterol, it causes a great increase in cytokines (Dr. David Brownstein, The Statin Disaster) , and it is a cytokine storm that kills coronavirus patients. Most of the people who are dying from the virus are people who are most likely to be taking statins (and that’s just ONE medication that they might be taking to their detriment.) I would love to see a study in which they determine what percentage of those who died were taking a statin. Statins are deadly, but tens of millions of Americans are duped into taking them. The number needed to treat is anywhere from 100 to several thousand. That means that you have to treat that many patients for 3 years to get ONE less heart attack. That means statins are WORTHLESS. And why do people take them in spite of the widespread side effects, some of which are severe? Because of a practice I call MEDICAL TERRORISM. That’s doctors using their good bedside manner to terrify people into taking medications that are harmful. People are terrified not to follow the advice, so they follow it. And reap the consequences. The doctor gets off scot free. It isn’t his body, and he makes money. THIS HAS TO STOP! As for Vitamin D overdose, I have read that a person who has uncovered skin in the sun for a period of time can generate up to 70,000IU of Vitamin D. That is many times the 10,000IU that I personally think a person should take when sick, or the 5000IU he should take when he is well. A few of us are aware of all this, and we want no part of a vaccine. Heaven forbid that our Constitution will be utterly destroyed by a mandate to receive it. We need our right to refuse harmful medications and other treatments RESTORED, not totally demolished. Bottom line: if a vaccine works, you do not need for ME to be vaccinated. If it doesn’t work, NOBODY should be vaccinated. Period.
  • Tom Braun
    commented 2020-06-04 10:25:16 -0400
    Today published an article today (6/2) and quoted Dr. Manson who ran the under dosed Vitamin D study called VITAL. She warned about her concerns that overdosing on Vitamin D could cause problems. Deaths from overdosing are rare if they occur at all and what is not rare is that somewhere in excess of 100,000 Americans take their RX medications according to instructions and die from the medication.
    This is documented and Death by Medicine is the 3rd leading cause of Death in the US. It is ignored by mainstream medicine and our federal medical entities in Washington DC. Our mass media says nothing about it because they do not want to bite the hand that feeds them.
    Prevention and reversal of disease states through nutritional means is ignored by the Medical Community hierarchy! It will not change until the profit motive is eliminated from our medical system. This is heresy, but it is the only answer and I do not like socialism.
    The chart below exposes their denial and lies of Vitamin D and its true value. Boosting everyone’s Vitamin D blood value to where nature intended at 50 ng’s or above would invalidate the vaccines mantra. Vaccines are the cure for all diseases. It is a medical lie. They are not even tested for safety. Congress voted to have the recipients become the guinea pigs. Read the book: Plague of Corruption Dr. Ruth Mikovits.
    The chart shows the average age of those that die are 61 years old. Blood values of Vitamin D decrease as we age due to changing lifestyles and poor choices in the foods and habits we acquire.
    The lower your blood value of Vitamin D, the higher the risk. There is little or no risk when you carry at least 35 ng’s of Vitamin D in your body. GET TESTED This research study covered 720 people.
    Bottom Line: The 350,000 humans who have died globally of the Corona virus would still be with us if their Vitamin D blood level were above at least 35 ng’s of Vitamin D.
    These are true and objective facts about this essential nutrient/hormone that is required to regulate over 3000 gene expressions. It invalidates the CDC/NIH/WHO/Gates push to use vaccination as a main health tool. It also brings into question when the CDC knew that Wuhan had a problem.
    Over the last two decades, we have lost millions of people to the various viruses that have expressed themselves in our environment. Our immune system if whole is the essential vaccine. Over the same period, Alzheimer and Autism has grown exponentially along with exponential growth of vaccines and in the US, we identify over 100,000 autistic children each year. Is it not a combination of lack of good nutrition including Vitamin D in mother and child along with the “Non-Self” toxic substances in vaccine that is driving this crisis that we do not fix? Isn’t it time we protest those that are contributing to the deaths of so many because of the drive for profit and not good health? The Statue of Liberty is being brought to her knees and she is crying for this medical madness to stop. She is crying for everyone to go back to work. She is crying for the riots to stop. It is time we find men of stature in both our government and medicine to stand up and be counted and change this country for the better not the worst! Click on this for full research article: https://borsche.de/res/SachstanVitaminDEN.pdf
  • Pat G
    commented 2020-06-03 04:30:21 -0400
    Cathy, in fact, I DID study John 1:1 in Greek. That is why I am certain of my statements. I do not judge the heart, but I am required to condemn false doctrine.
  • Cathy Cendroski
    commented 2020-06-03 03:06:56 -0400
    Pat Goltz, John 1:1 should be studied from the original texts (Greek, Aramaic, Hebrew – which is a translation). Only God knows who is His and who is not. No human can judge a heart and judge who will have eternal life. Humans are not perfect, God, the Creator, is and He alone is the judge.
  • Pat G
    commented 2020-05-23 21:13:52 -0400
    It looks like when it comes to medical things, we are definitely totally on the same page. On religion, not so much. Jesus is God. John 1:1. He is one of the Persons of the Trinity. You are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Even your Emphatic Diaglott got that right. If you can find a copy, take a look. It is very important that we get the medical issues right. It is CRUCIAL to get the spiritual things of God right, as our eternal destiny depends on it. Failure to acknowledge Jesus as God is spiritually fatal. Please think about it. I wish you well.
  • Lee Stevenson
    commented 2020-05-23 06:07:50 -0400
    The younger ones will be the most difficult to reach. They have not see the things we older ones have. Like how rare many forms of chronic illness used to be that are now common and they are told those things are genetic even though they are actually chemical injury and vaccine injury. They are indoctrinated to believe anyone who questions what they are told is true is either crazy, stupid or a conspiracy theorist. The pharmaceutical industry and biotech industry pays trolls to troll social media and use childish behavior to try and embarrass and intimidate those who have been indoctrinated so they will not even think of questioning the reality of things. They use peer pressure.
    These younger ones believe they are thinking for themselves when it comes to what they wear, what they eat and even what life course they choose for themselves.

