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High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and Inorganic Mercury Assessment in Baby Formula

There is a paucity of adequate nutrition information regarding children’s health, and what nutritional guidelines do exist have been hijacked by industry and political influence. Governmental subsidy programs allow for the production of inexpensive sweeteners, frequently marketed directly to children. The production of these ultra processed ‘foods’ has resulted in the use of toxic additives that contaminate our food supply. Children are exposed to greater amounts due to their smaller size compared to adults.

Studies have revealed a connection between individuals that eat processed foods compared to those who don’t and levels of inorganic blood mercury levels. What was found was that the higher the intake of processed foods, the higher the level of inorganic mercury.

Problem? Inorganic mercury intake leads to mineral losses, dysbiosis, and gene dysfunction. This dysregulation causes metabolic disorders and can result in Type II diabetes. Additionally,

Research scientist and former food safety specialist for the FDA, Dr. Renee Joy Dufault, discovered that mercury was being allowed in the HFCS manufacturing process, being added as a “biocide” to kill bacteria and mold and prolong shelf life. Dufault’sH research revealed via testing a number of HFCS manufacturers’ samples (independently tested at two different laboratories) showing the same results; mercury residue in all of the analyzed samples. Upon disclosure, Dr. Dufault was ordered to stop her research at the FDA. She ‘retired’ early so that she could continue her work, and published her findings in the 2017 book, Unsafe at Any Meal, as well as established, the nonprofit, Food Ingredient and Health Research Institute (FIHFI),

As a continuation of the work already done with school lunches and fast foods by the research conducted by Moms Across America, analyzing inorganic mercury content of HFCS would be an invaluable study to aid families regarding the hidden toxic ingredients in processed foods. The work of Dr. Dufault has provided a baseline for the amounts of mercury in the foods our children consume daily. This would be a comparative and validation study, reinforcing the need to move from processed to organic regenerative foods for our children.

The New MDS - a monthly podcast that occurs on the 4th Tuesday of every month - hosted Dr. Dufault, discussing her work regarding undisclosed mercury in HFCS. Dr. Michelle Perro, is presently conducting a study looking at some of the most commonly used baby formulas for the presence of heavy metals. One of the main ingredients in infant formula is HFCS. Dr. Perro suspects that many of the infant formulas on the market are contaminated. Despite the enormous pressure on the government regarding

(Please consider making a tax exempt donation to this 501(c)(3) non profit to support the infant formula heavy metal study at www.gmoscience.org/donate.)

Dr. Renee J. Dufault | Food Integrity CampaignFood Integrity Campaign (foodwhistleblower.org)

Dr. Renee Joy Dufault - Nutritional Epigenetics Consultation, Health Promotion, Wellness, Healthy Diet, Disease Prevention, Special Education Nutrition, Child Behavioral Consultation (reneedufault.com)

Michelle Perro, MD
CEO GMOScience.org

FDAs Note on HFCS - https://www.fda.gov/food/food-additives-petitions/high-fructose-corn-syrup-questions-and-answers

From Dr. Dufault’s website:


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