  • Pat G
    commented 2020-05-22 21:34:46 -0400
    Responding to Lee Stevenson: we definitely tried to steer our children away from the medical Establishment when they were growing up. Now one of our children confronts me and says, “YOU’RE WRONG!” Loudly. And two of them interfered with my medical decisions when I was POA for another family member, to the detriment of that person. And I back up everything I say and do with medical papers, either directly or indirectly (medical papers are cited by my source). I have been proven right time and again, and in one hospital, the social director, who was responsible for helping patients get what they wanted out of their experience, told me: “You are the most effective patient advocate I have ever worked with. I have learned a lot from you.” And he bent over backwards to do the things I asked. When they refused to discontinue one treatment, I forced them to do so, and later the woman in charge of the department said, “We hope you prove us wrong,” and when he was moved to another ward, I asked, “Have we proven you wrong?” And she said, “We wouldn’t have moved him if you hadn’t.” And they refused to re-hire the woman who made the bad decision when she finished her maternity leave. And in spite of ALL of that, I still get flak from some of my kids. They won’t even look at the proof. At the age of 75, I have NO major health problems, and only a couple of very minor ones. No diabetes. No heart problems, no artery problems, no chronic diseases, no auto-immune diseases, and I still hike. Not all that common at my age. I take NO pharmaceuticals whatsoever and haven’t for decades. I can count the number of prescriptions for temporary medications on the fingers of one hand. And I have had NO vaccinations since high school, and I don’t get the diseases they are vaccinating against. In fact, I don’t get infectious and contagious diseases at all.
  • Lee Stevenson
    commented 2020-05-22 20:54:36 -0400
    Great letter, you stated exactly what is happening. They thing we are uninformed and it is why they are having to force vaccines now. They do not realize almost everyone know someone who is vaccine injured or they have been vaccine injured. People are catching on and learning that the things they were told are genetic are actually vaccine injury or injury from consuming GMO or foods that are high in glyphosate.
    You ever notice they consider the anti-vaxxers uneducated about vaccines even though we post peer reviewed studies to support our stance while the pro-vaxxer post studies that were sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry or have been discredited.
  • Olivia Mullins
    commented 2020-05-17 23:55:24 -0400
    Amazing! Thank you.
  • Tom Braun
    commented 2020-05-17 10:13:39 -0400
    This is part of a article I wrote called "YOU DON’T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. The fact that medicine continues to accept autism as a fact of life and is not willing to address the root cause is a travesty of justice and an affront to all families. It is criminal. If you want to read my whole article that addresses the corruption in medicine and it’s impact on all of us and Covid-19 being the last straw. Email me at [email protected]

    In 1986 Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), creating a no-fault compensation program to stabilize a vaccine market adversely affected by an increase in vaccine-related lawsuits and to facilitate compensation to claimants who found pursuing legitimate vaccine-inflicted injuries too difficult and cost prohibitive. However, the NCVIA also provided vaccine manufacturers with significant tort-liability protections and eliminated manufacturer liability for a vaccine’s unavoidable adverse side effects. This act allowed the vaccine manufacturers to pursue new vaccines for prevention of numerous disease states without any concern about the potential side effects and harm done to the recipient. They are NOT required to prove they are SAFE before getting FDA rubber stamp approval.

    The result is that the global vaccine market today is trending to over 40 BILLION dollars and will vastly increase if legislation is passed in the US to have mandatory flu vaccines. Prior to the NCVIA act being passed in 1962 only 3 vaccines were administered and standard. In 1983 there were only 24 administered and standard, with 6 doses administered to infants under 6 months. After NCVIA was passed in 1987, the vaccines administered to American children has skyrocketed to a total of 76 doses until adulthood, with California already mandating 26 doses to infants under 6 months old.

    In 2017-18 flu season, about 50% of the US population received a flu shot. In spite of this questionable preventive measure, the CDC originally claimed 80,000 people died of the flu. They revised the number downward to under 60,000. If vaccines are a panacea and a safe medical procedure to prevent flu deaths, then what went wrong in 2018? The FDA maintains a VAERS reporting system which is suppose to detail side effects from vaccines. It is estimated that about 1% of those adversely affected are reported.

    Zen Thank you for your dedication and work to shine a spotlight on this medical travesty. Shame on out medical leadership for hiding from the truth!
  • Rhonda Roberts
    commented 2020-05-17 08:41:28 -0400
    Retired BSN nurse here. Totally on point letter Zen. I have seen enough injury and death in children! Everyone must rise up to protect the innocent. This new hoax on humanity is only about control and money. I will be sharing this letter to all congressmen in my state and friends and family. Thank you Zen, we love you!
  • Anne Williams
    commented 2020-05-17 04:05:47 -0400
    40 years with a BS of Nursing has led me to believe exactly what Zen so accurately states. For years I would read the CDC weekly publication and I would be left dumbfounded after reading the true statistics that were misrepresented and manipulated by those who wanted to publicize a false narrative of all the benefits of vaccines! I was horrified and made up reasons why my boys had to postpone their vaccinations repeatedly, but like a helpless sheep I succumbed, not knowing any better. It is a shame so few are well educated and able to prevent catastrophe since most parents must educate themselves after travesty hits too close to home and they are left with a child affected, never to quite be the same. Thank you MOMS ACROSS AMERICA!
  • Ma Heddlington
    commented 2020-05-17 01:53:56 -0400
    This is a brilliant letter that addresses many of the concerns I as a conscientious and informed parent have. Other parents I know would also appreciate the points raised by Zen Honeycutt and on behalf of them, thank you! I have forwarded this to them.
    Do you think it would be worth sending this as an open letter or publishing it in mainstream media? I would love for the general population who do not generally investigate to have an opportunity to read this as it may help some of their children or their future children.
    I am willing to contribute financially to enable this to be published as an advertisement in the mainstream media.
  • Lynnette Mathias
    commented 2020-05-17 01:38:36 -0400
    This is such a well stated letter. Thank you for writing this on behalf of so many parents.
    I am looking forward to hearing Dr. Hotez’s response. Hopefully a true discussion can come soon.

    God Bless,
  • Kathryn Chamberlain
    commented 2020-05-16 21:34:12 -0400
    Brilliant letter. Thank you
  • Paulette Olah
    commented 2020-05-16 21:23:29 -0400
  • Tom Braun
    commented 2020-05-16 17:35:23 -0400
    Thank you Zen! Did you know that JFK Junior who was instructed by Trump to investigate vaccines never got the committee together. Why? I read Pfizer wrote a $1 million check to trumps political fund. Inturn Azur was awarded NIH and he brought along Gottlieb for the CDC. They buried Trumps request. I cry for all those who have to endure the pain of an autistic environment. When Congress approved the concept that Corporations have the same rights as citizens this is the result. Greed and profIt trump good medicine today. Shame on us for allowing it!
  • Pat G
    commented 2020-05-16 17:26:49 -0400
    Saying we need to be educated is HIGHLY CONDESCENDING. I do not respect people who do not respect me. A hospitalist made this judgment of me, and proceeded to do as he d well pleased behind our backs. Ultimately, it killed the patient.

    Giving a person any treatment without consent is battery, and battery is a felony. Why are we acquiescing to this mass commission of felonies on our children?

    When the government mandates vaccines, it is public officials practicing medicine without a license. They should be prosecuted!

    One question you did not list: the use of tissue of a baby murdered by abortion, in the development or production of a vaccine. Also, the fact that new vaccines which are supposed to alter RNA are GENETIC ENGINEERING of HUMAN BEINGS.
  • Sharon Donovan
    commented 2020-05-16 16:44:11 -0400
    Zen, this is such an important issue, thank you for your leadership on the question of vaccine safety.
  • Elaine Michaels
    commented 2020-05-16 15:22:55 -0400
    Fantastic letter!
  • Robin Gaura
    commented 2020-05-16 15:15:31 -0400
    Great summary of why parents are vaccine hesitant. Thank you for elevating the discussion.
  • Amy Lussier
    commented 2020-05-15 13:31:23 -0400
    Zen, thanks for taking the initiative to reach out to Dr. Hotez. If you have planted even a tiny seed in his mind, it will have been worthwhile.

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